Techtonica Tech Tree Guide: Unlocking New Horizons

Techtonica Tech Tree Guide: Unlocking New Horizons

Welcome to the Techtonica Tech Tree Guide—a reliable source to navigate the depths of this expansive game’s tech tree and unlock new tiers while scanning specific items.

Techtonica Tech Tree Guide

As you progress through each tier, a treasure trove of invaluable buildings awaits you, such as the esteemed Shiverthorn Processing and Cooling Systems. It’s essential to streamline your supply lines, embracing automation to ensure a steady influx of all necessary materials required for these unlocked structures.

Techtonica Tech Tree Guide unfolds in a series of tiers, each accessible through production terminals. Initially, you find yourself at the Lima terminal, but soon your journey takes you further to the Victor terminal, and beyond.


To ascend each tier, you must furnish the relevant production terminal with specific materials, and the requisites grow increasingly intricate with each new tier. The breakdown of requirements for each tier is as follows:

Production Terminal Lima in Techtonica

  • Basic Manufacturing: Unlocked upon your maiden interaction with the Lima terminal.
  • Basic Science: 15 Copper Ore, 15 Iron Ore.
  • Basic Logistics: 20 Iron Ingots, 20 Copper Ingots.
  • Electrical Components: 30 Iron Ingots, 30 Copper Ingots, 45 Conveyor Belts, 4 Inserters, 2 Containers.

Production Terminal Victor in Techtonica

  • Shiverthorn Processing: 500 Iron Ingot, 500 Copper Ingot.
  • Cooling Systems: 2400 Iron Ingot, 2400 Copper Ingot, 180 Plantmatter Frames.
  • Atlantum Processing: 900 Iron Ingot, 900 Copper Ingot, 900 Processor Units, 450 Atlantum Ore.

But hold on, the journey doesn’t end there! From the Cooling Systems tier onwards, new tech tree upgrades will impose power requirements. To manage this, you’ll need to harness the potential of Accumulators, skillfully positioned on Power Floors linked to a reliable power source, like the trusty Crank Generators.

On the bottom left of the Tech Tree, your current available power stands proudly on display. However, unlike Research Cores, the power you expend to unlock upgrades will not be permanently depleted, offering reassurance and peace of mind.


Embark on your Techtonica adventure, making informed decisions to unravel the mysteries of the Tech Tree and unleash boundless possibilities upon this intriguing digital landscape. Happy exploring!

In conclusion, the Techtonica Tech Tree Guide serves as your unwavering compass through the intricacies of the game’s tech tree. As you delve into each tier, unlocking invaluable buildings and scanning specific items, embrace the power of automation to ensure a constant supply of materials for your unlocked structures.

From the Lima to the Victor terminal and beyond, each tier demands a carefully calculated array of materials, presenting a challenge that grows in complexity and rewards ingenuity. Remember to harness the might of Accumulators and Power Floors to meet the power requirements of advanced upgrades, all while cherishing the fact that your expended power remains replenishable.


With this guide in hand, embark on your Techtonica journey with confidence and curiosity while using Techtonica Tech Tree Guide, ready to unlock new horizons and pave the way for boundless opportunities in this captivating digital realm. May your exploration be fruitful, and your tech empire rise to unparalleled heights. Happy crafting and strategizing!

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