Charlie Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

Charlie Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

In the world of Reverse: 1999, the arrival of Charlie, our shining star, on the first day of the global launch has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community. She graced us with her presence in the earliest Pick-up banner, “One Gram of Curiosity,” and has since become a pivotal 5-star main DPS (Star) character, provided you are fortunate enough to summon her. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of Charlie’s abilities, skills, and strategies to maximize her potential and secure her place as a formidable force in your lineup.

Charlie Build Guide

Character Details

Skills Breakdown

Before we dive into the intricacies of Charlie’s skills, let’s remind ourselves that more information about her damage capabilities and Inheritance can be found in our comprehensive database here.


Arcane Skill 1 – Thunder to Thee!

  • Single-target attack skill
  • Deals Mental Damage
  • Inflicts additional damage if Charlie has [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] statuses

Arcane Skill 2 – Tempest to Thee!

  • Single-target attack skill
  • Deals Mental Damage
  • Amplifies damage when Charlie’s HP is below 50%

Ultimate – I Stand Alone on the Stage

  • Area of Effect Mental damage attack [300%]
  • Dispels all [Stats Up], [Pos Status], and [Counter] statuses from all enemies

Character Role: Main DPS (or Secondary DPS)

Charlie stands out as a Star main DPS character due to her unique and non-critical-dependent skill set. Unlike most Star characters that rely on critical hits for massive damage, Charlie’s abilities offer a different approach. At Portray lvl.3, her damage potential skyrockets compared to lower portray levels. Hence, we recommend striving to reach Portray lvl.3 before making substantial investments in her development. If you lack Charlie at Portray lvl.3, consider utilizing other main DPS units that might be more suitable.

One of Charlie’s distinctive features lies in her skill “Tempest to Thee!” which thrives when her HP is below 50%. This attribute makes her exceptionally effective in prolonged battles, where her HP gradually diminishes, allowing her to consistently deal high damage to single target enemies. In essence, Charlie excels at taking down formidable bosses with ease.


Charlie’s prowess shines when she takes center stage, unleashing her “I Stand Alone on the Stage” ultimate ability. However, it’s important to note that her kit primarily focuses on dealing damage to enemies, offering no utility to her team members, unlike characters like Sonetto. As such, Charlie relies on support from other team members to ensure she can perform at her best.


To optimize Charlie’s performance, consider including supportive characters like Tennant, who can provide shields to keep her HP below the required threshold for her skill to shine. Additionally, a debuffer such as Twin Sleep, who can weaken the enemy’s defense against Mental damage, can be a valuable addition to your team composition.

Charlie’s Inheritance provides her with valuable buffs, which is why it’s not recommended to bring buffer characters into the same team as Charlie. Buff effects tend to overlap and diminish the overall effectiveness. Furthermore, when her Troupe Owner III ability is unlocked, she gains an additional 20% damage output when her HP is between 50% and 80%. Hence, players must carefully manage her HP to ensure she delivers the maximum damage.

Charlie’s Tier

S-Tier (When you get her to Portray lvl.3 and above)


Charlie’s overall damage output can surpass that of many 6-star characters, which are notoriously challenging to obtain. In addition to her impressive damage potential, her ultimate ability, which dispels enemies’ [Stats Up], [Pos Status], and [Counter] statuses, proves to be invaluable when facing boss enemies equipped with buffs and counter mechanics.

To summarize, Charlie ticks all the boxes for an S-tier character:

  • Outperforms many 6-star units in damage
  • Dispels enemy buffs
  • More cost-effective to build compared to a 6-star character

In conclusion, Charlie’s star power is undeniable, and she is a force to be reckoned with in Reverse: 1999. With the right strategy and team composition, she can lead your squad to victory in battles and boss encounters. So, harness her potential, aim for Portray lvl.3, and let Charlie shine as the star of your team!


See you in the next character guide write-up! like Satsuki Druvis III Sonetto

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