Where to Find the Smelter in Techtonica

Where to Find the Smelter in Techtonica

As a skilled industrialist in Techtonica, the discovery of the Smelter is a crucial step in your journey towards resource refinement and manufacturing excellence. The Smelter serves as a cornerstone in the nation’s industrial infrastructure, transforming raw materials into valuable alloys and products. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the exact location of the Smelter fragments, ensuring you can embark on your smelting endeavors with precision and efficiency.

Location of Smelter Fragments

Techtonica’s engineers have strategically placed the Smelter fragments at the very start of your industrial adventure, right next to the production terminal Lima. This carefully selected location ensures that miners and industrialists gain early access to this vital facility, setting the stage for advanced manufacturing processes and economic growth.

How to Reach Production Terminal Lima

Step 1: Begin Your Journey

Commence your journey in Techtonica from the designated spawning point. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, and get ready to explore the industrial wonders that lie ahead.


Step 2: Navigating Towards Terminal Lima

As you set forth on your path, head towards the northwestern direction. Follow the well-marked path that leads to various terminals and production facilities within Techtonica.

Step 3: Identifying Production Terminal Lima

As you advance along the designated path, keep a lookout for Production Terminal Lima. Its distinct design and prominent markings make it easily identifiable amidst the bustling industrial landscape.

Step 4: Discovering the Smelter Fragments

Upon reaching Production Terminal Lima, take a moment to explore the immediate vicinity. The Smelter fragments can be found in close proximity to the terminal, strategically placed for quick and convenient access.


Gathering the Smelter Fragments

Step 1: Interaction with Fragments

Approach the Smelter fragments and interact with each one to gather them. With each fragment collected, you draw closer to obtaining the powerful Smelter, a game-changing facility in Techtonica’s industrial prowess.

Step 2: Assembling the Smelter

With the Smelter fragments in your possession, return to your workstation or crafting area. Here, you can skillfully assemble the components and materials, bringing the Smelter to life and unlocking its full potential.


Congratulations! You now know precisely where to find the Smelter fragments in Techtonica. The close proximity of these fragments to Production Terminal Lima showcases the nation’s commitment to empowering its industrialists with cutting-edge technology. Embrace the power of the Smelter and delve into a world of resource refinement and manufacturing brilliance. With the Smelter by your side, you are poised to transform raw materials into valuable products, contributing to Techtonica’s industrial might and prosperity. Best of luck on your smelting journey!


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