Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide To Stats and Counter Stats

Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide To Stats and Counter Stats

Today, In this Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide, We are going to share bit (*actually not bit*) of information  about one of the most anticipated and engaging F2P MMORPG of internet *Neverwinter* developed by Cryptic Studios and released by Perfect World Entertainment for Microsoft Windows in 2013, Xbox One in 2015, and PlayStation 4 in 2016. We assume you are already familiar with previous game mechanism, mods and updates of the game, Kindly refer to Wiki if you are not familiar with previous mods and updates or if you recently joined the game. If you happen to involve in Apex Legends game you can find other pages for in depth guides. 😉

Neverwinter is full packed, rich features, engaging, challenging and complicated MMORPG. If you just joined the game, let us tell you that you have to spend lot of time to understand the mechanism and game play of Neverwinter. This game has already crossed around 15 phases of different Mods and Updates since 2013 and developers just released one of the most huge, massive and biggest update of all time for Neverwinter few days back known as Neverwinter Undermountain or Neverwinter Mod 16.  

Mod 16 Undermountain

So, Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide is without a doubt an outstanding update that really comes with lots of new stuff, updates, modifications, changes, new story line, dungeon, new zones, area and many more. Mod 16 Undermountain comes with so many changes that neverwinter feels like a new and fresh game or release of this year.


They changed almost each and every bit of the entire game like game play, mechanism, classes, character level, item level, build progression, gears and many more. To be very frankly, most of the changes seems very good for now but these changes comes with lots of bugs and glitches (even developers informed and announced that on official blog).

Although, they have released and implemented new patches and fixed some issues like scaling, issues with companions, enchantments, auction house etc but still there is huge space for improvement. Kindly see patch notes for complete info on official site here for each and every update specifically on every Thursday.

So, in this specific blog post of Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide to stats and counter stats, We are not going to discuss anything about any specific class, build  feats, boons and gears combination. We are going to give insights about how does stats, game play, counter stats work in Neverwinter Mod 16. In Short, with the launch of new mode Neverwinter Mod 16 developers gave a heavy weight to stats. So, now we can say that stats and counter stats are the only thing that you should really worried about.


In our Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide, we have explained all the game mechanics of stats and counter stats that you should know while playing the game. We have covered all the major stats, counter stats mechanics in detail that will surely give you strategic advantage after reading our Mod 16 Undermountain stats and counter stats guide completely.

Neverwinter Mod 16 Race and Racial Abilities

Races in neverwinter used to play an important role. but with the release of latest mod 16 undermountain, we do not have much difference in our game journey just because of race selection. In Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide, we are not saying that race will not effect the outcome of your build, it does make some impact at some level but these are not gonna be like game changing and game breaking stuff for you. Though you just always pick consider look, appearance and physique of your character before picking up race for your toon 🙂

RaceAttribute ChoiceAttribute FixedRacial Abilities and Bonuses
Human+3 on any 1 attribute– Versatile Defense: Bonus of 250 points to all offensive and defensive stats.
Half-Orc+2 CON or +2 STR+2 DEX– Furious Assault: You gain a +5% Critical Severity.


– Swift Charge: You gain +10% to run speed for 3 seconds when you enter combat.

Wood Elf+2 INT or +2 WIS+2 DEX– Elven Accuracy:You gain 1500 critical strike.


– Wild Step: You have a 10% resistance to effects that Slow your movement.

Sun Elf+2 DEX or +2 CHA+2 INT– Inner Calm: Your inner peace and serenity cause you to focus more clearly on the task at hand. +2% Action Point gain.


– Sun Elf Grace: Your exemplary grace increases your resistance to Crowd Control effects by 10%.

Dwarf+2 STR or +2 WIS+2 CON– Stand Your Ground: You gain a +20% increased resistance to Knockdowns and Pushes.


– Cast-Iron Stomach: You gain +2,000 to Defense.

Halfling+2 CHA or +2 CON+2 DEX– Nimble Reaction: You gain +1,500 bonus to Deflection.


– Bold: Your fearless nature increases your resistance to Crowd Control effects by 10%.

Half-Elf+2 CHA or +2 WIS+1 to Ability Score  +2 CON– Knack for Success: You gain +1,500 to Deflection and +1% to Gold Bonus and Critical Severity.


Dilettante: Grants +1 ability score

Tiefling+2 CON or +2 INT+2 CHA– Bloodhunt: You deal an additional 5% damage to targets below half health.


– Infernal Wrath: Whenever you are hit, you have a 10% chance to lower the damage of the attacker by 2.5% for 5 seconds.

Drow+2 CHA or +2 INT+2 DEX Dark Fire: You have 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply Dark Fire for 4s which reduces targets Defense by 2,000.


– Trance: You have increased HP regeneration out of combat.

Dragonborn+2 on 2 attributes– Dragonborn Fury: You gain 1,500 critical strike and +3% to damage


– Draconic Heritage: You receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities.

Metallic Dragonborn+2 on 2 attributes– Dragonborn Fury: You gain 1,500 critical strike and +3% to damage


– Metallic Ancestry: You receive 3% more healing from all spells and abilities. Your maximum Hit Points are increased by 3%.

Moon Elf+2 DEX or +2 CHA+2 INT– Wanderlust: Your Action point gain and stamina gain are each 1% higher than that of other classes. 


– Moon Elf Resilience: Your elven resilience increases your resistance to Crowd Control effects by 10%.

Menzoberranzan Renegade+2 CHA or +2 WIS+2 DEX Faerie Fire: You have 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply Faerie Fire for 4s which reduces target Defense by 1,500 and damage by 2.5%.


– Trance: You increased HP regeneration out of combat.

Our Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide aims to familiarize you with basic attributes, elements and properties of Neverwinter Mod 16 so that whenever you jump into the game, you must not waste your time by wandering here and there and seeking for help in zone, guild and parties.


Overview of Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide

In Mod 16 Undermountain the most important fact is Opposing Rolls. We are just going to explain Opposing Rolls below :

Opposing Rolls : Before each and everything one must clear the basics and must know the meaning of opposing rolls and how does it work. We will explain it in very simple and in layman language. Let’s say you have a rating, it can be anything like Critical Strike, and an enemy has an opposing rating such as Critical Avoidance. So, in this example these two ratings are compared to figure out how effective you are against that opponent is known as opposing rolls.

There are basically four major stats and counter stats comes under Opposing Rolls :


Armor Penetration <-> Defense

Critical Strike <-> Critical Avoidance

Combat Advantage Bonus <-> Awareness


Accuracy <-> Deflect

Hit Points and Power got counter stat so no opposing rolls for both of them.


We will discuss each of the stat in detail later on this blog post but let’s take an example to clear the statistical fact in more depth.  

This is how opposing rolls really works in Neverwinter. There is bit of math to do but we are going to explain it with very simple example.

% gain = (Rating –Opposing Rating) / 1000


Which is basically saying that for each and every 1000 stats/rating points you are above enemies  opposing rating picks up 1% stat for you. .

We will get an another example to clear above mentioned scenario in bit details. Suppose, you have 10,000 Critical Strike and an enemy has 7,000 Critical Avoidance.

As we already discussed about percentage gain formula which is % gain = (Rating –Opposing Rating) / 1000. So, in our current example we have :


Critical Chance = (10,000 – 7,000) / 1000 = 3%

This is all about opposing rolls, one more thing we would like to discuss is that the final results can never be negative which means if an enemy got around 20,000 Critical Avoidance in above given example then your critical strike is going to be like 0%.

So, with launch of Mod 16 undermountain, we have lots of changes in stats and mechanism as we have already discussed bit of the them already in Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide. They have added and removed different stats accordingly to maintain the balance of the game. Now at this point, we are going to discuss about all newly added opposing stats.


Neverwinter Mod 16 Offensive Stats :

Power : As we already know about power that it does not come with any kind of cap. You can get as much as power you want for your character. At the time of “Mad Maze” release we would love to suggest you to get a lot more power as this new dungeon known as Lair of Mad Mage do require heavy Power/Dps. A pure, genuine and effective dps should have minimum 120k power in his arsenal for “LoMM” (Lair of Mad Maze)

Armor Penetration : In Neverwinter Mod 16  Undermountain, Armor Penetration is the most effective and important stat that you have to work on before everything else. Here is the very simple mechanism behind the offense and defense system of neverwinter mod 16. If you really wanna do any kind of damage to enemies then you have to hike up your Armor Penetration as its simply countered by enemies’ defense stats. At the time of writing this guide, we need around 68k Arp to reach so we can do sufficient damage to mobs/bosses.

Note:It was 66k cap earlier before but they increased the stats by 2,000 in recent patch.


Armor Penetration <-> Defense

damageReduction %=  targetDefense − ArP/1000

Accuracy : This is what we call counter of deflect, if you find that enemies are deflecting your each and every attack then you just lack a lot accuracy. In Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide enemies comes with almost 60k deflect rating. So, we just need to target 60k accuracy at least. And if you gonna deal with buffed enemies like LoMM those have around 68k rating so you definitely gonna need at least 68k accuracy so you can make some effective and hard damage to enemies in LoMM.


Deflect <-> Accuracy

targetDeflectChance %= targetDeflectStat − ourAccuracy/1000

Crti Strike: Before Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide there was exactly 100% crit chance rating in the game. Which is now changed to 5% base bonus and 50% cap.  In short the thing is that if your critical strike is less than enemies crit resist then you are just wasting all your stats, points and efforts. We are not going to discuss a lot more about critical strike and opposing rolls here as we have already explained it detail. If you anyhow skip that part Kindly Click here To  Read


Critical Strike <-> Critical Avoidance

Critcal Chance %=5000+CritStat−targetCriticalAvoidance/1000

Combat Advantage : If you are taking it to the end game scenario then Combat Advantage may play a big role in your offensive stats. Though, there is no sure shot point either to put all points in combat advantage or not.  Some veterans players are suggesting not to put lot more points in combat advantage all alone. Well, Each and every player can have different perspective for specific term and mechanism. We have played neverwinter mod 16 undermountain upto end game and experienced the below terminology.


We tried our best to explain all the things with an example in Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide. So, Lets try to clear it with an example again,  as we know, an augument got a huge buff and boost in Mod 16 and most of the player using an augument in mod 16 till today. So, if you are playing solo with an augument then there will be huge problem for you to get an edge over an enemy like combat advantage.

So, you will definitely have to put necessary points in combat advantage to pierce the awareness of an opponent to do proper damage. Though, you can easily gain the combat advantage with the help companion that can support in fighting unlike an augument. 🙂 and in party run there would not be much issue of CA at all but still you should have at least 80k-90k CA minimum and 118k CA rating for optimum level. (targeting Lair of Mad Mage).

Combat Advantage Bonus <-> Awareness


Combat Advatnage Damage %=10000+combatAdvantageBonus−targetAwareness/1000

Neverwinter Mod 16 Defensive Stats:

Hit Points:  This is core rating and most valuable stat when it comes to defense. Hit points works very similar to power as it has no cap like power. And this is really suggested to get as much as hit points as you can as soon as possible. Though Hit Points are not only one kind of stat to focus on for defensive and tank build. There are many more defensive stats comes into play. We are explaining them below in appropriate order of importance.

Defense: This is simply the most important stat when it comes to defense as its simply a counter of armor penetration.  The more numbers in this stats will alleviate the damage you take and it’s up to max 50%


Deflection :

Well, Deflection is one of the important and impressive stat to increase all along with defense or without defense. If you are really going to work on Tank then we would love to suggest you to reach cap for both defense and deflect. Earlier days of neverwinter, deflect builds are not so common and famous all along as compared to defense build but now things seems to be change and take place in other way.

As we already know the opposing rolls and their working we must have to counter the enemies accuracy as much as possible and that is only possible when you really max out the deflect at cap. If you have more deflect in your arsenal you will have a lot more chance to deflect an attack which caps at 50% like defense. 🙂


Critical Avoidance

As we already discussed above Critical avoidance is opposed by critical chance. Let’s try to make it easy with an example, you just need enough critical avoidance to counter the Critical Chance of the opponents (according to different area and level) including their base 5% chance

in this case 60000 + 5000 or 65000 . Anything above that is wasted.



Awareness counters the Combat Advantage rating, this is really bit of complicated stat to work with. You are not supposed to cap it for each and every scenario in the game. Because combat advantage and awareness works differently and according to the situation like; if you are doing elol dungeon with party. Then as tank you may need to cap awareness to face all mobs and twin Scorpio to counter their combat advantage over you.

So, it simply means whenever you are going to face more than one opponent they will definitely have combat advantage over you and to counter that you need to get awareness at high rating. But similarly at same dungeon while facing final boss of elol “Lostmauth” there will be no combat advantage and in this scenario awareness does not matter and you can easily skip this stat in such situation.  


Tip : To maintain awareness the rating against mobs and boss, you may need to carry different stats in character sheet. So that can be obtained by having different load outs one for boss and other one would be for Mobs and multiple opponents. 🙂

Stats To Aim for Neverwinter Mod 16


Base & Cap



Counter Attribute
Power Offensive Dump Stat
Armor Penetration 68,000Defense
Accuracy 68,000Deflection
Critical Strike5% base;, 50% cap63,000Critical Avoidance
Combat Adv Bonus10% base; 100% cap118,000Awareness
Hit Points Defensive Dump Stat
Defense50% cap68,000Armor Penetration
Deflection50% cap68,000Accuracy
Critical Avoidance 73,000Critical Strike
Awareness 78,000Combat Adv Bonus

So, as mentioned in above table we shall always try to reach the cap for each stat and max out every stat to make out our build a pure brute force in each and every corner of the game.  But there are some exceptions like we get natural 5% armor penetration so can we target 5k less ? Hold On! and technically Yes! 🙂

68k Defense cap is only for non tanks but if you are going to use Tank then it will be like 58k as tanks get a natural 10% that goes to cap. 🙂 we will be discussing priority of the stats for neverwinter mod 16 soon.


Along with all these stuff in Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide, we would love to share one more underestimated stat found on our gears/armors known combined rating. To be frankly Combined Rating is one of the most underrated stat in neverwinter mod 16. In simple language, Combined Rating is gear stat that adds to all other stats for your character. 🙂

This means that a +1000 combined stat on a piece of gear will result in:

+1000 Critical Strike


+1000 Accuracy

+1000 Awareness

+1000 Combat Advantage Bonus


+1000 Deflection

+1000 Armor Penetration

+1000 Defense


+1000 Critical Avoidance

Note: Combined Rating does not add power and hit points by any means. 🙂

Hope, our Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide to Stats and Counter Stats helped you in some way. we all know that Mod 16 still got a lot of bugs and need fixes. we appreciate developers as they are doing their best to fix them up as soon as possible. Even our guide may miss some of the points and may be not updated to current state of the game with recent/latest patch.  We will update our guide time to time as per latest patch and announcements.


If you have any question or query with Neverwinter Mod 16 Undermountain Guide, kindly share with us in comment section. If anyone is willing to share any kind of guide and build with us then he/she can contact us by mail or can drop an idea in comment section.

We are trying our best to help Neverwinter community and player so you can play they game at its best 🙂

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