Theater Mechanicus Guide Difficulty 4 Multiplier 1.6x Map 3 AFK Easiest Setup Day 3 Genshin Impact

In this guide, You are going to learn how to beat Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 4 with 1.6 Multiplier on Stage 3. This guide will cover the easiest, safest and fastest way to complete Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 4 AFK. 

Yes, You read it right. You are not needed to use your main character to do any kind of attack or damage to monsters at any time in the entire run. You can even run this with a single character solo. 

Note:- I assume you have already unlocked Stage 3 and difficulty 4 by completing The Origin Of The Lanterns Quest & Liyue: Theater Mechanicus. In case you didn’t then i would suggest you to do so first.  


Well, I have cleared almost each and every stage at all difficulty in AFK mode. But I would alert you about stage 3 at difficulty 4 spike up the monster’s defense a bit high. Which simply makes stage 3 being the hardest map to run at difficulty 4. But it does not mean that we can’t complete it at all. Nop, after this guide you will be able to smash stage 3 at difficulty 4 even on AFK mode. 

Step By Step Guide 

Wave 1:- We’re going to destroy the entire arena of wave 1 with a freeze combination of Hydro and Cryo Mechanici. So, for that place Hydro+Cryo along with Dust (upgraded Anemo Mechanici) in Lower Area And follow the same process for the upper area as well. You may need to wait to get some points so you can install DUST in the upper area. 

Note:- Get Prepare 2nd Freeze combo of Hydro+Cryo in Lower Area for later waves/stages.

Wave 2:- This very Simple and just to the point. install 1 Pyro in both (Lower and Upper) areas respectively.

Wave 3:- Properly fix and set up Hydro+Pyro+Electro in the Upper Area. And for the lower area just place an electro mechanic just around other towers. 

Do you have popcorn, beer or hamburger ready along with your favorite netflix show ? Go and grab them and Have some fun. Because we are just done with setup and now leave the mouse and keyboard and stay AFK until it finishes. 

Wave 4:- AFK, Enjoy Netfix

Wave 5:- AFK, Enjoy Netfix

This is all about my post on Theater Mechanicus Difficulty 4 with 1.6 Multiplier on Stage 3. I hope that you can easily beat this stage and difficulty now. I’ve also made a Guide on Stage 4 

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