How to Use the Manual Drill in The Front

How to Use the Manual Drill in The Front

In the dystopian world of The Front, survival hinges on resource gathering and the construction of fortified structures. As you scour the post-apocalyptic landscape, you’ll encounter various tools and equipment to aid in your mission, one of which is the Manual Drill. However, the game doesn’t provide explicit instructions on how to use this invaluable device. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the intricacies of operating the Manual Drill, empowering you to unearth vital resources for your survival.

How to Use the Manual Drill in The Front

Digging Deep for Resources

At times, your scavenging endeavors in The Front may come up short, leaving you without essential resources like ores. Digging is the only viable option when such shortages occur, as your shovel can only penetrate the earth so far, making it an inefficient and time-consuming method. Fortunately, the game equips you with the Manual Drill, enabling you to delve deeper into the earth’s depths and discover rare minerals.

Interacting with the Manual Drill

To begin using the Manual Drill, approach the device in the game world. Stand close to it and press the ‘F’ key to initiate interaction. Upon doing so, a radial menu will appear, presenting you with several options to choose from.


Digging for Resources

When using the Manual Drill, you have two primary options:

1. Dig for Ore

Selecting this option initiates the Manual Drill to extract valuable ores hidden deep within the earth. This is a crucial method for obtaining essential materials for your survival.

2. Dig for Oil

Choosing this alternative allows you to extract precious oil, another invaluable resource in the game. Oil is essential for various crafting and survival tasks in The Front.


Salvaging the Device

In some cases, you might find yourself in a situation where the Manual Drill is no longer needed, or you require parts for other purposes. The game provides an option for dismantling the device to retrieve its components.

Disassembling the Device

Selecting this option activates a brief animation sequence in which you disassemble the Manual Drill. The collected parts can be used for crafting or other in-game activities.

Patience Is Key

Once you’ve made your selection, sit back and allow the Manual Drill to perform its designated task. No further input is required on your part; the device will work autonomously until the operation is complete. Once the drilling process finishes, you’ll find the collected resources conveniently stored in your inventory.


That concludes our comprehensive guide on how to effectively use the Manual Drill in The Front. By mastering this essential tool, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the perilous landscape and secure the resources needed for your survival. For more informative guides and tips, explore our library of articles on various aspects of The Front.

Stay prepared, stay resourceful, and thrive in the challenging world of The Front!

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