Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Advance Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Advance Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide is one of the most acquainted builds in Apex Legends. Apex Legends Bangalore can be extremely powerful as a starter build, as well as it will allow you to dominate the battle royale in late game.

It is preferably and definitely easy to play because of its’ simple game play mechanics, good damage and amazing AoE.

In this Apex Legend Bangalore Guide we will cover most of topics, Tips and tricks, abilities, passive, ultimate and gear recommendations so you can optimize it’s potential at THE BEST.


Check Out Bangalore’s Introduction Video:

Short while ago, many Apex Legends players, Noobs and Veterans (not much oldies for sure), have been showing a growing interest in this legend called Bangalore.

This legend is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends without any doubt.  


Under any circumstances, with the inundation of new players, Bangalore would still be the first choice for many in their first foray into the game.

Bangalore Overview Abilities, Strength and Weakness

Passive Ability         Tactical Ability        Ultimate Ability


How To Play Bangalore Apex Legends

How to use Double Time

How to use Smoke Launcher


How to use Rolling thunder

Apex Legends Bangalore Tips and Tricks [Advance]

To the greatest extent, Bangalore is an indigenous trooper. She got a tinny hit box, extremely powerful Passive, with the help of her primary ability she comes with very solid, secure and safe escape mechanism.


In Apex Legends, Bangalore comes with super powerful ultimate ability with  an exceptional segmentation tool that would be used offensively and defensively in late game.

According to Digits Guide, Bangalore is the best playing legend in the game right now. Well, let’s dig little bit more about her abilities and their stats:


Passive Ability- Double Time

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide

Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

Bangalore’s Passive Ability comes with 25% instant speed boost when ever you got hit by someone or catch by fire.

You will get speed boost for 2 seconds only but still this passive ability is very powerful and useful in both offensive and defensive approach.


It has around 10 seconds cooldown though we do not have exact amount or figure of it for now.

Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

Tactical Ability Smoke Launcher

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher is significantly a very adaptable, flexible, handy and rewarding ability.


As we already know, Smoke Launcher is our primary or tactical ability Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.

It has very low cooldown of 33 seconds and smoke stays there at least for 15 seconds.

So, in short, Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher can make and break your entire game and team.


Because With the help of smoke launcher we can just blur the screen of other players and freeze out of visibility for few seconds.

In addition, Smoke Launcher also deals around 10-12 damage to target.


Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder

Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Rolling Thunder fills out the entire ground with explosive and fires and it’s on of the most powerful ultimate ability of the game if optimize in proper way.

Each and every air strike deals around 40 damages which probably lasts for 8-10 seconds. Explosives lats for 5 seconds with cool down time of 270 seconds.


With the help of Bangalore’s passive ability double time you can simply consider her as one of the best character to play in apex legends undisputed.

While we do not have any kind of tool to measure its exact cool down time but it does proc multiple times in fight in different scenarios.


As we discussed above, if she takes damage while sprinting than it will proc a speed boost buff to her (not permanently).

If she gets hit by an enemy or team, than she can simply get speed boost and hide herself or heal herself for while.

So, definitely,  a very solid and powerful defensive tool in her arsenal if you really know how to use it. 🙂 You can even go offensive with this ability.


Lets say, if an enemy or team is aiming, targeting and firing at Bangalore with poor DMG gears and weapons, Then, You just need to get an awesome position with the help of speed boost and attack the enemy/team with your own team.

Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time. Just try be badass and violent as much as you can. No need to go back and sit behind wall/door.  If you go in that way than you are simply going waste her passive ability from core. That’s it.

Expeditiously, While going ahead, you find yourself in enemies trap and in really poor position than you can simply need to find out safe place and need to proc Bangalore’s Double Time speed boost to reach out there safely as quick as possible.


And again while going forward, if you hit with fire damage than it will eventually proc speed boost passive. This time you can use this buff to reposition yourself with speed boost which gives you huge advantage to do a massive damage from unexpected perspective.

Either way, You just need to go agile, quick and get engaged with enemies very quickly. And you always need to combine your speed boost passive ability with pair of quick and rapid guns likes of Shotguns and SMG’s for quick, heavy and better damage in close combat situation.

You don’t even have to be hit to proc this. I don’t know if this is intended or what, but sometimes just having bullets go past me seems to do it.


Smoke Launcher is one of the most destructive, powerful, and perhaps the most useful primary ability of Apex Legends. This tactical ability can be used in both areas like defense and offense with ease.

It can be used as cover as well as an ultimate offensive strategic weapon to blind the enemy with blur screen to force sudden team attack on small or big party in stealth way.

The Smoke Launcher is very handy and extremely helpful, whenever your ally is down to death (but not dead). Fire a smoke canister just in front of your teammate and it will generate a kind of wall of smoke and cover you and your ally so you can easily revive your fallen teammate.


When you get yourself involved in open fire with enemies as we know some map locations are too open to start an open gang war type scenario.

You can shoot a smoke launcher in the middle of a fight as cover to avoid incoming damage.

It will also give a chance to your mates to sneak around the different locations of the zone and map. And that’s how we can use Smoke Launcher as an awesome Flanking Tool.


As you know everything comes with some drawbacks as well as so the same goes with a smoke launcher too.

So, you just need to be careful while using a smoke launcher between fights as other teams can definitely use this ability against you from other zone/spaces and clinch cloaking benefits.   



You can use Smoke Launchers on regular basis again and again as it comes with a very short cool-down period which is counted as 32 seconds only. You can take benefit of this short cool-down period during an ambush as well as while shielding.

After having some advantages of smoke launcher in defensive game plan, Now we are going to discuss bit of offensive blueprint:

  • First of all, You can use a smoke launcher to conquer an enemy or entire team hiding behind building or surface.
  • Make a space and situation for your team to impel the opposition audaciously
  • As we already discussed in defensive strategy Smoke Launcher has 32 seconds cool down with 2 charges. So, try to use them as much as possible on regular encounters to utilize smoke launcher at its best.
  • Most important and effective way to optimize smoke launcher is to combine it with Digital Threat. This makes it almost undisputed champ in battle arena As you can mark your enemies and teams with the help of Digital Threat and can easily target them with absolute firing and aiming. No Match “Deadly Combo” -Smoke Launcher + Digital Threat- and -Smoke Launcher + Bloodhound-.

Along with a very short cool down and 2 quick charges Smoke Launcher also has a very long range and durability. You can implement this strategy in your game plan anytime with ease.


If you really wanna see how you can create an instant offensive zone with the help of a quick smoke launcher then just watch out for this video.

Note: This video is not created by us. Credit goes to its real owner https://www.twitch.tv/hamfz/

Seemingly, The ultimate ability of Bangalore named The Rolling Thunder seems to be one of the best ultimate ability of entire game. But eventually, that is not the case in real.


Most of the people use it in very wrong way or with different approach. In real, Bangalore’s ultimate ability The Rolling Thunder barely manage to do hard and push damage to users.

Basically, it’s more zoning tool very much similar to Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher.  

Rolling Thunder is also very useful ability for defense as well as offense.  As we already discuss about primary ability of Bangalore, her ultimate ability also works very similar to primary ability.


Rolling Thunder can be used in situations like:

  • If there is a fight going on and opposition party seems to be in command then you just need to drop an ultimate ability in between and retreat.
  • If you see enemies are retreating and dealing lots more damage than you can simply drop an ultimate ability over them as Bangalore’s ultimate ability comes with widest AOE  damage which deals decent damage in open place.
  • Rolling Thunder can force enemies to move out and disperse away from favorable areas. One of the best approach if its been implemented properly.
  • If you are facing hard time fight and push attack from enemies.  Then you can again simply throw an ultimate ability over them it will slow down their  movement speed. Then you can actually change the gear and turn the course of the fight by getting into proper position at once.
  • As rule of thumb and even its simple description inside game Rolling Thunder works only in open area. If you try to target players/teams inside building it would never works. So, you need to get them out and boom with an ultimate power of Bangalore.
  • If you get trapped in enemies group and got yourself far away from your team. Then just drop your Rolling Thunder to escape from tense situation and run away to safe zone.

These are just normal situations and example where you can use and implement Ultimate ability of Bangalore.

There may be different situations and positions for you to implement Rolling Thunder defensively or aggressively depends on your game play style for sure.


But yes, ultimate ability can be used in defensive way or in offensive way. Neither of them is bad choice at all.

Apex Legends Bangalore Tips And Tricks

  1. Best When it comes to survival, Yes you read it right but we are not talking about healing and reviving the ability here. Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Double Time abilities combo simply increases the survival time and chance for herself and entire team as well.
  2. Never ever try to use Smoke Launcher for yourself. Try to optimize this hardcore power on entire team so your team can take 100% benefits from smoke launcher at once.
  3. Always try to go ahead with aggressive approach. Bangalore’s passive and tactical abilities gives you more edge as compared to other characters to push heavy attack on enemies.
  4. It might be debatable but SMG or Shotgun would be best way to go with Bangalore’s at beginning. Still Wing man is best choice to go as main hand weapon for now. But it’s all depend on taste and flavor to play game. You may like to go with Snipper or Grenades etc. Then it may change entire scenario or ways to select the Best Weapon For Bangalore
  5. Well, as we already discussed above about smoke launcher that it’s one of the best and usable ability in entire game. It comes with very low cool down time with dual charges. So, you just need to use it almost all the time as much as possible everywhere like, while attacking, reviving, looting, defending, zoning etc.
  6. Bangalore pairs very efficiently with bloodhound. Both of these class makes deadliest combination of entire game as bloodhound can see and detect all enemies even inside the Bangalore’s smoke launcher with the help of his ultimate ability.
  7. Always try to grab Legendary Optics Called Digital Threat, it pairs very well with smoke launcher ability and you can fix it up with shotguns and smg with ease.
  8. Smoke Launcher is one of the best cover ability to revive your team. Use it appropriately to use it at full potential.
  9. Beware of Bloodhound in opposition party. If you gonna attack Bloodhound with Smoke Launcher it may or may not effective as it should be. Because he can see and detect you with his ultimate ability within seconds. So, Mind it
  10. Even in the end game, you may need to be very careful before using smoke launcher because most of the player will likely have Digital Threat and we already know that can see you through it and finish the game off with single tick mark. 😉
  11. As we know Bangalore’s ultimate does not work does not get kick in buildings, This is very true but if u gotta see big building with lot more holes and gap then it can land inside building and can manage good amount of damage to enemies. Though it seems to be very rare case.


This is all about Apex Legends Bangalore Guide, we tried our best to utilize Bangalore and her abilities at optimum level. The most important thing is to be “Aggressive” while playing as Bangalore with friends or even with random lads.

Secondly, use her smoke launcher as much as you can in offensive ways.


And learn to play the game on the edges of smoke, you will see the difference even with you first play through.

She got very small hit box so you need to be careful when you wanna play her with push and fast.

In the end we can say, Bangalore is one of the easiest, funniest and enjoyable toon in apex legend. One should always start This/her Apex Legends adventure with Bangalore.  


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