Phantasmal Dawn Hera Best Skill Rotation Guide

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Best Skill Rotation Guide

Mastering Hera’s Abilities: A Comprehensive Guide

To unlock the full potential of Hera’s capabilities, delving into the intricacies of her skills is paramount. Let’s delve into the mechanics of each skill in meticulous detail:

Hera Best Skill Rotation Guide

Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s Skill Rotation Explanation

Normal Attack: White Flash Operational Mechanics: Hera’s regular attack materializes as a luminescent beam directed at the targeted foe. This attack administers light-based damage amounting to 330% (Culminating at 546.5%) of her attack potency.

Energy Dynamics: Hera accumulates 3 Energy units every second, fueling her prowess.


Skill 1: Falling Stars Execution Mode: Hera summons a constellation of 7 meteors, orchestrating their descent upon the marked adversary. These celestial bodies deliver light-infused damage, totaling 200% (At its zenith – 374.4%) of her attack, to all entities within their vicinity.

Skill 2: Dawn Wish Functional Insights: Hera triggers an expansive assault, enwrapping adjacent adversaries. The unleashed onslaught procures light-imbued damage, equivalent to 480% (Reaching its pinnacle at 898.4%) of her attack strength.

Damage Augmentation: The offensive potential of the most attack-potent teammate escalates by 20.5% (Reaching its zenith at 37.5%), persisting for a 15-second duration.


Skill 3: Great Bear’s Fury Execution Mechanism: Hera invokes the grandeur of the Big Dipper, directing its energy towards all hostile entities within proximity. The resultant surge inflicts light-fueled damage, scaling to 1500% (Peaking at 2807.6%) of her attack capacity.

Ultimate Skill:

Echo Chamber Amplification of Destruction: Hera augments the devastation induced by her comrades-in-arms, heightening their inflicted damage by 14.4% (Culminating at 28%) for a span of 12 seconds.


Resource Revival: A revival of expended combat resources befalls her allies in their subsequent maneuver during a 10-second window.

Zero Time Boost: Activation of Zero Time, be it with Hera or an ally, propels an 8% advancement toward the ultimate skill.

Dodge Skill: Phantasmal Lightdance Functionality: Invoking this maneuver, Hera adeptly sidesteps impending hostilities, thus evading harm’s way. In the event of Hel executing an “Extremity Dodge,” a display of exceptional finesse, an exclusive phenomenon known as the “Dodge Effect” transpires.


Dodge Effect: A Hel-conducted Extremity Dodge instigates a transition into Zero Time, substantially decelerating adversary movements for a duration of 2 seconds. Concurrently, a solar arrow barrage targets the assailant, dealing light-charged damage equivalent to 240% of Hera’s attack power.

Pro Tips

  • Signature Functor Combo: Sequencing – S1 > S2 > S3 > Dodge > S1 > Dodge > S3.
  • No Signature Functor Scenario: Sequence – S1 > S2 > S3, followed by utilization of the skill currently available.

Unlocking the intricacies of Hera’s skills translates into commanding her prowess with finesse, a key to domination on the battlefield.


To dominate the battlefield, it’s essential to master every facet of Phantasmal Dawn Hera, from her exceptional abilities to her strategic sigil sets, functors, and aether codes. Operating as a dynamic support character, she significantly amplifies team performance and damage output. The amalgamation of Virgo’s Meteor and Jörmungandr sigil sets seamlessly fine-tunes her cooldowns and energy equilibrium. In tandem, the “Herald – Miriam” functor magnifies her evasive skills and offensive might. By orchestrating astute team compositions and skill deployment, players can harness Hera’s prowess to lead their squad to triumphant victories. Embrace the ethereal might of Phantasmal Dawn Hera and elevate your gameplay to unprecedented heights within the realm of Aether Gazer!

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