How to Craft Simple Grill in Sunkenland

How to Craft Simple Grill in Sunkenland

Crafting the Simple Grill in SunkenLand: A Comprehensive Guide

In the immersive realm of SunkenLand, where a waterlogged world stretches beyond the horizon, players embark on a post-apocalyptic journey of survival and exploration. Vector3 Studio’s masterpiece, unveiled on August 26th, thrusts adventurers into a submerged expanse, punctuated by a few resilient islands. As you navigate this aquatic wasteland, the key to sustenance and progress lies in mastering the art of crafting, especially the pivotal creation known as the Simple Grill. In this guide, we delve deep into the process of crafting the Simple Grill, an essential tool for both culinary endeavors and water purification.

How to Craft Simple Grill in Sunkenland

Unveiling SunkenLand: A Watery Odyssey

SunkenLand, brought to life by the creative prowess of Vector3 Studio, introduces players to a world dramatically transformed by an apocalyptic event. On this fateful day, August 26th, players are immersed in a waterlogged realm where most locations lie submerged beneath the waves, leaving only a handful of islands as the remnants of a bygone era. As survivors adapt to this new reality, the need for resourcefulness and innovation becomes paramount.

The Role of the Simple Grill: Culinary Mastery and Purification

At the heart of survival in SunkenLand, the Simple Grill emerges as a cornerstone of ingenuity. This humble yet vital creation facilitates two indispensable aspects of survival: cooking nourishing meals and purifying water. With a deft combination of 15 units of Scrap Metal, salvaged from various sources including sunken cars and debris, players have the means to unlock this pivotal device. The Simple Grill, strategically placed within the confines of the player’s base, sets the stage for culinary exploration and the quest for potable water.


Mastering the Crafting Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gathering Resources

To embark on the journey of crafting the Simple Grill, the initial step involves resource collection. Seek out 15 units of Scrap Metal, a versatile material obtainable from the depths where sunken cars and remnants of the past lie scattered. Your resourcefulness in scavenging will determine the efficiency of your crafting journey.

Forging the Simple Grill

With a stockpile of Scrap Metal at your disposal, the creation of the Simple Grill can commence. Channel your inner blacksmith as you meticulously assemble the components, transforming raw materials into a functional masterpiece. The resonance of creation is palpable as you witness the amalgamation of salvaged materials into a tangible symbol of survival.

Integration into Your Base

Placement is a tactical consideration when it comes to the Simple Grill. By integrating this essential tool into the very fabric of your base, you optimize convenience and streamline your workflow. The sizzle of food meeting the grill’s surface echoes the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity.


Seek Further Guidance

While this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Simple Grill’s crafting process, the complexities of SunkenLand may warrant additional insights. For more detailed assistance, refer to the official game website. Delve into the rich repository of knowledge that awaits, as you unravel the intricacies of survival and exploration in this aqueous realm.


SunkenLand’s post-apocalyptic tapestry demands resourcefulness and adaptability. The Simple Grill stands as a testament to humanity’s unwavering spirit, offering sustenance and purification amid the watery chaos. With this guide as your beacon, navigate the complexities of crafting with confidence, as you forge a path toward survival and triumph.

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