Sonetto Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

Sonetto Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

In the vast and enchanting world of Reverse: 1999, Sonetto emerges as the earliest character to grace your team, and she stands as a stalwart pillar of reliability during your account’s early days. As we embark on our series of character guides, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the face of Reverse: 1999, Sonetto.

Sonetto Build Guide

Character Details Sonetto Build

Basic stats
StatusInceptionInsightⅠInsight ⅡInsight Ⅲ
Reality DEF130197216330349492510579
Mental DEF115175192292309436452512
Critical Technique178178201201224224247247
Special Stats
StatusInceptionInsightⅠInsight ⅡInsight Ⅲ
Critical Rate5.90%6.70%7.50%8.20%
Critical DMG138.90%140.10%141.20%142.30%

Arcane Skill 1 – Commandment V

  • Type: Single target attack skill
  • Effect: Deals Reality Damage and inflicts “Disarm” on the enemy.
  • Impact: Successful “Disarm” acts as a ‘stun’ or disrupts the enemy’s incantations

Arcane Skill 2 – Exhortation IX

  • Type: AoE buff for the whole team
  • Effect: Boosts the team’s damage output and reduces incoming damage.
  • Additional Bonus: Increases Sonetto’s Penetration Rate, acting as a self-buff in addition to the team buff.

Ultimate – Unrestricted Chant

  • Type: AoE Reality damage attack [300%]
  • Boost Potential: This attack can further strengthen (Penetration Rate +8% & damage +100%) if Sonetto is currently benefiting from [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] buffs/statuses.
Portray Details Sonetto Build
Lv.1 Unrestricted Chant’s effect changes to if the caster is in Stats Up or Pos Status, Penetration Rate +16%.
Lv.2 Commandment V’s effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 220/230/350% Reality DMG.
Lv.3 Exhortation IX’s effect changes to Penetration Rate +15%.
Lv.4 Unrestricted Chant’s effect changes to if the caster is in Stats Up or Pos Status, Penetration Rate +24%.
Lv.5 Unrestricted Chant’s effect changes to: if the caster is in Stats Up or Pos Status, Penetration Rate +32%.
Inheritance Details Sonetto Build
Insight I When the caster is in Stats Up or Pos Status statuses, DMG Dealt +15%.
Insight II Reality DEF and Mental DEF +10% when the caster enters battle.
Insight III When the caster is in Stats Up or Pos Status statuses, Critical Resist, and Critical DEF +15%.

Best Psychubes Sonetto Build

  • Brave the New World
  • Her Second Life
  • His Bounden Duty
  • The Footloose

Character Role Sonetto Build: Flexible

  • Early Game: Sonetto can serve as your primary DPS, carrying the free-to-play team and acting as a buffer. You’ll be enhancing Eagle’s and/or Leilani’s damage as you consistently employ Exhortation IX throughout battles.
  • Disarming Expert: Her [Disarms] from her first skill prove invaluable when confronting formidable adversaries, significantly increasing the team’s survivability by controlling the battle.
  • Late Game Dominance: In the late game, her ultimate ability continues to strike with tremendous force, thanks to her self-buff capabilities.

Strategy To Play Sonetto Build

  • Early Game: When you obtain your first 6-star unit from the “beginner’s banner,” Sonetto remains indispensable in your team. She can now serve as a secondary DPS for Regulus, Eternity, or Lilya, simultaneously boosting their damage and safeguarding them by reducing incoming damages and inflicting [Disarm] during crucial moments.
  • Flexible Buffing: Utilize Exhortation IX in a flexible manner:
    • Before unleashing your main DPS, buff them first to increase the overall team’s damage output.
    • If an enemy is about to unleash a devastating attack, use it to bolster your team’s defensive capabilities, thereby enhancing the team’s defense and reducing incoming damage.
  • Note: Always ensure to self-buff Sonetto before deploying her ultimate (Skill 2 → Ultimate).

Sonetto’s Tier

  • A-Tier: To be frank, it’s bordering on S-Tier for F2P players. Sonetto offers exceptional value, and you’ll receive ample resources to upgrade her in a cost-effective manner. The generosity of the developers in providing us with such a potent unit early on, along with the materials for free upgrades, positions her as an S-tier character for ‘early game content’ in the global release.
  • Our Advice: We strongly recommend building Sonetto early, even if you’ve performed some summons and obtained other, ostensibly stronger units initially. Her applied buffs, both offensively and defensively, along with her damage output, are truly remarkable. BETA testers and experienced CN server players echo the same sentiment. If she had the stats of a natural 6-star character, there would be little debate about placing her in the S-tier.

Best Team For Sonetto Build

Budget Team– Lilya, Sonetto & Tennant

Team Dynamics:

Sonetto’s Buffs:

  • Sonetto consistently provides +DMG Dealt and -DMG Taken buffs, empowering Lilya to maximize damage output even in suboptimal conditions.

Tennant’s Contribution:

  • Tennant steps in to enhance Lilya’s damage further with the [Diamond Bullet] buff, strategically reducing an enemy’s Reality DEF.

Survivability Measures:

  • Tennant’s reliable [Shield]s and Sonetto’s strategic [Disarm] play crucial roles in safeguarding Lilya as she accelerates towards unleashing her Ultimate.

Ultimate Healing Mechanism:

  • Lilya’s reliance on her Ultimate’s Leech Rate becomes evident, serving as a vital source of self-healing beyond [Shield]s and -DMG Taken buffs.

Tactical Insights:

  • The consistent buffs from Sonetto enable Lilya to optimize damage output, mitigating challenges.
  • Tennant’s [Diamond Bullet] buff aligns seamlessly with Lilya’s offensive strategy, creating a potent synergy.
  • The combined efforts of [Shield]s from Tennant and [Disarm] from Sonetto contribute to Lilya’s safety during the critical phase of Ultimate activation.

In the intricate dance of abilities and buffs, Sonetto, Lilya, and Tennant showcase a harmonious collaboration. Their synergy not only elevates damage potential but also ensures survival in the face of adversity. As Lilya charges toward her Ultimate, the team’s strategic maneuvers, bolstered by Sonetto and Tennant, lay the foundation for a formidable and resilient alliance.

TeamEternity, Sonetto & Balloon Party & Medicine Pocket/New Babel

Team Dynamics:

1. Sonetto

  • Deployed for her valuable +DMG Dealt and -DMG Taken buffs, Sonetto seamlessly synergizes with Eternity’s playstyle. Her unexpectedly high damage output compensates for Eternity’s relative damage limitations.

2. Balloon Party and Medicine Pocket:

  • Masters of damage reduction and healing, Balloon Party and Medicine Pocket prove to be excellent companions for Eternity. Their abilities align perfectly with Eternity’s survival needs, creating a resilient synergy on the battlefield.

3. New Babel as an Alternative:

  • In scenarios demanding consistent high damage mitigation, New Babel emerges as a viable option. The strategic combination of Balloon Party and New Babel can fortify Eternity’s defenses, especially when facing relentless onslaughts.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Sonetto’s buffs not only enhance Eternity’s damage but also compensate for her inherent damage limitations.
  • Balloon Party and Medicine Pocket contribute significantly to Eternity’s survivability, reducing incoming damage while providing crucial healing support.
  • The strategic inclusion of New Babel becomes a tactical choice, offering an additional layer of defense when faced with sustained high damage.

In the intricate dance of buffs and support, Sonetto, Balloon Party, Medicine Pocket, and New Babel emerge as stalwart allies in Eternity’s quest for longevity on the battlefield. Their synergistic contributions not only sustain Eternity but elevate her prowess, ensuring a formidable presence in the realm of high-stakes combat.

A Hidden Gem in Reverse: 1999

Discover the allure of Sonetto, a rare gem in Reverse: 1999. Unlike typical free characters, Sonetto defies expectations, proving to be a valuable investment on your journey.


Unique Features:

  • Universal Buffer: Sonetto shines as a universal buffer, consistently elevating the damage output of all allies while reducing the damage they take.
  • Personal Benefits: Sonetto reaps the rewards of her buff, gaining an additional +10% Penetration Rate and amplifying her Ultimate’s damage when under positive status.
  • Strategic Skill: Her attack skill, “Commandment V,” may not see a damage multiplier increase between levels 1 and 2, but it transforms into a potent Debuff skill at level 2. It inflicts [Disarm] on an enemy, rendering them unable to attack during that turn.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Free Accessibility: Sonetto and her portraits come free of charge.
  2. Versatility: Exceptionally flexible, Sonetto seamlessly integrates into most team compositions.
  3. Decent Damage: With synergies from her passives, Ultimate, and Psychubes like Brave New World, Sonetto delivers respectable damage.


  1. Boss Limitations: Less effective in boss fights due to the immunity of most bosses to crowd control.

Sonetto emerges as a dynamic support unit, blending buffs, debuffs, and damage in a harmonious symphony. Whether enhancing your team’s capabilities or restraining enemies, Sonetto proves her versatility in various situations. Don’t underestimate the surprising damage potential of her Ultimate when complemented by her strategic buffs. In the vast landscape of Reverse: 1999, Sonetto stands as a beacon of strategic brilliance, waiting to elevate your gameplay experience.


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