Master Pirate Codes (May 2023)

Master Pirate Codes (May 2023)

As the name suggests, Master Pirate is perfectly a pirate-based theme game developed on Roblox. You can easily get plenty of freebies and rewards like currency, boosts, in-game time reset and much more stuff.

Master Pirate game is based on ONE PIECE ANIME which is one of the most popular and famous anime to date. In this game, you will be playing as a pirate and will explore the world of Pirates to become the super strong and undisputed champion in the world of pirates. You can easily get MASTER PIRATE CODES from different blogs and websites.

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All Master Pirate Codes List (Working)

  • KINGNONKD—Redeem for 2k Cash and 1 Ruby (New)
  • xdggjai—Redeem for X2Money, X2Drop, X2Exp Boosts (New)
  • BigRemake—Redeem for 120 mins X2Money Boost (New)
  • 6kLike—Redeem for 6k Cash (New)
  • 3MVisit—Redeem for 3 Rubies (New)
  • 16kFavorites—Redeem for 16 mins X2Money, X2Drop, X2Exp Boosts (New)
  • GameingTV—Redeem for 20k Cash (New)
  • IceBarBer—Redeem for 5 Rubies (New)
  • AekZaJunior—Redeem for 29 mins X2Exp Boost (New)
  • SkyHeart—Redeem for 5 Rubies (New)
  • AKUMATORI—Redeem for 3629 Cash (New)
  • Rohanny—Redeem for 9 Rubies (New)
  • MONOACK—Redeem for 5 Rubies (New)
  • YOUNO—Redeem for Reset Stats (New)
  • Dinoz_Ch—Redeem for Reset Stats (New)
  • NomJeut—Redeem for Reset Stats (New)

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1. Open the Game.
2. Click on the Left CORNER Blue Color Button.
3. Press the Redeem Promo Code button.
4. In the text box, enter the Master Pirate Code exactly as it appears in the list above.
5. Click the Redeem Button and Claim
We have listed all the latest and updated  Master Pirate Codes in the above list, Kindly note these codes do not stay alive forever and expired after some time because these are only available for a limited time.

Please let us know if you get any new working code from an official source. So we can share them with our users too.

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