Infernal Descent Currencies Guide – Farm Mod 18 Currency

Infernal Descent Currencies Guide – Farm Mod 18 Currency

Infernal Descent Guide: As we already savvied, Neverwinter is a hardcore “F2P MMO” which comes with gazillions of managed and unmanaged currency.  Primarily,, Astral Diamond is the most cardinal and crucial currency of the game but there are oodles of other currencies available in the game. All of them play a significant role to complete a specific quest or task like to get gears, unlock boons, unlock campaign windows, to progress campaign etc. 

So, very similar to the previous campaign Mod 18 Infernal Descent also comes with special currencies. And this time Infernal Descent’s currencies also play a key role in the new mod. This post is all about Infernal Descent’s Currencies where you will learn about the basics of currencies, types of currencies in Infernal Descent, how to farm-specific currency in mod 18, and how to spend and utilize them at optimum level. 

Infernal Descent Currencies Guide

Infernal Descent’s Currencies 

If you wish to read about infernal descent then you read our mod 18 guide here. So, there are basically 2 important currencies in neverwinter mod 18. Actually, you can count them 3 as campaign currencies always considered as first and foremost currency to obtain. So, in short there are 3 major currencies in infernal descent campaign

  1. Family Crests
  2. Chaotic Writings
  3. Seal of Fallen

Family Crests :  Descent into Avernus campaign needs Family Crests to unlock boons, progress campaign, unlock new dungeon and definitely to increase the weekly haul too.  

Very similar to previous campaigns, this campaign also has weekly cap of 100. Although we can increase it upto 175. As mentioned in above image Family Crests can be earned by doing repeatable quests in avernus. Mod 18’s campaign is very small and you can wrap it easily even with limitations of weekly haul which is also very easy to increase. You can keep a maximum 20,000 family crests with you after this it would not stack.

Chaotic Writings : Above all, this is an elemental currency abundantly equivalent to previous modes of the game. Usually, There is store for specific campaign in the game. Avernus is not different from this. You can buy decent quality gears from campaign store of avernus which also has 1250 iLvL. And these are only class specific gears. You can buy these gears with chaotic writings only. 


But there is a new twist in this mode. You can even spend these chaotic writings on Surprise Bag of Juma in Vallenhas Stronghold which provides you pretty decent gears like : 

How To Farm Chaotic Writings ? 

Very simple and easy, you just need to follow daily and weekly questline to earn plenty of Chaotic Writings. You can easily earn writings just in Vallenhas zone but if you follow the questline path then beware about that there would be a limit or cap on daily or weekly quests. So, you can never obtain an unlimited supply of writings only from quests.

You can easily get chaotic writings by killing rare monster and by doing Heroic Encounters. But spawn ratio of these monster would be a pain, but you can always find farming group in zone chat easily. 


The super fastest way to farm chaotic writings is to farm Heroic Encounter named Demonic Summing. Right now, this is one of the most famous tasks in neverwinter world. Its trending in world of vallenhas’s chat zone with the name of “APE”. you would see lots of people are saying “+ape” and “add for ape”. The Ape flood in chat zone is happening just to farm chaotic writings in easiest and simplest way. 

Where To Find Juma or Location of Juma ?

Actually, it’s really hard to get up there to Juma as the location is too far and out of zone without any path. You would need to make your path forcefully with mount.

Source: Catson

It would be very hard to explain the exact location but we are sharing a video and an image so you can easily get up there as soon as possible. 

Rewards from Juma NPC:  You will definitely get a high iLvL gear with plenty of end game stuff along with rADs or AD’s. we have opened like 32 bags by today. And got around 120k rADs, 3 Helms,4 Heads, Epic Mount, Wards, plenty of useless vanity pets. Well it’s not so much of excellent items but still it’s worth the time. 

Seal of Fallen: It’s another currency you gonna farm in Neverwinter Mod 18. You can redeem these seals with seal trader in PE. They have added a large number of new gears to buy with seal of fallen from seal trader. The entire process to obtain and stack seals are very much similar to previous campaigns. You can farm seal of fallen from epic dungeon queue and heroic encounters. 


You can’t go ahead 1200 seals and all the gears costs different price like 300, 400 and 600 respectively. You can obtain infernal based gears from seal trader for your class, snapshot given below:


So, That is all about Mod 18 Infernal Descent Currencies Guide. We defined all major level currencies and also explained the possible ways to farm these currencies in infernal descent. We will update this guide whenever we get another new method to obtain currency in different ways. 
Hope you like our guide. Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comment section. You can also share your guide to help community members. Kindly visit write for us page if you wish to contribute in our blog.


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