Healing Potions and Medicine Guide – Smalland Survive The Wilds

Healing Potions and Medicine Guide – Smalland Survive The Wilds

This is going to be the best Guide on Potions and Medicine in Smalland Survive the Wilds. We will explain to you the importance of potions when it comes to health regen and healing. we will also explain the easiest method to craft healing potions and the best healing option in the game itself.
Potions and Medicine Guide - Smalland Survive The Wilds

Smalland is a survival game and our first aim in this game is going to be live and survive. There are going to be lots of difficulties and hurdles but we have to tackle each and everything that comes our way to survive. Being in a survival game filled with loads of challenges we gotta do lots of things like farming materials, crafting, fighting with animals and insects, building a base, securing our build and base, character optimisation, levelling and different upgrades.

But one of the most important factors of any survival game is to build and strong character as well. Smalland is a dangerous place, there are lots of enemies, you need to protect yourself from storms and rain, there is fall damage too, you can even die if you fall from the cliff. you have to face and fight with different bosses in different locations.

Don’t worry, there is a way to tackle all these attacks and problems. You can heal yourself with different sources. Kindly note you always need a stack of food with you to handle difficult situations as storms can occur any time of the day and you can be mobbed by insects from nowhere too. So, it would be a wise decision to keep a stack of food in your inventory for difficult situations.


Health Regen- How to Restore Health in Smalland

There are mainly 2 ways to regenerate or restore health in smalland survive the wilds. You can have various methods to restore the health from a different source in later game content when you get more options like Honey Crumble and  Apothecary Table etc.

  1. Eat Food and get your Nourishment about 70 to trigger automatic healing.
  2. Use a Healing item such as a Simple Bandage.

How to Get the Best Healing Items in Smalland

You need to work a bit more if you want to get more healing items. You have to craft most of the healing items in smalland. First of all, you need to make WORKBENCH and then need to find fibre which is easily available all over the world. Then you can craft the normal bandage with the help fiber.

If you wish to craft more advanced and complex healing items then you need to make Apothecary Table.  You will need 5x Stone, 10x Refined Wood, and 5x Bark, and you need a stonecutter too.


How to Unlock Advance Healing Items in Smalland

If you wish to craft more advance, complex and better healing potions and items for your character then you need honey crumble and an apothecary table to do so. You can craft plenty of new and advanced healing items such as Healing Patch, Health Elixir, Clay Bandage etc. I’m going to provide you with the complete Smalland Potions List – Medicine Recipes

That’s all about Potions and Medicine Guide. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Smalland Survive the Wilds as well.

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