Ultimate Scavengers Beginner’s Guide| Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Ultimate Scavengers Beginner’s Guide| Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Scavengers is a complex, prodigious and grueling multiplayer game in the market. Within a few days of introducing an early access game, Scavengers witnessed a massive buzz in the gaming community, especially in the battle area genre. I’ll not go into deep talk about the history of the game, the genre, and other fundamental information. You can visit an official website for more info. Let’s explicitly leap to the most crucial things before playing the game to cover the core mechanism of the game.

Scavengers Beginner’s Guide

Not a Battle Royale- if you browse the official website or any other store like epic or steam to know more about Scavengers then you will eventually recognize this game as Battle Royale. And yes players began with empty hands in the open world, map or you can say battleground.
And guess what? Naturally, you are reckoned to locate a weapon for yourself to survive against the expected provocations.

But In reality, Scavengers is not a typical and conventional battle royale and PVP game where you require to eliminate everyone and stay alive till the end to win the match. In Scavengers, Players have an abundance of stuff to perform to win a match like abolishing creatures, gathering data, destroying other players, looting supply and material for weapon upgrades, discovering unique and epic weapons, etc. You do not require to kill anyone to win the match. if you manage to seize data and reach the dropship on time then you can consider it as WIN.


Data Counts Not Kills:- Scavengers is a point-based game where you require to accumulate as much data as possible to lead out the top of the leaderboard. And for data, you necessitate to explore the area, interact with boxes, drops, eliminating enemies, cleaning out the whole region, slay beasts, zombies, and of course other players for their hard-earned data.

You began with a team of 3 members on the map along with the other 19 units which address it, a total of 60 players, on the map. So, an encounter with other opponents would be the definitive element that gonna occur sooner or later. however, you can easily avoid other players.

In Scavengers, the real strategy is to prevent other players on a particular map. You get their data points if you kill other players, but you’re also losing half the data points if you die. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to avoid other players if you and your team are on the leaderboard with high data points.


As you know, you can regularly win the matches, without killing any real player on the map. But to secure a win and prize, you require to escape the land and take off with a dropship.

Tip:- You can always crouch to hide yourself from other players in mini maps.

Sliding- A Boon:- Yes, in Scavengers you’ve read it right: Sliding is a boon, blessing and you can even call it bonanza. Sliding is one of the underrated terms on the game until now. If you want to activate sliding then you need to press the crouch button while running it turns into a slide.


The most aggressive and defensive term in the game, Sliding. You can easily avoid the attack of enemies by slide because it’s the fastest movement in the game. But recall it has a very little duration on a flat surface which is very precarious that you can’t slide for longer on the plain surface.

You can also aim and strike foes, beasts, and other players while sliding which makes it one of the dominant offensive terms of the game. but for that, you require to improve aiming a lot because you may have a hard time aiming while sliding.

Stamina and Freeze:- Truly, there are lots of obstructions in scavengers if you honestly wanna secure your first victory. You have been dumped in a map/arena that is permeated with difficulties, complicated tasks, and unusual menaces.


You face an extensive amount of obstacles to deal with towards your short journey. And all of the difficulties are here, to eliminate you in different techniques. Stamina and Freeze both are the most critical aspect of the game. You have to prepare for these elements from the beginning if you honestly wanna survive till the end.

You can observe and track your stamina and cold meter on the left-hand corner just beside your health bar. Stamina plays an essential role in your adventure as it is an outstanding factor to execute many tasks such as sprint, dodge, attack, etc. if you run out of stamina in the middle of the fight or the storm then that would be a nightmare for you.

The same goes with the cold meter too, if your cold meter went out of control in a heavy storm or anywhere on the map. When cold and freeze meter max out then it will proc the freeze penalty which leads to instadeath for you. No Revival, No HP, No Help at all.


Tip: Always keep stock of food like berries and meat to maintain your stamina and you also need thermal, fire or campfire to reduce the effect of freeze.

Dangerous Enemies:- Scavengers have a comprehensive threat, uncertainty, and difficulties, Genuine players are real pain especially if you are brand-new in the PVP genre, but even after possessing countless years experience of PVE genre, you should never underestimate the AI enemies in this game. There are complicated hoards of zombies, a group of outlanders, powerful bosses. Consequently, you should continuously invent proper tactics to take them down

Tip: Boss can be a pain in the ass if you are all alone without a team but drops a tremendous amount of data.


Role of Healer:- Though you should regularly carry first aid and HP restore toolkit along with you. But a pure healer like Halden plays a prominent role in the later stage to finish the map. Halden’s healing produces enormous ticks and heals the whole team within seconds. His expertise to build a green dome that restores or heals the health of the entire team and revives the fallen characters at full health.

Shield:-In Scavengers, shields are ranked by 5 different tiers like tier 1 common white, tier 2 uncommon green, tier 3 rare blue, tier 4 epic purple, and tier 5 legendary purple. (make table for this)

Shield works with ingenious equations pretty similar to other games on the town like higher the shield’s tier is, the more magnificently it would guard you against damage. In short, If you keep a white or green shield till the end and would not upgrade the shield to a higher tier then you would have an arduous time on the field for sure. 🙂


Dodging:- Another, one of the most undervalued techniques in the game DODGING. You can perform dodge easily by pressing the middle mouse button by default. (You can reassign the button if you are not comfortable with the middle mouse button). As we already know, dodging works extremely nice against melee enemies but it can be exceptional against ranged enemies too. You just need to learn to perform and time it perfectly.

Tip:- Dodging can be overpowered against heavy enemies like bosses.

Research and Crafting:- Modern gaming world is already buzzing with crafting essence and Scavengers also develop with research and crafting systems. In this game, Research and Crafting stuff is a bit complicated and tough to conjecture as a newbie. You need to learn the core theory of research projects and items to understand the realm of crafting.


The game does not provide any kind of assistance with research and crafting. But you should continuously seek to discover new material on the field to research new items and weapons so you can unlock new recipes to craft new items on the field. You can craft efficacious, signature, and exclusive weapons, gears, shields, and grenades according to your research tier level and rarity.

Tip:- Don’t ignore Research and Crafting procedure because it can make and break your game solely.

Free 1500 Chips:- Scavenger’s Early Access offers almost 200 chips per day. So, You can earn around 1500 free chips with early access exclusive offer. And You can easily acquire a new character with these coins and even you can also speed up the research and crafting process with the help of chips.


Tip: Always claim your free chips every day whenever you log in to the game the first time.

No Fall Damage:- Scavengers is a game where you necessitate to travel from one camp to other camps as quickly as possible, often using momentum to jumping through them. Players can freely attempt to parkour around the map as Scavengers has No Fall Damage. You should always acknowledge that you can roam around the map, jump down from towers and long buildings without bothering about the fall damage.

Death and Respawn:- As stated earlier there is merely an end to the adventure. if you die by any means, you lose half of your data points instantly. But you would respawn with half of the data points, all gears, weapons, etc. within one minute of waiting time.


Your match would not be finished until all the party members die at the same point. And if that happens your team is eliminated and the season is over and none of the party members can respawn anymore.

Uplink Stations:- Your hard-earned data points can be saved and secured. As we already know, if you die then would be lost half of the data but if you really wanna secure all the data points then you should regularly upload the data to uplink stations to secure all the data points till the end either you make it to drop ship or not.

Bear-The Real Danger:- Don’t just underestimate the bears at all. Even at full strength with an upgraded shield and weapon bear can still cause you to struggle. Bears are aggressive, energetic, tanky, and can one-shot you with the punch. So, Kindly don’t do the mistake to take them for granted as bears can easily finish you in a blink of an eye.


I hope you like the Scavengers Beginner’s Guide with some tips and tricks especially if you are new to the game or in the world of PVPVE and survival. Kindly let me know in comments sections if you also have some tips and tricks to share with community.

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