Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose Guide: Locations and Uses

Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose Guide: Locations and Uses

Rainbow Roses: Essential Locations and Uses in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose Guide Locations

Rainbow Roses hold immense significance as a valuable resource within Genshin Impact, particularly with the introduction of the new 4.0 update. This article is your comprehensive guide to understanding every facet of Rainbow Roses, from their precise locations to their utility in the game world.

Exploring the Enchanting World of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, apart from its endearing characters, is renowned for its incorporation of Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) elements. These elements not only imbue the game with a sense of charm but also entail engaging activities such as resource acquisition and exploration of an expansive map. With the advent of the 4.0 update, the game’s world has expanded further, welcoming a new region for players to explore and revel in.

Unveiling the New Resource: Rainbow Rose

As the game evolves with fresh characters and an expanded landscape, a parallel introduction of novel resources unfolds. Among these novelties is the Rainbow Rose, a resource bestowed upon players in the Genshin 4.0 update. The Rainbow Rose serves as the essential ascension material for the beloved character, Lyney. To ensure the ascension of this cherished character, players must acquire a substantial quantity of Rainbow Roses.


The resource’s description elegantly captures its essence: “A delicate and tender pink flower. Despite the name, Rainbow Roses are essentially more akin to Lilies.” While pivotal for Lyney’s ascension, these blossoms prove to be a challenge to locate.

Embarking on the Quest for Rainbow Roses

The pursuit of Rainbow Roses within Genshin Impact requires acclimatization to the newly introduced region, Fontaine. Familiarizing oneself with this area will facilitate the identification and collection of Rainbow Roses. A proactive approach to exploration is recommended, wherein players venture forth to spot Roses on their own and subsequently refer to this guide for any potentially overlooked locations.

Outlined below are the precise locations where Rainbow Roses can be found, with guidance derived from the Genshin Impact Interactive map:


Court of Fontaine: Northwest and Southeast Blossoms

Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose Guide

The Court of Fontaine stands as the primary haven for Rainbow Roses, predominantly clustered in the northwestern vicinity adjacent to the central edifice. However, these vibrant blooms also grace the southeastern part, positioned just beyond a picturesque bridge. A noteworthy aspect of these Roses lies in their tendency to proliferate in clumps, offering players the opportunity to gather a considerable quantity with each discovery.

Marcotte Station and the Fountain of Lucine: Convenient and Accessible

While the eastern expanse of Fontaine may not be overflowing with Rainbow Roses, those present are conveniently situated beside Teleport Waypoints. This strategic placement streamlines the process of collection, allowing players to effortlessly retrieve the Roses and promptly return to their ongoing endeavors, unless, of course, a desire to further explore lingers.

Elynas & West Slopes of Mount Automnequi: A Scattered Abundance

Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose Guide

In stark contrast to the relatively concentrated locations near the Court and Station, the Elynas and West Slopes of Mount Automnequi host Rainbow Roses in a more dispersed manner. Acquiring these blossoms may pose a modest challenge, prompting consideration of tackling this location last or seizing the opportunity when in close proximity.


Similar to the Station, several Roses align with Waypoints, ensuring ease of discovery. Additionally, the grouping of these blooms further simplifies the collection process, enhancing the player’s experience.

Unlocking the World of Rainbow Roses

In conclusion, this guide has unraveled the multifaceted world of Rainbow Roses within Genshin Impact. By adhering to the instructions provided, players can effectively locate and gather these exquisite blossoms to support Lyney’s ascension. As you embark on your journey through Fontaine in search of these vibrant blooms, consider delving into our repository of invaluable Genshin Impact guides and content for an enhanced gaming adventure.

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