How to Get Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds

How to Get Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds

If you are looking for a guide to learning how to get Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds, Then You have to come to the right place as we are going to explain how to obtain Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds

Smalland Survive the Wilds is a base building & survival game filled with RPG elements set in an open world where players have the opportunity to explore and discover countless landscapes, such as forests, swamps, and ruins. There are plenty of blogs and websites available for smalland games to guide you in different aspects of the game but If you’re looking for help to get Bones in Smalland: Survive the Wilds, we can help you with the location in the map.

Where To Find Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds

If you know how to farm HERPITLE HIDE then that will be the easiest take for you to farm BONES in smalland survive the wilds. Bones farming is the easiest task to do in this game even if you don’t know the way to farm herptile hide. if you wish to farm Bones, then you need to kill lots of GECKOS.

Geckos are peaceful, harmonious and non-violent animals. They are not going to involve in any kind of fight with you, Even if you attack them first they will never counter at all. I would never like to attack them in my gaming time of smalland but if you want to obtain Bones then you have to kill it. 
You can find plenty of Geckoes on the south of the map near the SKADI Region. As I have explained, Gecokes will never counter and attack you. So, You can farm them in good quantity and in a very short time because their spawn rate time is too high too. Remember, You will also get Herptile Hide along with Bones from Gecko.

As we know, Smalland Survive the Wilds is a true survival game. if you manage to make more equipment and item that will allow you to perform more crafting tasks. Crafting is one of the most crucial aspects of Smalland Survive the Wilds as it provides you with more sources, abilities, buffs, and items you need to survive.

That’s all about How to Get Bones in Smalland Survive the Wilds. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Smalland Survive the Wilds as well.


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