Techtonica – How to Get Atlantum Ore: A Comprehensive Guide

Techtonica – How to Get Atlantum Ore: A Comprehensive Guide

In the captivating simulation-strategy world of Techtonica, the expansion and optimization of your factory stand as the most crucial objectives. However, some of the game’s key resources, such as Atlantum Ore, are not readily available and must be discovered through the exciting game storyline. Not only is Atlantum Ore essential for production, but it also holds the key to unlocking the coveted 6th tier of the Tech Tree, which bestows unparalleled advantages upon your factory. Let us now explore how to find and obtain this invaluable resource to propel your Techtonica journey to greater heights.

Discovering the Location of Atlantum Ore

To embark on the journey of obtaining Atlantum Ore, you must first progress through the game’s storyline. During your gameplay, you will eventually receive an Emergency Beacon, which will lead you on a quest to uncover the location of Atlantum Ore.

  • Location Clue: The Emergency Beacon will direct you down the river, past the Production Terminal Victor, to the right. As you explore, keep an eye out for a narrow passage adorned with glowing yellow plants. This passage is where you will encounter Atlantum Ore, recognizable by its distinctive green veins on the surface.

Overcoming the Barrier with Mining Charges

Upon discovering the Atlantum Ore blocking your path, you will need to use Mining Charges to clear the way. To produce Mining Charges, follow these steps:

  1. Process Plantmatter: Gather Plantmatter and process it to obtain the necessary components for Mining Charges.
  2. Silverthorn Extract: Acquire Silverthorn Extract, a vital ingredient for crafting Mining Charges.

Preparing for Effective Atlantum Ore Gathering

Once you have successfully cleared the path and accessed Atlantum Ore, it’s essential to be well-prepared for efficient resource gathering. To optimize your mining capabilities, follow these steps:

  • Mining Devices: Prepare a substantial number of Mining Charges, ideally between 40 and 80, to ensure you have enough for effective mining operations.
  • MK2 Miner: To automate the mining process and enhance productivity, aim to unlock the MK2 Miner. It is available on the Tech Tree at tier 6. However, before obtaining this advanced miner, you must gather 450 Atlantum Ore through alternative means.

Gathering Requirements for MK2 Miner

Unlocking the MK2 Miner involves fulfilling certain prerequisites. Alongside the 450 Atlantum Ore, you must gather the following resources:

  • 900 Iron Ingots
  • 900 Copper Ingots
  • 900 Processor Units

Unlocking the Veins and Unleashing the Potential

After removing the initial barrier of Atlantum Ore, you will find valuable veins of the resource in the same location. These veins are ready to be harnessed for your factory’s advancement.



Congratulations! By following the Techtonica storyline and utilizing Mining Charges, you have successfully unlocked the powerful resource – Atlantum Ore. This valuable material not only fuels your production endeavours but also acts as a stepping stone to reach the illustrious 6th tier of the Tech Tree. Prepare yourself with the necessary tools and resources, and uncover the potential of Atlantum Ore as you venture forward in Techtonica. Embrace the challenges, optimize your factory, and let the abundance of Atlantum Ore propel you to unprecedented success in this thrilling simulation-strategy game.

As you continue your adventure in Techtonica, mastering the art of crafting Plantmatter Fiber is just the beginning. Unravelling the game’s automation mechanics and exploring its diverse crafting possibilities will unlock a world of creative potential. Stay tuned to DigitsGuide on Gaming for more guides, tips, and insights to elevate your gaming experience across various genres, including ExoprimalRemnant 2Honkai Star RailGenshin ImpactSmalland: Survive the WildsLimbus Company, and many more.

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