Street Fighter Duel Tier List WIKI Updated- March 2023

Street Fighter Duel Tier List WIKI Updated- March 2023

What is the Street Fighter Duel Tier List?
Street Fighter Duel is another gacha game. This game does not contain any card or turn-based element but a very rich, powerful and comprehensive GACHA system, There are around 40+ units in the game that come with different rarities, power, abilities and potential.

In the beginning, when you first log in to the game you will reward with loads of free wishes and you will be getting like 5-6 SSR units within 2 hours. Of course, there are different units with unique and separate probabilities in different banners. we will discuss the Gacha system, different banners and reroll guides in different posts but in this post, we are going to discuss Street Fighter Duel Tier List. There are plenty of Street Fighter Codes available in our blog you can check them too if you want some juicy rewards, and freebies like free banner wishes.
Street Fighter Duel Tier List Explanation
There are a total of 5 kinds of units in the game. There is a very unique and bit complex mechanism for team comps, character synergies and fraction effects but we are going to discuss and classify the street fighter tier list with 5 different roles like Attack, Tank, Support, Assassin and Balanced as officially mentioned in the game.

The following Street Fighter Duel tier list guide ranks the fighters into the following tiers; 

TIER 2- Best
TEIR 3- Good
TIER 4- Below AvG

Street Fighter Duel Tier List – Best DPS, Support, TANK, Assassin, and Balanced Unit
Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Support Role

Elena – TIER 1
Rose – TIER 1
Fashion Sakura – TIER 2
Fei Long – Tier 3
Sakura+ – TEIR 3
Dan+ – TEIR 3
Rufus+ – TIER 4
Bethany – TIER 4

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Assassin Role

Chun-Li – TIER 1
Gen – TIER 2
Juri – TIER 2
Cammy – TIER 2
Decapre – Tier 3
Guy – TEIR 3
Yang – TEIR 3
Yun – TEIR 3
Ibuki+ – TEIR 3
Philip – TIER 4
Patrick – TIER 4

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Attack Role

 – TIER 1
M. Bison – TIER 1
Mad Ryu – TIER 1
C. Viper – TIER 2
Poison – TIER 2
Guile – TEIR 3
Combat Guile – TIER 2
Sanji – TIER 4
Akaebo – TIER 4
Carolyn – TIER 4

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Tank Role

 – TIER 2
Zangief – TIER 2
Hugo – TIER 2
E. Honda – Tier 3
Abel – Tier 3
Dee Jay – Tier 3
T. Hawk – TEIR 3
Hakan+ – TIER 4
Hodi – TIER 4
Gary – TIER 4
Baldwin – TIER 4

Street Fighter Duel Tier List: Balanced Role

Beast Zangief
 – TIER 2
Ken – TIER 2
Blanka – Tier 3
Adon – TEIR 3
Dudley – TEIR 3
Cody – TEIR 3
Ryu – TEIR 3
Rolento – TIER 4
Ron – TIER 4
Mech Seth – TIER 4
There are few tanks in the game right now, they may add new ones in future but for now, Mokoto and zang seem powerful in the current roaster. You can get MAD Ryo (almost broken unit) free of cost on Day 7. BISON and DHALSIM are both of them already ruling the game. I managed to get both of them on the first day of my game.

Note: This is not the final street fighter duel tier list. as we know the game is still in the beginning phase and we are already doing testing with different units even on multiple accounts. So, We will update the street fighter duel tier list on regular basis. These are our personal opinion on our game time experience in the street fighter duel.

We have also followed and analysed the street fighter duel tier ranking of the entire community too. In real, tier list and ranking could be different according to the roaster of a specific player and their specific team too.

For example, We have listed Posion as a T2 unit but I have an account where I am playing Poison as my main damage dealer and she performs like a T1 unit in that account.

So, that’s all about our street fighter duel tier list. if you think you have a better idea and information about the superior tier list or if you have tested a specific unit in a specific team where it performs far better. then let us know in the comment section. we will check and add your suggestions to our list so entire communities can get benefit from the perfect street fighter duel their list.

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