Techtonica Guide: How to Obtain Plant Matter Fiber and Find Thresher

Techtonica Guide: How to Obtain Plant Matter Fiber and Find Thresher

In Techtonica, obtaining Plant Matter Fiber is a crucial step in creating an automated factory on a foreign planet. This resource requires a multi-step process, but fear not, as we have a comprehensive guide to help you acquire Plant Matter Fiber and locate the elusive Thresher device.

How to Obtain Plant Matter Fiber

Finding Thresher in Techtonica

To unlock Plant Matter Fiber, you’ll first need to acquire a Planter. Later in the process, you’ll also require a Thresher. Follow these steps to find the Thresher:

  1. Locate the Warehouse: Progress through the game’s story until you receive a ping leading you to a locked building. This is the Warehouse you’re searching for.
  2. Power Up the Warehouse: To access the Warehouse, place a crank generator on the power floor next to the locked building. This will open the door and grant you entry.
  3. Scan and Unlock: Once inside the Warehouse, scan the contents to unlock both the Thresher and Planter in the Tech Tree. This step is vital for your progression.

Obtaining Plantmatter Fiber in Techtonica

Now that you have the necessary tools, follow these steps to obtain Plant Matter Fiber:

  1. Plant and Grow Kindlevine Seeds: Obtain Kindlevine seeds and use the Planter to plant them. Nurture these seeds, allowing them to grow into mature Kindlevines.
  2. Harvest the Kindlevines: Once the Kindlevines have matured, carefully harvest them. These plants are essential for the next stage of the process.
  3. Using the Thresher: Take the harvested Kindlevines and place them into the Thresher. The Thresher will process the Kindlevines, producing Kindlevine Extract and a material resembling a stick. Note that the stick-like material might not have an item description.
  4. Threshing Once More: To obtain the final product, put the stick-like material back into the Thresher. This will produce the precious Plant Matter Fiber. Remarkably, you don’t need the Kindlevine Extract to craft this resource.

Crafting Plant Matter Frames

Congratulations! You now have Plant Matter Fiber in your possession. Take this resource and place it into an Assembler. With the Assembler’s magic at work, you can craft Plant Matter Frames, a vital component for your automated factory.

Now that you’re well-versed in the process of obtaining Plant Matter Fiber and finding the Thresher, you can confidently progress in Techtonica. Remember, patience and resourcefulness are key to mastering the challenges on this alien planet.

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