How to Get Garlic Leaf Location in Smallands Survive the Wilds

How to Get Garlic Leaf Location in Smallands Survive the Wilds

How to Get Garlic Leaf in Smallands

Smallands Survive the Wilds is new survival and base-building adventure game. You have lots of things to do from DAY 1. There is a pretty awesome and deep exploration, cooking and crafting system. In this post, we are going to talk about exploring and finding material like GARLIC Leaf.

There is a huge list of materials that can be found in the smallands but in this post we will guide you through the best location to find out the Garlic Leaf. Explorations seem straightforward in Smallands but some items like Garlic Leaf can be a bit tricky to find or can be located only in specific locations.

Smallands Survive the Wilds – How to Get Best Garlic Leaf Locations

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We have revealed the location to find the garlic leaf in the above image. Firstly, You’re required to visit the location named Drustana which is visible in the north of the map. Once you reached the location then you need to move towards the river to the very east of the map from Drustana.


Don’t worry, just turn on the antenna mode with the help of “V”. You will see the plant called Hedge Garlic and that’s your destination. You can’t chop and collect Garlic Leaf with bare hands. You need to use a weapon to chop it down with 2-3 hits. then you will receive a Garlic Leaf from Hedge Garlic.

Note:- You need a strong weapon like a hatchet to break the stalk, as basic weapons like the axe will not work

How to use Garlic Leaf in Smallands (Benefits)

Every material and ingredient plays a crucial role in crafting and building something good and out of the box. Garlic Leaves are one of the main ingredients needed to make Fay Chowder, Garlic Pudding, and Pixie Omelette.


That’s all about How to Get Garlic Leaf Location in Smallands Survive the Wilds. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Smalland Survive the Wilds as well.

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