How to Get Coal in Sunkenland Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Coal for Survival

How to Get Coal in Sunkenland Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Coal for Survival

In the submerged realms of SunkenLand, a captivating post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game crafted by Vector3 Studio, players are thrust into a world where the waters reign supreme, and the battle for survival takes on an entirely new dimension. Set against the backdrop of a waterlogged world, where islands stand as the last bastions of hope, August 26th marked the release of this immersive gaming experience. In this guide, we unveil the intricate steps to secure the coveted resource – Coal, a cornerstone for crafting and survival in SunkenLand.

Establishing Your Haven: The First Steps

The journey to Coal procurement commences with a crucial foundational step: the establishment of your base. As a survivor in this submerged expanse, you’ll find yourself seeking refuge on the scattered islands that dot the watery landscape. These islands, mere oases in a sea of uncertainty, offer the canvas upon which your survival story is painted. Begin by erecting your base on one such island, laying the groundwork for your epic saga.

Harnessing Nature’s Bounty: The Role of Wood

Wood, the elemental building block of SunkenLand, is your initial lifeline. With trees standing tall and resilient amidst the aquatic terrain, the gathering of wood becomes your first task. Armed with a trusty axe, set out to fell these arboreal giants. As the wood clatters to the ground, you’ll accumulate the raw material required to fuel your survival odyssey.


Igniting the Flame: The Power of Grills

Survival, as it often does, hinges on the mastery of fire. Within SunkenLand, this primal element serves a dual purpose – nourishment and production. Grills, those humble apparatuses, become the crucible through which you harness fire’s transformative capabilities. By placing wood upon these grills, you initiate a process that not only provides sustenance through cooking but also yields Coal.

From Ember to Essence: The Coal Creation

As the wood crackles and succumbs to the heat, a wondrous alchemy takes place. The transformation is complete, and what emerges is a precious resource – Coal. This black gold, coveted for its role in crafting and survival, becomes the cornerstone of your progress. It’s here that the game’s intricacies shine; every grill type, be it rudimentary or advanced, possesses the ability to produce Coal.

Quantifying the Yield: Unveiling the Coal Output

Diving deeper into the mechanics, the yield of Coal is an aspect deserving of attention. The level of your chosen grill is the harbinger of Coal’s quantity. A Simple Grill, a testament to the elegance of simplicity, furnishes you with a solitary Coal unit. The narrative shifts when dealing with an Advanced Grill, for its prowess grants you a more substantial haul – 2 to 3 units of Coal.


From Scorched Earth to Riches: Alternative Coal Acquisition

Beyond the realm of grills and fire’s embrace, alternate pathways to Coal acquisition beckon. Venture into areas bearing the mark of ovens, or scavenge amidst the remnants of destruction. Burnt items, poignant remnants of a bygone era, harbor the potential to yield Coal. This alternative avenue ensures that survival’s tapestry is woven with diverse threads of resource gathering.

A Conclusion Carved in Coal: Summing Up

As the last embers of this guide flicker, you’ve journeyed through the labyrinthine steps of Coal acquisition within SunkenLand. From the foundational establishment of your base to the fiery dance of grills, you’ve witnessed the alchemical emergence of Coal – a resource vital to progression. The variations in yield based on grill type, the alternative avenues through ovens and scavenging, all contribute to the tapestry of survival. Venture forth, survivor, armed with this knowledge, and thrive amidst the submerged realm of SunkenLand.

Navigate the path from base establishment to diverse Coal acquisition methods and their subsequent yields.


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