Living Soul Osiris Build Guide: Best Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team [Aether Gazer]

Living Soul Osiris Build Guide: Best Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team [Aether Gazer]

Living Soul Osiris Build

Yo buddies, wassup? So, In this post, We are going explore each and every portion of Living Soul’s kit and will provide you every single detail to create the best build guide for living soul osiris. We will explain everything in detail and will cover the other important aspects of specific and viable builds like sigils, functors, codes and the best team for living soul.

Living Soul Osiris Details

FactionRarityResourceElementTier Rank
NileRank STraceWindS+ 

How to Get S-Ranked Living Soul Osiris – Pull from Osiris Banner

You can get Living Soul Osiris from her banner. Her banner is available in the game in the 1.1 version of the game. She is a very powerful unit and works very nicely in plenty of teams. You need a modifier scan voucher to obtain her from the banner.


Living Soul Osiris Build

Living Soul Osiris Build Code Line

Living Soul Osiris is actually a very powerful unit. She performs exceptionally well in the end game and high-difficulty content. There are different types of builds available for Living Soul Osiris in the game. You can draft a model build of Living Soul Osiris to optimize the Osiris potential in the end-game content. There are different variations available to build Living Soul Osiris:-

Aether Code Line -You can decide, plan and implement the entire build based on the Aether code. There will be options available to pick from as below.

Red Line Codes increase her hp by a lot which will definitely increase her survivability. This path is actually perfect for taking out difficult content by storm as she can easily tackle the heavy damage and can clear the content. In reality, This path is a real end-game Build for Living Soul Osiris
Yellow Line Codes are a bit risky but rewarding build set-up. She will be dealing loads of massive damage in this build. There will be plenty of occasions and circumstances when you will face issues with survivability. But still, she can deal heavy damage so, You can kill things early even before they attack you. In short, if you wish to deal massive damage with her then you should build her and enjoy the maximum damage with a Yellow Code Line.

If you are wondering and wish to know the best code line for the Living Soul Osiris. Then we would love to recommend you try both of them as we know each build is 100% viable and well designed. You just need to pick the build according to your choice, gameplay style and the one which can give you the maximum fun and entertainment.

  • DPS: (Yellow Line Aether code)
  • Survivability: (Red Line Aether code)

Living Soul Osiris Sigils

Sigils play an important and effective role in aether gazer for every character and build. Follow our dedicated Sigils Guide if you want to learn more about Sigils. Anyway, We are going to find out the best Sigils for The Living Soul Osiris.

As we know the living soul deals damage with wind elements so we need to boost her wind damage as much as possible. That’s why we can use the Gale Sovereign sigil for her which enhances Wind Damage by 10%. it will boost the wind damage by 5% when her ultimate and skill is on cooldown. So we are supposed to use her skills and ultimate most of the time which means we will get a Wind Damage bonus all the time. we will assign Gale Sovereign on 1,3,5 for more skill bonuses and perks. Gale Sovereign should always take first priority in any Osiris variations or build.

Now, we need to find out the best sigils for the 2nd, 4th and 6th spots for more bonuses, perks and output so we can get the best performance from all the sigils and combinations. There are a few options to pick up the sigils set for other spots but we will discuss the best sigils for Osirin only. There are some conditions to use and implement these sigils.


There will be two different approaches to picking the best sigil set for Osiris. First, if you have her signature functor and the other one is if you are f2p or unlucky and don’t have her signature functor. we will explain both variants in detail.

Osiris Build With Signature Functor:- if you have her signature functor then you have 2 options to pick the best sigil for 2,4, and 6th spot. There are two sigil sets called Moon Drifter and Cupbearer.

The cupbearer set recovers the traces if she uses her skill 3 which will be very powerful indeed but Kindly Note: you can activate it only with Skill 3 and you need to manage the proper rotation to increase the uptime of the buff.


Moon Drifter set seems stronger and more powerful compared to Cupbearer. So, Moon Drifter can boost the skill damage of Osiris by 10% which is actually very powerful but remember you need to follow the same process as Cupbearer set to activate it. Along with that, there is a 30% chance to gain 1 trace if she lands the skill properly.

Final VerdictGale Sovereign is always the best pick and should always be there in the 1,3 and 5 spots. if you are confused between Cupbearer and Moon Drifter then you should pick up the best available sigils set in your account.

Osiris Build Without Signature Functor:- if you’re F2P or don’t have her signature functor then things can be a bit different for you with sigils set. As we discussed earlier we will go with the Gale set for 1,3 and 5th spots but we will utilise the power of Griffins’ Pride which will provide us with around a 15% critical rate.


So, for F2P Gale on the 1st, 3rd and 5th spot & Griffins on the 2nd, 4th and 6th spot would be completely viable.

Best Functor Living Soul Osiris

There are different choices available for Functor to maximize the damage of Osiris. You should always go with the signature Functor called “Pharaoh – Netjerykhet”. There is no doubt that Netjerykhet is specially designed for the Living Soul Osiris. You can also use the standard 5-star functor, Pharaoh – Userkaf but it would not outperform the signature Functor by any means. Her signature functor provides additional perks like increasing the trace limit and ultimate skill charge.

Her signature functor specifically boosts enhances and amplifies the working of her skills to the next level. we can use Darkwing Scythe multiple times with the buff from her signature functor. it will also increase the soul death damage by 12% and will increase the efficiency of the Judge of the Underworld Mode Amplification to the next level.


Note:- Pharaoh Userkaf as a transition period to increase Skill 3 damage by 40% (with 4 Traces). The 4-star functor Pharaoh – Thutmose can provide damage and survivability.

Best Living Soul Osiris Team Formation

Well, just to the point Gusty Lance Shu and Tidal Song Poseidon work like a gem team comp with The Living Soul. You should focus on building all these units to dominate the game even with almost no gears sigils etc at a very low level. By using the ultimate skill chain Shu and Osiris deal massive damage to enemies and buff the damage even more up to 500% and 1000% multiplied by their skills. Here are the details information and numbers about skill chain buff.

Tidal Song is one of the best healers in the game right now. She provides plenty of healing ticks along with awesome support in combat. She must be in the team with The Living Soul to clear any content of the game with ease. but still, if you think you really don’t need a healer in the team for now then you can switch to another carry or sub dps who can provide you exceptional support with almost equal damage dealing.


Recommended Team: Living Soul Osiris, Gusty Lance Shu, Shinri Tsukuyomi.

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