[GUIDE] Understanding Pneuma and Ousia in the Arkhe System of Genshin Impact 4.0

[GUIDE] Understanding Pneuma and Ousia in the Arkhe System of Genshin Impact 4.0

Exploring the Essence of Pneuma and Ousia in Genshin Impact’s Arkhe System

In the vast realm of Genshin Impact’s 4.0 update, an intricate energy dynamic takes center stage in the form of Pneuma and Ousia. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to comprehending the nuances of these opposing energies, their relevance within the Arkhe System, the characters harnessing their power, and the manifold interactions they bring to the Fontaine landscape.

Demystifying Pneuma and Ousia

Pneuma and Ousia: Antithetical Energies Within Fontaine Genshin Impact Pneuma and Ousia Explained – Arkhe System

Pneuma and Ousia emerge as polarizing energy forms existing within the confines of Fontaine, distinct from the seven elemental forces prevalent across Teyvat. Characters hailing from Fontaine, such as the playable personas Lyney and Lynette, alongside the Hydro Traveler, possess the ability to tap into the arcane potentials of Pneuma and Ousia through the exclusive conduit known as the Arkhe System.


Pneuma vs. Ousia: A Balanced Dichotomy

No Hierarchy – The Equilibrium of Pneuma and Ousia Genshin Impact Pneuma vs. Ousia – Equilibrium of Energies

Pneuma and Ousia stand on equal footing, devoid of hierarchical distinctions. Their divergence lies in the entities aligned with each energy. Specific characters resonate with either Pneuma or Ousia, and even adversaries wield these energies as sources of power.

Identifying Character Alignment:

  1. Vision Badge Style: Characters aligned with Ousia possess badges with rounded top and bottom tips, while those resonating with Pneuma exhibit pointed badge tips.
  2. Attack Effect Colors: Pneuma manifests as a yellowish-gold energy, whereas Ousia embodies a dark, purplish energy.

Arkhe System: Enabling Mastery of Pneuma and Ousia

Utilizing the Arkhe System for Energy Mastery Genshin Impact Arkhe System – Mastering Pneuma and Ousia


The Arkhe System is the conduit through which characters proficiently manipulate Pneuma and Ousia energies. Exclusive to Fontanian characters, this system facilitates their connection with these primal forces.

Mechanics of Arkhe:

  1. Arkhe Activation: Arkhe is triggered subsequent to a character’s Elemental Skill or Charged Attack. Notably, the Hydro Traveler seamlessly transitions from a Hydro Elemental Skill to a Pneuma-aligned Spiritbreath Thorn.
  2. Recharging Arkhe: After utilization, characters must recharge their Arkhe before its subsequent activation. Ready-to-use Arkhe emanates Pneuma or Ousia hues, indicative of its revival.

Empowering Mechanisms and Engendering Reactions

Amplifying Fontaine’s Essence through Pneuma and Ousia Genshin Impact Pneuma and Ousia – Mechanism Empowerment

  1. Clockwork Meka Empowerment: Clockwork Mekas, quintessential machine entities within Fontaine, harness Pneuma and Ousia for sustenance. While many reside non-violently within the city walls, utilizing the Annihilation Reaction against hostile Mekas stuns them temporarily.
  2. Mechanism Activation: An array of mechanisms, exclusive to Fontaine, derive vitality from Pneuma and Ousia. From propelling locked storages to activating relays, the versatility of these energies shines.
  3. Annihilation Reaction: When Pneuma and Ousia converge, their opposing energies engender the Annihilation Reaction. This reaction yields a potent energy utilized by Fontaine residents to invigorate the nation and counter foes wielding Pneumosia energy.
Pneuma and Ousia Guide in the Arkhe System

Harmony Through Annihilation: How to Trigger the Reaction

Initiating Annihilation: A Guided Process Genshin Impact Annihilation Reaction – Triggering the Harmony

To harness the Annihilation Reaction’s power, consider these steps:

  1. Identify Energy Alignment: Distinguish the alignment of your target – Ousia emanates dark, purplish hues, while Pneuma resonates with yellowish-gold tones.
  2. Opposing Strikes: Instigate the reaction by striking an Ousia-aligned entity with Pneuma energy or vice versa. This collision catalyzes the Annihilation Reaction.

Unlocking Fontaine’s Secrets: The Power of Pneuma and Ousia

Pneuma and Ousia: Key to Fontaine’s Enigma Genshin Impact Pneuma and Ousia – Secrets of Fontaine


In the enigmatic realm of Fontaine, Pneuma and Ousia function as key conduits of power and innovation. Mechanisms, Mekas, and the very air are infused with their essence, inviting players to explore the depths of their potential.

As you traverse the city’s intricate pathways, mastering the art of Annihilation, and unraveling the profound mysteries of Pneuma and Ousia, Fontaine’s manifold wonders await your discovery.

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