How to Get Components in Sunkenland

How to Get Components in Sunkenland

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering the art of component acquisition and base building in the immersive post-apocalyptic world of SunkenLand. Developed by Vector3 Studio and released on August 26th, SunkenLand plunges players into a captivating waterlogged realm where cities lay submerged and isolated islands beckon for exploration. To thrive and advance in this challenging environment, players must skillfully gather Components and construct bases that serve as their lifelines. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the strategies and techniques that will propel you to success in SunkenLand.

How to Get Components in Sunkenland

How to Get Components in Sunkenland

Understanding the Importance of Components

In SunkenLand, Components are the building blocks of survival and progress. These invaluable resources can be found scattered across the landscape, waiting to be discovered. Components are essential for crafting an array of items that are crucial for your survival journey, enabling you to thrive even in the most adverse conditions. From water purifiers that ensure a steady supply of clean water to research tables that unveil new insights, Components are the key to mastering the challenges of this post-apocalyptic world.

Navigating Component Acquisition

  1. Exploring Sunken Environments: Venture into the depths of submerged cities and explore the crevices of isolated islands. Components can be located in a variety of environments, including sunken cars, underwater crates, dilapidated buildings, and even old appliances like washing machines. Keep a keen eye out for these potential treasure troves as you traverse the waterlogged world.
  2. Prioritizing Resource-Rich Areas: Certain regions within SunkenLand are known for harboring a higher density of Components. These resource-rich areas should be your primary focus when scavenging for materials. Look for signs of former human habitation, such as remnants of buildings or submerged structures, as these are often prime locations for Component discovery.
  3. Diversifying Scavenging Strategies: Don’t limit yourself to a single approach when gathering Components. While exploring the depths is essential, consider other tactics as well. Salvaging metal scrap can yield Components, providing you with an alternative resource stream. By diversifying your scavenging strategies, you increase your chances of amassing the materials you need.

Masterful Base Building Techniques

  1. Choosing the Optimal Location: Your base’s location plays a pivotal role in your survival. Opt for an elevated position on an island or a sturdy submerged structure. This not only ensures safety from potential threats but also facilitates efficient resource collection and management.
  2. Component-Centric Design: When designing your base, incorporate the strategic placement of Components. Create storage areas that are easily accessible and organized, allowing for streamlined crafting and item management. A well-organized base minimizes the time spent searching for materials and maximizes your efficiency.
  3. Modular Construction: Embrace a modular construction approach. By creating separate sections within your base, each dedicated to a specific function (e.g., crafting, research, storage), you enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of your base. This approach also provides room for expansion as you acquire more Components and resources.

Crafting Survival Essentials

  1. Water Purification Systems: Clean water is a fundamental necessity for survival. Utilize Components to craft water purifiers that transform contaminated water into a reliable source of hydration. Keep your purifiers well-maintained and strategically positioned to ensure a constant supply of clean water.
  2. Research Tables for Innovation: Components are not only for basic necessities but also for advancing your knowledge. Construct research tables using Components, enabling you to unlock new crafting recipes and discover insights about the world. Continuously investing in research empowers you with the tools needed to thrive in SunkenLand.


In the watery realm of SunkenLand, Components are your lifeline and base building is your stronghold. By mastering the art of component acquisition, you unlock a world of possibilities for crafting, research, and survival. With strategic scavenging, innovative base design, and a focus on crafting essentials, you’ll not only conquer the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world but thrive in its depths. As you set forth on this journey, let this guide be your compass, leading you to success in the sunken expanse.


Disclaimer: This guide is intended to provide strategies and techniques for optimizing your experience in SunkenLand. Vector3 Studio is the sole owner of SunkenLand, and any updates or changes to the game may affect the information provided in this guide.

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