How To Get More Cards Marvel Snap Guide F2P

How To Get More Cards Marvel Snap Guide F2P

Hello everybody, welcome to our blog, In this post, we are going to discuss and share some information about how to get more cards in Marvel Snap free of cost. We will cover even paid options also but those options will be optional only. We will try to force this post about different ways to obtain more cards in Marvel Snap that would be f2p friendly. 

There are different ways to get more free cards in Marvel Snap. And in this post, we are going to reveal each and every aspect of this topic in detail for new players. We are sure that will definitely help new players a lot to get more and more cards in no time

Marvel Snap is one the biggest and most promising card games based on the Marvel Super Heroes. Right now, Marvel Snap is available on Android, iOs, and Stream and comes with cross-multiplayer features. This means even pc players can play with mobile players too. 


Anyways, as we know our main objective in this game is to collect different or almost all-powerful cards and make a perfect team combination so we can beat an opponent team by any means. Marvel Snap is a bloody powerful and addictive card-battling game. It’s not that easy to build a perfect collection, cards, team and dock. 

We will list the best ways to get more cards in Marvel Snap as soon as possible. 

New Players Rewards

Marvel Snap stays very generous when it comes to rewarding players with something special inside the game. They have started the rewards sequence from the pre-registration process up to the launch date. Players have already grabbed loads of rewards from pre-registration and during launch but still, if you join the game today, even after two months you will get free rewards like some super strong cards, and in-game currency as daily login rewards for a few days. 


We have received iron man and hulk cards as joining rewards. Iron man doubles the power of a specific location. And Hulk is the strongest card at the beginning of the game. So, you can enjoy and destroy any opponent at beginning of the game with these two super-strong cards. 😉

The Tutorial

When you enter the game for the first time, the game will demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to play the game Marvel Snap. you will learn the various aspects of the game like card system, deck system, abilities, powers, and different types of cards, items and currency and how to obtain them respectively. 

By the end of the tutorials, you will be rewarded with some handy cards to kick off your campaign in no time. Believe me, these starting deck cards are more than enough to carry you to the early stages of the game with ease. Moreover, you will be rewarded with some powerful cards at the beginning of the game. 


Collection Level

Collections are one of the most comprehensive and unique features of the Marvel Snap Game. You will be spending most of your time increasing your collection level. 

So, top-notch quality stuff is available in the Marvel Snap game called card upgrades. Like other games over the internet including cards or non-cards games, there is an upgrading feature available in Marvel Snap too. These updates have different rarity levels starting from uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultra, to Infinity.

These updates would not provide any kind of power, boost or buff to the card itself. it will provide different kinds of frames, effects, and 3D animations to cards along with collection-level points. Each and every update add a separate point to the collection level explained below in the table: 

RarityCreditsCollection Level
Legendary 300+6

And you need items and materials to upgrade cards which can be earned after every match. You will be rewarded with different materials to upgrade specific cards which will increase your collection level furthermore. 

As we have discussed, you will get new animations, designs and farmers for your cards but there will be a special reward for every collection level which contains items like Gold, Currency and most importantly different, unique and new cards powerful to add to your team and deck.

Ranked Rewards

Marvel Snap is not all about playing matches, showing off the beautiful decks and bragging about it. But it contains a very nicely designed Level System with Rank like other well-known PVP games. Which starts with Iron, Bronze to Infinite Rank (Level 100). 


It may need loads of grinding to achieve Infinite Rank but it’s quite possible though. So, you will be rewarded with different items and treasure on every rank. And there is a high chance that you will get a unique and powerful card throughout your journey to Infinite.  

Season Pass

We would exclude this section of the game from this post. But still, it may be helpful for some of us. Anyways, if you are actually f2p and not gonna invest even a single penny in this game then you may skip this portion as it contains some paid elements. 

Yes, we are talking about season pass or battle pass. Marvel Snap, like many free-to-play mobile titles, has in-app purchases. Nowadays this is the common practice and well-known experience to see battle pass shop in mobile or pc f2p games. 


In short, a battle pass helps you to earn more exp points, level up and update the items fast, and have chances to get new unique and rare cards from a battle pass. Even though Marvel Snap is absolutely Free 2 Play game but still Battle Pass helps us to complete things faster as compared to the f2p player. 

Variants Cards: 

Last but not the least, Variant Cards, there is another shop in the marvel snap game where you can buy the variant card. Let’s say you are looking for a specific card but are not been able to obtain it yet! and that specific card is available in the variant shop. So, you can purchase it from the variant shop.

The variant shop’s basic currency is Gold. And Gold is an in-game currency which can be earned just by playing the game. One specific variant card costs approx 700 gold which sounds like a lot for now but if you give enough time to game or grind a bit hard then you can earn enough gold to purchase the card from the variant shop. 


Our post on how to get new cards ends here. I hope it helps you to understand the basic concept of this beautiful card battle game. 

If you wanna know more about the Marvel Snap game do visit our social accounts and youtube channel. We will update our blog with more content about Marvel Snap. Keep rocking and have fun with such a beautiful game! 

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