Eula Best Artifact Set – Is Pale Flame Best For Eula? Bloodstained vs Pale Flame Comparison

Eula Best Artifact Set – Is Pale Flame Best For Eula? Bloodstained vs Pale Flame Comparison

Hey, Guys What’s up? Shhivit Here, Back again with another guide on Genshin Impact. This will be a very short, specific guide on Best Artifact For Eula or i’ll tell you the difference between bloodstained and Pale Flame Artifact Set.

Well, As mentioned earlier, This guide deals with Artifact Set for Eula. In Genshin impact, we have plenty of sets. However, We have a viable physical build for eula So, we are going to discuss only Bloodstained and Pale Flame set.

Bloodstained vs Pale Flame

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Thus, as you can see in the above picture, there are only two best viable options for the physical build for EULA. These two artifacts enhance physical damage by 25 percent with 2pc.

Now we have 2 additional choices  And that we can choose 2pc Pale Flame +2pc Bloodstained or choose the 4pc Pale Flame for some heavy damage. Let us examine the artifact one by one with real stats and passives.

Fusion1:Pale Flame + Bloodstained provides us 50% physical damage, No other fixed bonus, buff, and passive are provided to us. So, in short, 50% physical damage would be significant.

Fusion2:Lets look at 4pc Pale Flame stats, When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, ATK is increased by 9% for 7s. This effect stacks up to 2 times and can be triggered once every 0.3s. Once two stacks are reached, the 2-set effect is increased by 100%.

We will get a 25% physical damage bonus with a 4pc set + 9% attack for 7 seconds and up to 2 times. Therefore It would be like 25% physical damage and 18% attack bonus.

Oh, wait!! Oh wait, wait!! However, once we have two stacks, we will have a 100% increase to set 2 bonuses. This means that we are going to get 25% +25% physical damage. And we end up with 50% physical damage plus an additional 18%.

Well, it’s ended as 2pc bloodshed +2pc pale flame has total physical damage of 50 percent. And the pale flame set on the other side gives a 50% physical damage+ 18% attack. Well, after all the calculations, we came to know that 4 pc pale flame is a genuine winner. However, that’s not true in fact.

It’s almost impossible to reach 2 stacks to activate 100% effect on set 2. Because 4pc pale flame without C2 has long downtimes. So if you want to activate Pale Flame 100% Bonus, you need Eula with C2 if you want to activate a full set Bonus. Here is the video,

To Sum up the entire comparison to find out the best artifact for eula we ended with the below outcome.

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In short, if you are F2P and don’t have Eula C2, you should always go without a doubt for bloodstained 2pc + 2pc pale flame. But anyway if you get a hand on Eula C2 you don’t have a match to something like the 4pc Pale Flame. Both sets are equally good but 2pc + 2pc would be easy as you can’t get eula C2 so easily if you are F2p.

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