Uncertain about which trait to select in Starfield? Our comprehensive Starfield Traits Tier List categorizes all available traits from the apex of S-tier to the nadir of D-tier, aiding your decision-making process. The abundance of choices at the game’s outset can be initially daunting.

Set in the year 2330, Starfield embarks on a journey through a realm where humanity has far surpassed terrestrial existence. Beyond Earth, numerous celestial bodies host human inhabitants, overseen by an assembly of interstellar pioneers known as Constellation – of which you are a proud member. Your mission: traverse the galaxy in search of elusive artifacts, while navigating diverse planets teeming with allies and adversaries.

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Starfield Traits Tier List

Now, let us methodically evaluate the entirety of Starfield’s traits.

The Distinctions in Each Tier


S Tier: Optimal choices at the inception of your journey. A Tier: Exceptional selections for your character, albeit lacking a certain indefinable edge compared to S-tier traits. B Tier: Respectable options worthy of experimentation. C Tier: Traits we refrain from endorsing due to their unremarkable strength. D Tier: Traits to avoid at all costs.

S Tier

  1. Terra Firma
  2. Wanted
  3. Hero Worshiped

A Tier

  1. Dream Home
  2. Extrovert
  3. Task Master
  4. Empath

B Tier

  1. Kid Stuff
  2. Neon Street Rat
  3. Freestar Collective
  4. Settler Raised
  5. Enlightened
  6. Alien DNA

C Tier

  1. United Colonies
  2. Native Raised
  3. Universal

D Tier

  1. Spaced Serpent’s Embrace

The Prospect of a Tier List Update

This STARFIELD TRAITS TIER LIST shall remain dynamic and subject to modification with the introduction of new traits, although the likelihood of such additions remains low, given Starfield’s status as a prominent AAA title. However, the possibility of augmenting traits through potential downloadable content remains a viable avenue. Furthermore, the relative strength of certain traits may fluctuate over time, contingent on player utilization and adaptation.

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