New Year’s Day Superstitions & Beliefs For Good Luck

New Year’s Day Superstitions & Beliefs For Good Luck defines the word superstition as “any blindly accepted belief or notion,” and an “irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious.” We are going to discuss some New Year’s Day Superstitions to bring Good Luck.

There are so many superstitious beliefs on New Year’s Eve to be believed like if someone brings you small gifts like a lump of coal, silver coin, bread or salt then it is considered auspicious.

Either its USA or India, everyone wants to start off their new year with good luck and here are some rituals to get it. Hopefully, your new year will be having happiness, prosperity and adventure with these New Year’s Day Superstitions.


One major belief is you should have your wallet and plate filled on new year to bring prosperity. From wearing red underwear to spice up your romantic life to eat at midnight, let’s toast to some New Year’s Day Superstitions.

New Year’s Day Superstitions

  1. Fill up your stocks: Bare cupboards and empty wallet is a big “No” on New Years Eve. Have enough stuff to keep your stocks filled up. Visit your nearest grocery store and collect important stuff as empty cupboards resemble poverty.
  2. You’re about to start a new year and having your bills to be paid is not acceptable. Clear all the personal debts and bills before the eve. All cheques should be settled before the 1st of January. Never ever take a loan to clear debts or fill up money. Do not loan anything or spend any money on New Year’s Day. 
  3. If you’re someone who’s believed in cleaning, even then also don’t do any cleaning. Not even dishes and laundry. Cleaning can take away your luck coming your way. It’s bad luck to wash clothes on new year’s day.
  4. Nothing should go out from your house…nothing means nothing, not even garbage. If you have to give someone a gift, better to deliver them days before New Year’s Day. Clean your home thoroughly but not on the exact day. Make sure to not sweep off the good luck by any means. This is a Chinese New Year Superstition. If you want to sweep out your trash, collect it and throw it on 2nd January.
  5. In Denmark, throwing broken dishes at the Neighbor’s house is considered as a gesture of good time.
  6. In America, most of the Southern families eat Collard greens, pork, and Black Eyed Peas that is a type of legume with a black spot on its shell. It brings good luck, though, nobody knows from where does this tradition come from.
  7. In terms of food, eating something that is circular in shape leads to good luck in the future. On New Year’s eve, one should not eat Lobster and chicken to avoid bad luck. Lobsters can move backward and chickens scratch backward, thus, eating them discourages good luck.
  8. Eating pork is good and in Italy, chiacchiere guarantees good luck. In Spain, eating 12 grapes on New year bring good luck and prosperity. Roast suckling pig is served for New Year’s in Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Austria. The idea spread to Portugal and to former Spanish and Portuguese colonies such as Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. To be financially strong, having black-eyed peas or cabbage is good. Peas represent good luck and greens means money.
  9. Can you take a bath on new year’s day? Yes, it should be a habit to bath daily but on New Year, yes, it’s important. It’s a part of hygiene and doing it on the very first day means better health and cleanliness all year.
  10. If you are expecting a baby and he/she is born on New Year, it ensures good luck throughout their lives.
  11. Open up doors and windows at midnight helps in keeping the old year and its bad luck at bay.
  12. , bad luck to do laundry on new years The answer can you do laundry on new year’s day is NO. New year’s day laundry superstition is it takes away good luck from your house and life. Doing laundry on New Year’s Day will wash a year of good fortune down the drain.
  13. One of the most believed New Year’s Day Superstitions is to kiss someone at midnight. If you don’t, then probably it’s pure silliness and even brings bad luck. Love here means it will continue for the next 12 months. 
  14. Keeping your best foot forward could give you a lot of happiness in the future. If you wake up early in the morning on New Year’s Day, you may wake up early for the rest of the year. Stepping with the right foot in the morning is really good.
  15. To promote a healthy lifestyle, instead of partying and eat lots of junk switch to a healthy lifestyle. Wake up early in the morning and drink plenty of water. Then have at least 6 meals to remain full.
  16. If you are outside and hear a cat crying, try at least once to make them happy. Feed them milk or whatever you can offer. Running away to that sound is obviously not good.
  17. Making loud noises is not just a way to celebrate but it’s believed that making loud noises scare away the evil spirits. But, there’s way and limit for everything including making noises so that the cops won’t show up. The celebration is good but make sure to not disturb anyone.
  18. In Switzerland, pouring ice cream and then intentionally brings abundance in the New Year. Sweet things promote memorable work and a good and happy life ahead.
  19. Look at the way the wind blows, which means not too much wind means stability and prosperity. Wind out of East means calamities and in the North, it states bad year in terms of weather. If the wind is calm, it means a joyful year.
  20. First-person coming to your house on New Year influences your entire year. The person is called “Lucky Bird” and it’s even better if he’s a red-haired or blonde man. If you know the person, ask him to come to your house and greet him.
  21. If you remember, there’s a song of Beyonce, “you’re just another picture to burn”. Let’s remind it as New Year’s Day Superstition as it’s good to burn a picture of someone or something you don’t like. The people of Ecuador usually do this to remain happy and get rid of that person or thing.
  22. Brazilians like to toss white flowers and gifts into the ocean to have vitality and strength. Giving gifts to an Afro-Brazilian ocean spirit is good.
  23. Most of the cultures follow traditional foods with their culture. One of the interesting New Year’s Day Superstitions is to hide a coin in the cake and whoever finds it will get good luck. Netherlands has oliebollen, a puffy, doughnut-like pastry filled with apples, raisins, and currants.

Chinese New Year Superstitions

Spend 2-3 days on cleaning to welcome New Year and encourage good luck and prosperity to come home. Switch on the lights inside and outside to attract goodness from outside, also keep your windows open. Bright lights are believed to scare evil spirits away. Buying new slippers makes people stop gossiping about you. Parents should not spend time with their children in punishing them.

Scissor means anger and danger, thus, it’s not allowed to use scissors by women as it predicts people cutting out from life. Cooking food is god but leftover food is not. No lunchtime nap. On the Chinese New Year Day Festival, lots of gods and goddess comes your way, so it’s better to not have non veg. Do not offer anything in fours; when you translate “four” in Chinese it sounds like death. In Chinese, hair means “fortune” so no hair washing on first day as it symbolizes washing away the fortune.



So many New Year’s Day Superstitions are there in the Universe and the basic idea behind them is whatever we do on our first day remains same for the entire year. Like filling up your groceries means prosperity and wallet means money. Crying is just not a good idea, even if you are happy try not to cry. It could bring unhappiness. Chinese new year traditions superstitions are interesting to read.

So, be happy and do work to remain constant throughout the year. Engage in some small work that means success for you just as good charm. Don’t worry too much about New Year’s Day Superstition. Also, tying a lucky-four leaf cover to your key-chain is good or just buy a rabbit’s foot. Wear colorful clothes rather than Black and White as it symbolizes tragedy and bad luck.


If you are a superstitious person, these are some New Year Superstition to bring positivity and good vibes this upcoming year. And, if you do not believe them then also it’s fun to read them. Let me know in the comment section below if you have some deep rooted family superstitions.

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