Marvel Snap: The Best X-23 Deck

Marvel Snap: The Best X-23 Deck

Marvel SNAP

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Unleashing the Power of X-23: Crafting the Ultimate META Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap

X-23: A Game-Changing 1-Cost Powerhouse

Marvel Snap: The Best X-23 Deck

Marvel Snap enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the game-changer – X-23, the 1-Cost, 2-Power passive card that redefines the meta. With the ability to regenerate after destruction, teleport randomly, and grant extra energy for the next round, X-23 is a force to be reckoned with. This guide unveils how savvy Marvel Snap players can harness her unique utilities to construct one of the most formidable META destroy decks ever.

Crafting the Best Deck for X-23

Marvel Snap: The Best X-23 Deck

In the current gaming landscape, the pinnacle of X-23’s potential lies in a Death-Venom classic destroy lineup. Aspiring players aiming for this deck synergy should strategically combine X-23 with Death, Venom, Carnage, Killmonger, Deathlok, Wolverine, Deadpool, Forge, Nova, Armor, and Arnim Zola.

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Deck Strategy Breakdown

The strategic core revolves around X-23’s role in discounting Death for a quicker Arnim Zola drop. Wolverine and Deadpool gain passive buffs through destructions, while Carnage, Killmonger, Venom, Deathlok, and Arnim Zola act as the primary destroyers. Forge and Nova step in to buff the board, with Death ultimately becoming the win condition, safeguarded by the protective prowess of Armor.

Unlocking X-23’s Synergy Potential

Beyond the typical destroy heroes, higher-tier characters like Knull, Nimrod, and Thanos synergize seamlessly with X-23. Additional synergy potential can be unlocked with characters such as Gladiator, Nico Minoru, and Hulkbuster, especially when Deadpool joins the fray.

Mastering X-23’s Gameplay

Playing X-23 strategically is key to unleashing her full potential. As a 2-Power card, she doesn’t directly influence the board. Instead, she serves as an Energy producer, enabling explosive combos in the early rounds. Multiple destructions of X-23 reduce the Cost of Death, buff Knull, and pave the way for earlier drops of end-game finishers.


Deadly Combos in the X-23 Deck

  1. X-23 into Death and Arnim Zola: Sequencing X-23, a discounted Death and Arnim Zola can generate a staggering 24 Power.
  2. X-23, Deadpool, and Wolverine into Carnage: Perfect for early-round Power boosts and generating extra Energy for subsequent drops.
  3. Forge into Death and Arnim Zola: X-23 facilitates an early-game Death, coupled with Forge, resulting in 14 Power. Arnim Zola can then hit Death, creating a copy for an extra 28 Power.

Countering X-23’s Dominance

Effectively countering X-23 involves locking her down in Armor’s lane or adopting disruptive strategies to hinder destruction on the opposing side. Cards like Debrii, Hobgoblin, and Green Goblin can disrupt enemy locations, slowing down X-23’s buff.

Is X-23 a Worthy Investment?

Marvel Snap: The Best X-23 Deck

Undoubtedly, X-23 stands as one of the premier 1-Cost destroy and discard cards. Players venturing into these archetypes are strongly advised to prioritize unlocking her, and the November Spotlight Caches present an excellent opportunity to do so.

Embrace the power of X-23, master the art of destruction, and ascend to the pinnacle of Marvel Snap supremacy!


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