“SunkenLand” Beginners Guide For Day 1 Base Location

“SunkenLand” Beginners Guide For Day 1 Base Location

"SunkenLand" Beginners Guide For Day 1 Base Location

Welcome to the treacherous yet captivating world of “SunkenLand,” the post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game that submerges players into an underwater realm filled with challenges and opportunities. Developed by Vector3 Studio, this immersive game was released on August 26th, and it’s your chance to prove your mettle by surviving the ominous first night without shelter. In this guide, we’ll equip you with the indispensable knowledge and strategies to conquer the initial night and embark on your sunken journey.

Setting the Stage: Your Island Arrival

As you begin your journey in “SunkenLand,” the first step is a teleportation that lands you on an island. This island is your canvas for survival, where you’ll forge the path to your own haven. To navigate this perilous environment successfully, you’ll need to harness the island’s resources to craft essential base items that will be your lifeline through the night.

Crafting Your Essential Base Items

  1. Bed, Grill, and Water Purifier: These three items are your immediate priorities. Crafting a bed will grant you the crucial ability to sleep through the night, replenishing your energy for the challenges ahead. The grill and water purifier are vital for sustenance, providing you with nourishment and hydration. Refer to the “Build” section for a comprehensive list of necessary materials.
  2. Gathering Resources: Wood and scrap metal are the backbone of your survival toolkit. Wood can be sourced from trees on the island, while scrap metal can be obtained through underwater exploration, particularly by investigating sunken cars. These resources will serve as the building blocks for your survival.

Laying the Foundation: Constructing Your Base

  1. Strategic Location: Your base’s location is pivotal. Choose a spot close to the water’s edge, as this proximity will facilitate the setup of your grill, bed, and water purifier. This location also ensures easy access to the resources you’ll require.
  2. Assembly Process: Begin constructing your base by setting up the grill, bed, and water purifier in the designated area. Remember to have a container like a bucket on hand for the water purifier’s functionality. With these components in place, your base is taking shape, offering you the means to survive the impending challenges.
  3. Warmth and Illumination: Ignite the grill and torch to not only provide warmth but also illuminate your surroundings, deterring potential threats during the night. The combination of warmth and light is essential for keeping predators at bay and maintaining your own morale.

Embracing the Night: Weathering the Darkness

  1. Restful Slumber: As darkness envelops the underwater landscape, interact with the bed to initiate a rejuvenating sleep. This reprieve from the night’s dangers will ensure that you awaken the next morning, ready to face the new day’s challenges with renewed vigor.

Seeking Further Assistance

While this guide equips you with the fundamentals of surviving your first night in “SunkenLand,” the journey ahead is filled with uncharted waters and untold adventures. For more comprehensive assistance, guides, and the latest news related to the game, we recommend visiting the website associated with “SunkenLand.” Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of information to aid you in your quest for survival and exploration.


In conclusion, your inaugural night in “SunkenLand” is a critical juncture that demands strategic thinking and resourcefulness. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll not only endure the night without shelter but also set the stage for an exhilarating journey through a world submerged in mystery and opportunity. May your survival instincts remain steadfast, and your determination unyielding, as you navigate the submerged terrains of “SunkenLand.”

Remember, every decision you make shapes your destiny in this enigmatic realm. Adventure awaits, brave survivor. Embrace the challenge and make a splash in “SunkenLand.”

Adventure Awaits, Brave Survivor.


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  1. MVital

    There is no “Best” location in the game, though I have noticed that bases built on land get more melee attackers then ranged, and bases built on the water get more ranged then melee. If that helps anyone. It does make the some of the base defenses that you can build a bit more useful, on a land base, though never seen them actually kill an attacker. I just think of it as some extra “Armor” on my base. Though do get to the .50 cal machine gun (T4 on the tech tree) as fast as you can. It makes the difference in a successful vs. unsuccessful base defense toward the late game.

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