Beginners Guide to Wartales: Unraveling the Epic Adventure

Beginners Guide to Wartales: Unraveling the Epic Adventure

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Wartales, an extraordinary adventure that takes you on a journey through a captivating world filled with heroes, battles, and mythical creatures. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of the game, providing you with valuable insights, strategies, and tips to master every aspect and soar above your competition.

Beginners Guide to Wartales

1. The Balanced Party Composition

A balanced party ensures versatility and adaptability in any situation you encounter. When starting your adventure, consider the following roles for your party members:

a. Ranged Combatant

Follow the Beginners Guide to Wartales – Having a character specialized in ranged combat is invaluable. Archers or mages excel at dealing damage from a distance, keeping enemies at bay and preventing them from closing in. This allows you to control the battlefield and soften up tough opponents before engaging them directly.


b. Two-Handed Weapon Specialist

A powerful character wielding a two-handed weapon brings raw strength and devastating blows to your party. They excel at dealing massive damage to single targets or even cleaving through multiple foes in one swing. Their presence ensures you have a strong frontline capable of dealing with heavily armored opponents.

c. Shield-Bearing Fighter

A fighter with a shield is essential for protecting your party from enemy attacks. They serve as a sturdy tank, drawing enemy attention and mitigating damage directed at the rest of your team. Their ability to absorb hits and hold off enemies provides much-needed support for your other party members.

2. Making the Right Choices

During the initial stages of the game, you’ll be presented with important decisions that can significantly impact your gameplay. Take your time to consider the following choices carefully with Beginners Guide to Wartales


a. Exploration Mode

Choose your exploration mode based on your preferred playstyle. The exploration mode determines the pace and difficulty of your adventure. “Adventure Mode” offers a balanced experience, while “Survival Mode” provides a more challenging and immersive journey.

b. Additional Perk for Your Party

Select an additional perk that complements your party composition. Each perk offers unique benefits, such as increased loot, faster exploration, or enhanced combat abilities. Consider how the chosen perk aligns with your party’s strengths and weaknesses.

c. Character Traits

Character traits influence your party members’ abilities and interactions with the world. Choose traits that synergize well with your party’s roles and playstyle. Traits can provide bonuses to combat, exploration, crafting, or social interactions, so pick wisely to enhance your party’s overall effectiveness.


3. The Art of Surrounding Your Opponents

Master the tactic of surrounding enemies during combat. When engaged in a battle, focus your party’s efforts on a single enemy whenever possible. Surrounding a foe grants your party a damage bonus, increasing the efficiency of your attacks and reducing the enemy’s ability to retaliate effectively.

4. The Value of Professions

Assigning professions to your party members is a smart move, even if you don’t use them frequently. Professions grant passive bonuses that can enhance your party’s capabilities. Whether it’s blacksmithing, alchemy, or other trades, allocate professions strategically to maximize the benefits they provide.

5. The Importance of Salt

In the culinary world of Wartales, salt holds great significance. Cooking meals using salt yields more filling and potent dishes, essential for sustaining your party during long journeys and challenging battles. Always ensure you carry an ample supply of salt in your saddlebags to meet the culinary demands of your adventure.


With this Beginners Guide to Wartales, you are well-equipped to start your adventure in Wartales with a balanced party, making the right choices, and employing effective strategies in combat and exploration. By optimizing your party’s composition and understanding the significance of professions and culinary resources, you will be poised for triumph in this immersive and enchanting world. Good luck on your journey, and may your party’s legacy be etched in the annals of Wartales’ history!

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