Hera Aether Gazer Wiki S Hera Best Modifier To Pull?

Hera Aether Gazer Wiki S Hera Best Modifier To Pull?

Hera is a playable character in the Aether Gazer. It’s a beautiful anime-based game that is spreading day by day. And In this post, we have made a Wiki guide on Aether Gazer Hera. We explain each everything about Hera, her build, functor, skills, kit, beat team comp and different ways to use her at best, Here is a small introduction about HERA.

Hera Profile

FactionRarityResourceElementTier Rank
Olympus Rank SEnergyLightS+ (Must Pull Unit)

Base Stats of Hera

Lv. 1
Lv. 80

How to Get S-Ranked Hera – Pull from Hera Banner

You can get Hera from her banner. Her banner will be available in the game in the 1.2 version of the game. We will see S-Ranked Osiris and Hella banners before Hera. ok So? Nothing, we have already got time, Start Saving for HERA.

Hera– Skills and Passive


Basic Attack– Fire light streams at the locked-on target, dealing 330% (Max: 578.3%) Light DMG. Energy: Restore 3 Energy per second.

Skill 1– Summon 5 meteors above the locked-on target, smashing enemies in the area, dealing 1000% (Max: 2000%) AOE Light DMG.

Skill 2– DMG surrounding enemies, dealing 480% (Max: 960%) Light DMG, while simultaneously increasing the ATK of the teammate with the highest ATK by 20.5% (Max: 40%), lasts 15s.


Skill 3-Summon the constellation Dubhe above the target, bombarding enemies in the area, dealing 1500% (Max: 2999.9%) AOE Light DMG.

Dodge Skill -Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time, lasts 2s, and summon light arrows to assault the attacker, dealing 60% (Max: 120%) Light DMG every tick, a total of 4 ticks.

Ultimate – The team’s DMG dealt increases by 14.4% (Max: 30%), and lasts 12s. Refunds the combat resource (Rage, Energy, Trace, Divine Grace) for the next Skill cast within 10s for the team. When self or teammates trigger Zero Time, obtain a set amount of Ultimate charge


Skillchain – Deal 600% + (15.38% x A Hermes’s Ultimate Skill level) Wind DMG, 100% + (25.64% x S Hera’s Ultimate Skill level) Light DMG. On a hit, the team’s DMG dealt increases by 14% + (0.4% + S Hera’s Ultimate Skill level), lasts 12s, and will refund the combat resource (Rage, Energy, Trace, Divine Grace) for the next Skill cast within 12s for the team. Apply a “Windchase Mark” to enemies hit and decrease their Wind RES by 30%, lasting 12s.

Hera Aether Code (Skill Tree)

Yellow Dot Codes
Skill 1 changes into a Charge-type Skill, max 2 Charges. Skill 1 summons 2 additional meteors.
Enemies hit by self Skills will take more Skill DMG from self, everyone hit increases self Skill DMG by 2%, lasts 3s, every stack refreshing the duration, max 12 stacks.
When the DMG increase from Aether Code reaches 8%, self Skill Crit Rate and Crit DMG increase by 15%.
Red Dot Codes
Dodge effect’s DMG increases by 15%.
When self or teammates trigger Zero Time, self DMG dealt increases by 12%, and while in Zero Time, said effect increases by 12% every second, max 60%.
Duration of Zero Time triggered by self is increased by 2s.
Blue Dot Codes
In combat, Skill 2’s CD is decreased by 5s.
Skill 2 will no longer target self: When casting Skill 2, self ATK increases by 25% and lasts 15s.
Skill 2’s selected target’s ATK will be further boosted by the equivalent of 25% of self ATK, lasting 15s.

Best Phantasmal Dawn Hera Sigil Sets

Meta Description: Elevate Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s potential by harnessing the synergy between Virgo’s Meteor and Jörmungandr Sigil sets, optimizing her skills and energy dynamics.

Unleash the Power of Phantasmal Dawn Hera Sigil Sets

Virgo’s Meteor Synergy: Amplifying Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s combat prowess, the Virgo’s Meteor set remarkably slashes the cooldown of all her abilities, including the ultimate, by 1.5 seconds each time Zero Time is initiated. Hera’s potent skillset gains enhanced utility and damage potential, ensuring she can employ her formidable abilities more frequently. The initiation of Zero Time can be effortlessly triggered through Hera’s evasion maneuver.


Jörmungandr Energy Amplification: Complementing Hera’s energy management mechanics, the Jörmungandr sigil set provides a critical edge. As Hera generates 3 Energy per second, essential for her skill activations, this sigil offers a 35% chance to replenish a substantial 35% of her maximum energy whenever energy is consumed. With Hera’s gameplay pivoting around her abilities, this sigil guarantees consistent maintenance of energy levels, enabling relentless skill deployment.

Synergistic Brilliance Unveiled

In tandem, the amalgamation of these two sigil sets births an unparalleled synergy, elevating Hera’s performance to its zenith. Virgo’s Meteor’s cooldown reduction empowers Hera’s skills’ frequent utilization, while Jörmungandr’s energy revitalization ensures her energy pool remains robust. This synergy grants Hera the ability to unleash her potent skills with increased frequency, all while sustaining an unwavering reservoir of energy to fuel her abilities.


Optimal Sigil Set Combination

For the epitome of Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s dominance, we recommend the following sigil set combination: Equip Virgo’s Meteor on slots 1, 3, and 5, and couple it with Jörmungandr on slots 2, 4, and 6. This judicious arrangement maximizes Hera’s potential, forging an indomitable force on the battlefield.

Aether Gazer Tier List

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