Skul The Hero Slayer Achievement Guide – Get IT Done Today!

Skul The Hero Slayer Achievement Guide – Get IT Done Today!

Skul Achievement Guide

As we already know, Skul The Hero Slayer came out of early access and launched on 21st of Jan 2021 and is now available or accessible worldwide. They have released it with a 1.0.1 patch which came with plenty of opaque improvements, bug fixes, skull changes, new chapters, stories, maps, traps, devices, new enemies and bosses etc. Skul The Hero Slayer is available to play now on steam

But even with full release of the game achievements are simply hidden behind the wall. Which means you are not able to find out any achievements in the game itself. So, you may need a helping hand or may need a quick and short Skul Achievement Guide. So, let’s just jump into the main topic directly without wasting more and more time on other things. 

Well, there are a total of 57 achievements in the game at the time of writing this Skul Achievement Guide. I have categorized them in different sections according to the nature of their achievements. These are not chronicled from any part and follow no order to get a specific achievement


Upgrade Skulls: There are around 30 and more skulls available in the game and if you wanna grab 1 to 28 achievements then you need to upgrade 28 upgradable skulls into legendary forms. So, if you upgrade 28 skulls to legendary form you will have an achievement for each skull upgrade. 

Legendary Skulls: There are 5 legendary skulls available in the game with 1.0.1 patch (more to add) but find out all 5 legendary skulls to grab 29  to 33 achievements. So, after getting your hands on 5 legendary skulls your achievements count would be 33.

Defeat Bosses: Defeat all the bosses in each area to gain 5 more achievements and it gets your total count of achievements to 38.


Defeat Bosses Again : Defeat all those bosses again without getting hit to gain 5 more achievements from 39 to 44. Remember, you’re not supposed to get even a single hit from the boss to get this done.

Die and Play: Well, there is an achievement if you die. Easiest one and 45th achievement. 

Rookie Mode: Go to settings and turn on the Rookie Mode and you’re done to reach 46th. 


Death By Trap: if you die from a trap. There is an achievement for this. You are not gonna face any kind of difficulty to achieve number 47th with ease.

Rescue the Demon King : Self explanatory, defeat the final boss. You’re homie. But right right, it can be pain in a*s to beat the final boss. (48th)

Repair the Castle: You need to completely repair/restore the castle with the help of a death knight. It takes 100k quartz to complete the task at last level. 


Shopping: This is kind of a strange achievement to get. I figured it out with lots of time and seriously proc by itself when i was AFK. So, Stay there in the shop for 5 minutes. You will get 2 achievement with this (1 minute and 5 minute in shop achievement) And after that you would be living with 50 achievements of skull the hero slayer

Headless Talk: Well, You need to talk with headless multiple times to get that achievement. Taz it (51st)

Throne of the Castle: it seems very simple.. Right ? Well, hmmm  you need to reach the top of the castle and that location be like between candles. If anyone needs an image drop in the comment section i will provide the image. 


Top of the Chandelier in the Castle: hahehehe. Just go around and jump over to Chandelier and stand there for a while and you’re done for your 53rd achievement. Wait! Can you jump over out there or how do you reach there ? It’s easy. Figure it out!

The Skeleton King:- Defeat final boss with Little Boss (starter skull) only. Believe me, You can use any skull or anyone to fight with the boss but remember you have to do a Killing Blow and Kill The Boss in his final phase with a starter skull to get 54th achievement. 

Inventory Management: Keep restocking the stuff from the collector. (55th)


Cold- Blooded– Sounds very hard but can be triggered with a simple trick. You can break the cages where NPCs are located but don’t release them at all. Note:  Don’t just release them to complete your 56th achievement.

Kill 100 Adventures: This one is bugged at the time of writing and does not get done at any point.

So, Taz all about the all Skul Achievement Guide. I know this guide has not gone deep to explore all the achievements one by one. But I kept it very basic, short and to the point. If anyone needs an exact name, task and image of all achievements then do let me know in the comment section. I’ll provide you with the image file with all in game names and tasks. 


In case anyone needs an image for specific achievement like  Top of the Chandelier in the Castle, Rookie Mode or Throne of the castle  The  kindly let me know in the comment section I’ll drop the image link for you out there. 

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