Legendary Slime Tier List The Pinnacle Traits of the Legendary Slime – An Exclusive List

Legendary Slime Tier List The Pinnacle Traits of the Legendary Slime – An Exclusive List

Legendary Slime Tier List- Uncertain about the optimal trait choices for your epic journey? Our comprehensive guide to the best traits in the Legend of Slime is your compass. Within these pages, we meticulously rank the characters, ranging from the illustrious S tier to the modest D tier. Bid adieu to the ambiguity surrounding character selection, as we enlighten your path. Moreover, we pledge to maintain this compendium in harmony with forthcoming character additions and the winds of balance adjustments. Therefore, we implore you to bookmark this page, ensuring you stay well-informed.

Legendary Slime Tier List

Perplexed about which traits to harness? Our Legend of Slime best traits guide is your guiding light. Within these hallowed annals, we methodically arrange all characters from the prestigious S tier to the unassuming D tier. No longer shall you squander precious moments contemplating character choices. In addition, we vow to keep this compendium current, evolving with each new character induction and equilibrium shift. Hence, we strongly recommend you mark this page as a favorite and revisit it periodically.

Legend of Slime, an idle RPG, casts you as a sentient slime, harboring an insatiable desire to vanquish humanity. As you steer this gelatinous entity through the annihilation of human hordes, your trusty companion, laden with their spoils, faithfully follows. Along this treacherous odyssey, you shall unlock an arsenal of skills and traits, enhancing your combat prowess manifold.


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The Prestigious Legend of Slime Traits Tier List
Last updated on June 7

Now, we shall embark on our journey through the hallowed tiers, elucidating their nuances and responding to common inquiries.


Unveiling the Legendary Slime Tier List

Before we delve into the tiers, a brief elucidation of their significance is in order:

S Tier: These are the preeminent traits extant within the game, and their pursuit is imperative. A robust recommendation to reset your course until these are in your possession.


A Tier: These traits constitute the next best alternatives once you have secured an S tier trait.

B Tier: Reserved for those who opt for alternative strategies that do not hinge on bolstering your offensive prowess.

C Tier: Traits in this category possess marginal utility and may find niches in particular game modes or early-game dominance. Yet, prudence dictates their exclusion from late-game assemblies.


D Tier: An unequivocal disapproval for the inclusion of these traits, except under the direst of circumstances, where no other recourse exists. They consistently underperform across all phases and modalities of the game.

The Esteemed S Tier

This echelon houses the paramount traits within the Legend of Slime universe. You must persevere until they grace your arsenal.

  • Attack Potency
  • Precision Strike Magnitude
  • Companion Prowess
  • Skill Potency

The Formidable A Tier

These traits are your secondary objective, to be pursued with a zeal once an S-tier acquisition is secured.

  • Precision Strike Likelihood
  • Fundamental Assault Enhancement
  • Rapid Strikes

The Respectable B Tier


While commendable, these traits are best reserved for those charting alternative paths, deviating from the conventional damage-focused route.

  • Vitality Reservoir

The Middling C Tier

Traits in this category may not be detrimental, yet their acquisition is scarcely justified.

  • Wealth Accumulation

The Disregarded D-Tier

These traits are unworthy of consideration in any scenario, save for the most dire circumstances when no other avenue remains viable.

There exists no D tier within this domain.


In summary, the Legend of Slime unveils a multifaceted world of traits, each with its unique attributes and implications. Choosing your path wisely shall determine the fate of your gelatinous companion on this perilous journey. Arming yourself with the wisdom contained herein, you shall navigate the treacherous terrain of Legend of Slime with unparalleled confidence and finesse.

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