Techtonica Plantmatter Fiber Guide: Crafting Efficiency Unveiled

Techtonica Plantmatter Fiber Guide: Crafting Efficiency Unveiled

In the captivating world of Techtonica, an automation-based title that recently made its much-awaited debut on Steam’s Early Access, players are immersed in a simulation-style gameplay experience. While the game has garnered praise for its innovative mechanics, some elements, such as crafting Plantmatter Fiber, have left players scratching their heads. In this comprehensive Techtonica Plantmatter Fiber Guide, we will unveil the secrets to creating this essential material, ensuring your factory thrives with efficiency.

How to Make Plantmatter Fiber in Techtonica

To begin your journey in crafting Plantmatter Fiber, you must first obtain and grow Kindlevine seeds. These seeds are the foundation of the process, and you’ll require a Planter to cultivate them effectively. However, obtaining the Planter and its companion Thresher may pose a challenge, as they are housed in a locked building known as the warehouse.

Once you’ve made sufficient progress in the game and unlocked the warehouse, venture inside to scan its contents and unlock the Planter and Thresher. Armed with these essential machines, you can proceed to grow the much-coveted Kindlevine Seeds.


Step-by-Step Crafting Process

  1. Obtain Kindlevine Seeds: Utilize the Planter to grow Kindlevine Seeds, a crucial ingredient in creating Plantmatter Fiber.
  2. Harvest and Process: Once the Kindlevine Seeds have fully grown, harvest the produce and pass it through the Thresher. This will yield Kindlevine Extract, along with an unnamed stick-like material.
  3. The Final Touch: Take the stick-like material obtained in the previous step and pass it through the Thresher once again, this time on its own. This final processing step will yield the highly sought-after Plantmatter Fiber.

Mastering Plantmatter Fiber Production

Efficiently crafting Plantmatter Fiber is pivotal to optimizing your factory’s output and ensuring smooth automation. By following the step-by-step process detailed in this Techtonica Plantmatter Fiber Guide, you can harness the full potential of this vital material. With Plantmatter Fiber in abundance, you can power your machinery, enhance your production capabilities, and propel your factory towards unprecedented levels of productivity.

Your Journey to Crafting Excellence

As you continue your adventure in Techtonica, mastering the art of crafting Plantmatter Fiber is just the beginning. Unravelling the game’s automation mechanics and exploring its diverse crafting possibilities will unlock a world of creative potential. Stay tuned to DigitsGuide on Gaming for more guides, tips, and insights to elevate your gaming experience across various genres, including Exoprimal, Remnant 2, Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Smalland: Survive the Wilds, Limbus Company, and many more.

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Embrace the world of Techtonica, delve into its automation wonders, and let the secrets of crafting unfold before your eyes. Happy crafting! Happy Gaming!

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