Reverse: 1999 Character Skills

Reverse: 1999 Character Skills

In the realm of mobile gaming, there are few experiences as captivating and mind-bending as Reverse: 1999, a gacha game that whisks you through the corridors of time. Among its myriad attractions, the game boasts a gallery of intriguing characters, each unique in their own right. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer intrigued by sentient fruits, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the entire cast of Reverse: 1999 characters, offering insights into their abilities and roles in the game’s unfolding narrative.

Regulus: The Mental Maestro

Reverse: 1999‘s journey begins with Regulus, a six-star unit and Vertin’s trusted companion in the main storyline. Regulus excels in the art of dealing mental damage, making him a potent force on the battlefield.

37: The Genesis Guardian

A formidable six-star unit, 37 is a versatile character, specializing in both mental and genesis damage. In addition to inflicting damage, 37 can apply debuffs to enemies, further solidifying their position as a valuable asset.


aliEn T: The Reality Shifter

Despite being a three-star unit, aliEn T is a force to be reckoned with. Specializing in reality damage, aliEn T also possesses the uncanny ability to taunt enemies, diverting their attention in battle.

APPLe: The Enigmatic Four-Star

APPLe, a peculiar four-star character, takes center stage in the mental damage department. Don’t let its unusual name fool you; this character has the power to leave a mark on the battlefield.

Baby Blue: The Debuffer Extraordinaire

As a five-star character, Baby Blue excels in dealing mental damage and applying debuffs to enemies. This combination of damage and crowd control makes them a valuable addition to any roster.


Blonney: The Reality Shatterer

Another five-star standout, Blonney specializes in delivering burst reality damage. Their unique abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Charlie: The Mental Dynamo

A five-star mental damage dealer and dispeller, Charlie brings versatility to your team. Their ability to negate enemy buffs can be a game-changer in confrontations.

Erick: The Reality Twister

Erick, a four-star character, is a reality damage dealer and dispeller. When it comes to manipulating the game’s mechanics, Erick is your go-to choice.


Lilya: The Reality Burst Specialist

Lilya, a six-star unit, specializes in delivering devastating reality burst damage. When you need to turn the tables in your favor, Lilya is your secret weapon.

Matilda: The Mental Manipulator

A five-star character with a penchant for mental damage and debuffing, Matilda adds a layer of complexity to your team’s strategy.

Oliver Fog: The Reality Shaper

Oliver Fog is a four-star unit with a unique set of abilities. Not only can they buff allies and bolster defense, but they also possess the capacity to deal reality damage.


Sputnik: The Mental Counter

Sputnik, a three-star unit, is an expert at countering the enemy and inflicting mental damage. In the right hands, they can prove to be a valuable asset.

The Fool: The Mental Maverick

A three-star character, The Fool, combines mental damage dealing with the role of a defense unit. Their unique set of abilities provides a tactical edge in battles.

Tooth Fairy: The Healing Virtuoso

Tooth Fairy, a six-star character, wears many hats. They excel at healing, debuffing, and purifying, making them an invaluable member of any team.


TTT: The Mental Cleanser

TTT, a four-star unit, specializes in mental damage and excels at dispelling debuffs while increasing defense. Their multifaceted approach can turn the tide in your favor.

Voyager: The Mental Manipulator

A six-star character, Voyager specializes in mental damage and has the power to control enemies and apply debuffs strategically.

Reverse: 1999 Plant Characters

An-an Lee: The Ghostbuster

An-an Lee, a six-star unit, specializes in dealing reality damage and buffing allies. Their skills are essential for a well-rounded team.


Bkornblume: The Reality Bender

Bkornblume, a five-star control unit, can debuff enemies and unleash large bursts of reality damage. This combination makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Changeling: The Poisonous Enigma

Changeling, a six-star unit, excels in poisoning the enemy and inflicting reality damage. Their unique set of skills offers strategic depth to your team.

Diggers: The Tactical Masters

A five-star unit, Diggers, specializes in debuffing enemies, shielding your team, and employing various control tactics. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to your roster.


Druvis III: The Support and Control Expert

Druvis III, a six-star unit, adds mental damage to the enemy’s woes while providing support and control abilities to your team.

Eagle: The Burst Reality Artist

Eagle, a four-star unit, specializes in dealing burst reality damage. Their high damage output is a game-changer in tough battles.

Kanjira: The Poisonous DPS

Kanjira, a five-star mental damage DPS character, also excels at debuffing enemies with poisonous abilities.


La Source: The Healing Touch

La Source, a three-star healing unit, surprises with its dual abilities of healing and dealing mental damage.

Rabies: The Reality Inflictor

Rabies, a four-star reality damage DPS character, combines damage output with debuffing, making them a vital part of your team.

Satsuki: The Mental Maestro

Satsuki, a five-star character, is not only a mental damage dealer but also an effective control unit, offering strategic depth to your team.


Sotheby: The Poison and Healing Virtuoso

Sotheby, a six-star unit, excels in poisoning enemies while simultaneously healing allies. Their multifaceted abilities provide an edge in various situations.

Зима: The Control Specialist

Зима, a four-star unit, specializes in controlling enemies and providing buffs to allies, contributing to the tactical depth of your team.

Reverse: 1999 Mineral Characters

Balloon Party: The Defender and Healer

Balloon Party, a five-star unit, is a formidable defender and a healer, offering a unique blend of support.


Bette: The Shielding Support

Bette, a three-star unit, specializes in shielding and supporting allies. Their role as a support unit is vital for a well-balanced team.

Black Dwarf: The Mental Marauder

Black Dwarf, a six-star mental damage dealer, is an expert in burst damage and follow-up attacks. Their offensive capabilities are unmatched.

Cristallo: The Reality Debuffer

Cristallo, a four-star unit, excels at dealing reality damage and supporting the team with debuffing abilities.


Eternity: The Reality Wielder

Eternity, a six-star reality damage DPS unit, also specializes in debuffing, making them a versatile and powerful choice.

Horropedia: The Mental Nightmare

Horropedia, also known as Joshua, is a five-star mineral unit that specializes in dealing mental damage, debuffing enemies, and dispelling enemy buffs. His unique skills make him a sought-after character.

Mondlicht: The Reality Illuminator

Mondlicht, a four-star reality damage DPS unit, shines with their damage output, making them a valuable addition to your team.


Ms. Moissan: The Shielder and Controller

Ms. Moissan, a four-star unit, excels at shielding and controlling the battlefield, offering protection to allies.

Ms. NewBabel: The Defender

Ms. NewBabel, a six-star defense unit, specializes in taunting enemies and shielding allies, making her a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Necrologist: The Mental Guardian

Necrologist, a five-star mental damage dealer and support unit, offers invaluable protection against lethal enemy damage to her allies.


ONiON: The Reality Disruptor

ONiON, a three-star unit, specializes in dealing reality damage and debuffing, disrupting your enemy’s strategies.

Pickles: The Mental Maestro

Pickles, a six-star mental damage dealer, combines damage output with powerful support and dispelling capabilities.

Sonetto: The Reality Scion

Sonetto, one of the first characters you encounter in Reverse: 1999, is a five-star reality damage DPS and control unit, offering depth to your team’s strategy.


Reverse: 1999 Beast Characters

Bunny Bunny: The Reality Weaver

Bunny Bunny, a four-star reality damage dealer, also excels at healing and debuffing. Their versatility is a valuable asset.

Centurion: The Burst Reality Bringer

Centurion, a six-star reality damage unit, specializes in dealing massive bursts of damage, making them a fearsome presence in battles.

Darley Clatter: The Healing Support

Darley Clatter, a three-star unit, focuses on healing and buffing allies, contributing to the overall team strategy.


Dikke: The Mental Healer

Dikke, a five-star mental damage DPS, also takes on the role of a healer, providing support to your team.

Leilani: The Reality Maverick

Leilani, a three-star reality damage dealer, adds moxie to allies, enhancing their abilities in battle.

Medicine Pocket: The Controller and Healer

Medicine Pocket, a six-star control unit, is a master at debuffing enemies and healing allies. Their strategic versatility is unmatched.


Melania: The Mental Devastator

Melania, a six-star unit set to release in November on the global server, specializes in dealing massive mental burst damage. Her arrival is highly anticipated.

Nick Bottom: The Support Specialist

Nick Bottom, a four-star unit, supports allies with healing and buffs, strengthening the team’s resilience.

Pavia: The Mental DPS

Pavia, a four-star mental damage DPS unit, boasts powerful self-healing capabilities, adding a unique twist to their role.


Shamane: The Reality Shredder

Shamane, a six-star unit, excels in delivering massive burst reality damage and debuffing enemies. Their presence tilts the scales in your favor.

Sweetheart: The Reality Manipulator

Sweetheart, a five-star reality damage dealer, wields control tactics against enemies, making her a formidable addition to your team.

Tennant: The Shielding and Debuffing Master

Tennant, a five-star unit, combines shielding and debuffing with decent reality damage, creating a versatile and strategic character.


Reverse: 1999 Spirit Characters

A Knight: The Reality Warrior

A Knight, a six-star unit, specializes in dealing reality damage, making them a potent force in the game.

Click: The Mental Manipulator

Click, a former war reporter turned five-star mental damage dealer and debuffer, brings a unique twist to the battlefield.

Ms. Radio: The Debuff Specialist

Ms. Radio, a two-star unit, focuses on debuffing enemies, although her ranking is generally considered lower compared to other units.


Poltergeist: The Defensive Enigma

Poltergeist, a four-star defense unit, combines defense with debuffing abilities, creating a unique blend of support.

Twins Sleep: The Debuff Duo

Twins Sleep, a three-star unit, excels in debuffing and controlling enemies, offering a strategic edge in confrontations.

Reverse: 1999 Intellect Characters

6: The Mysterious Intellectual

6, an upcoming six-star intellect character, remains shrouded in mystery, with little known about their abilities. Their arrival promises to add depth to the game.


Door: The Supportive Two-Star

Door, a two-star unit, specializes in providing support to allies, making them a valuable asset in the right team composition.

John Titor: The Three-Star Dispeller

John Titor, a three-star unit, excels in dispelling enemy buffs and purifying allies from debuffs, enhancing your team’s resilience.

Mesmer Jr.: The Four-Star Support

Mesmer Jr., a four-star unit, specializes in buffing allies, bolstering their abilities in battle.


X: The Reality Controller

X, a five-star reality damage dealer, specializes in controlling the enemy by dispelling their buffs, making them a formidable addition to your team.

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to all the characters in Reverse: 1999. Whether you’re a gacha enthusiast or a newcomer seeking to explore the world of sentient fruits, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate this enigmatic game. Master your team composition and forge your own path in the ever-evolving world of Reverse: 1999.

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