[GUIDE]How To Get All Swords In Fruit Warriors

[GUIDE]How To Get All Swords In Fruit Warriors

How To Get All Swords In Fruit Warriors

Fruit Warriors already buzzed the internet and the entire community with their comprehensive gameplay and features. Fruit Warriors is another Roblox game developed by Content Pioneers Studio. You will be playing as an adventurer who travels through different lands. Fruit Warrior took complete inspiration from One Piece anime.

you are going o complete lots of questions, missions, tasks, levelling up characters, killing different bosses etc. But SWORDS is the most valuable and powerful element of the game. Fruit warriors come with hell-shit tons of swords to play and almost all of them are powerful to others in some manner.

Now we are going to list all Fruit Warrior Swords and also explain the different ways to get all swords in fruit warriors. we will classify the list of all swords with their name, price, location to obtain and perk in table format to make it easy for our readers.

Katana 5,000 BeliRookie Island15
Shinsen 1,200,000 BeliSnow Island40 & 90
Night Kanata Dropped by Anubis the Bone KeeperDesert Island60 & 120
Nameless Katana1,600,000 BeliDesert Island40 & 90
Seastone BatonDropped by the Smoke Boss(Fallen Island)Fallen Island 30 & 80
Sawshark BladeDropped by the Sawshark Boss(Arena IslandArena Island 30 & 70
Yoru 1499 RobuxStore0, 50 & 100

As you can see in the above table, there are various swords and different ways to obtain those swords from different locations, bosses and currencies. Katana is the best sword in beginning and you can easily obtain this sword in the early stage of the game.

There are some swords like Night Kanata, Seastone and sawshark that can be obtained from the boss. You may need to grind a bit more and more (Good luck with that). Yoru is currently the best weapon in the game but as you can see it costs around 1500 Robux and can be obtained from the store.

And that is all about our post of How To Get All Swords In Fruit Warriors. And if you ask us for the best sword to use in fruit warrior for while then we would love to recommend you the Nameles Katana.


Let us know in the comment section about your opinion and suggestions about the best sword in the fruit warriors.

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