Setting Up Your Base in SunkenLand: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting Up Your Base in SunkenLand: A Comprehensive Guide

In the vast landscape of post-apocalyptic survival games, “SunkenLand” stands as a unique and immersive experience, thrusting players into a water-drenched world where the remnants of civilization are adrift on islands. Developed by Vector3 Studio, this captivating game, released on August 26th, promises an adventure filled with challenges, exploration, and the critical task of establishing a resilient base to withstand the aquatic trials that lie ahead.

Surviving Amidst Submerged Cities

“SunkenLand” introduces players to a gripping scenario where the world has been consumed by water, leaving only isolated islands and the submerged ruins of once-thriving cities. As survivors, your primary objective is to craft a base that ensures your safety and well-being against the backdrop of this watery apocalypse.

Gathering Essential Resources

Embarking on this journey requires gathering vital resources to construct and fortify your base. Wood and scrap metal emerge as the cornerstone of your building efforts. Venture into the wreckage of submerged cities, scavenge abandoned structures, and harvest floating debris to amass these invaluable materials. Salvaging is your lifeline, and these resources will enable you to craft tools, build defenses, and create a sanctuary amid the tumultuous waters.


Crafting Tools for Survival

Resourcefulness is key, and crafting tools becomes a fundamental skill for your survival. Utilizing salvaged materials, and fashion tools that empower you to overcome challenges. From basic hand tools to advanced machinery, your toolkit will evolve as you adapt to this waterlogged world. Through experimentation and innovation, you’ll uncover the secrets of creating tools that aid in exploration, defense, and resource extraction.

Selecting the Optimal Base Location

Location defines the foundation of your survival. Survey the islands for the perfect spot that balances safety, accessibility, and resource availability. The right location not only shields you from threats but also grants access to essential resources crucial for your progression. Consider factors such as proximity to salvageable structures, aquatic flora and fauna, and potential threats from other survivors vying for supremacy in this new world order.

Constructing the Stronghold

With resources amassed and tools in hand, the time has come to construct your fortress. Establish the base’s foundation, laying the groundwork for the refuge that will shield you from the surrounding waters. Assemble walls that repel intruders and fend off the unpredictable currents. Your construction prowess will determine the sturdiness of your shelter against the elements and the dangers that lurk beneath the surface.


Furnishing the Essentials

Survival isn’t solely about protection—it’s about comfort and sustainability. Outfit your base with vital elements such as beds for restorative sleep, grills for cooking sustenance, torches to pierce the darkness, and water purifiers to quench your thirst. Each element plays a pivotal role in enhancing your quality of life and bolstering your resilience.

Navigating Challenges and Seeking Further Assistance

The journey to establish your base is fraught with challenges and uncertainties. Whether it’s combating aggressive aquatic creatures or grappling with the ever-changing tides, every decision matters. To aid you in your quest for survival, the guide offers additional resources on the website, providing a wealth of game-related insights, strategies, and tips.


In the immersive world of “SunkenLand,” the task of setting up a base transcends mere survival—it’s a testament to human ingenuity and adaptability. By embracing the art of resource gathering, mastering the craft of tool creation, selecting an optimal base location, constructing a sturdy fortress, and furnishing it with essential amenities, you embark on a journey of resilience and exploration. The sunken cities may whisper tales of a bygone era, but your base stands as a beacon of hope amidst the submerged chaos.


As you set foot on this watery terrain, remember that your base is more than a structure—it’s a testament to your will to endure, your ability to adapt, and your determination to thrive even when the world is sunk beneath the waves. “SunkenLand” beckons, and with this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to rise above the tides and forge a new legacy amidst the depths.

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