Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail: Leaks, abilities & more

Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail: Leaks, abilities & more

Fu Xuan: Unveiling the Future in Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan, the highly anticipated 5-star Quantum character in Honkai Star Rail, is poised to make her entrance in a forthcoming update. As leaks begin to surface, we’ve gathered all the current insights into her abilities and skills, offering a sneak peek into her potential.

While the spotlight has been on Jingliu and Ruan Mei, new revelations have brought to light details about Fu Xuan. As the upcoming 5-star Quantum character affiliated with The Preservation Path, Fu Xuan possesses the unique ability to peer into the future.

Whether you’re saving your Star Rail Special Passes for her banner or simply eager to explore her capabilities, our Fu Xuan hub encapsulates all the information you need.


Who is Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail?

Serving as the esteemed leader of the Divination Commission in Xianzhou Luofu, Fu Xuan emerges as a self-assured and revered sage. While specifics about her remain scarce, her distinguishing feature involves employing her third eye alongside the Matrix of Prescience to chart Xianzhou’s trajectory and predict the outcomes of impending events.

As a member of The Preservation Path and a Quantum elemental user, Fu Xuan boasts formidable defensive prowess. We’ll update this section as the game’s developers unveil more about her role within Honkai Star Rail’s narrative.

Fu Xuan’s Release Date in Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan’s official release date is yet to be confirmed. While details surrounding Fu Xuan’s release have been limited, leaks suggest her potential debut in the first half of the Version 1.3 update, projected for August 30, 2023.


Fu Xuan’s Abilities Unveiled

Leaked information provides a sneak peek into Fu Xuan’s skillset:

  • Basic ATK: Novaburst: Inflicts Quantum DMG equivalent to 25% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP to a single enemy.
  • Skill: Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts: Activates Matrix of Prescience, distributing 65% of received DMG (before mitigation by Shields) to Fu Xuan for 3 turns. Team members gain Matrix of Prescience and the Knowledge effect, raising their Max HP by 3.0% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP and CRIT Rate by 6.0%. When Fu Xuan is knocked down, Matrix of Prescience is dispelled.
  • Liu Ren Divination: While Matrix of Prescience is active, allies resist Crowd Control debuffs from enemies during their current action. This effect triggers once per action. Reactivating Matrix of Prescience refreshes the trigger count.
  • Dun Jia Divination: Upon using Fu Xuan’s Ultimate, heals all allies by 5% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP + 133.
  • Tai Yi Divination: Active Matrix of Prescience grants Fu Xuan an additional 20 Energy when using her Skill.
  • Ultimate: Woes of Many Morphed to One: Inflicts Quantum DMG equal to 60% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP to all enemies, gaining 1 trigger count for the HP Restore from Fu Xuan’s Talent.
  • Talent: Bleek Breeds Bliss: As long as Fu Xuan remains standing, the entire team is protected by Misfortune Avoidance, reducing DMG taken by allies by 10.0%. HP Restore triggers when Fu Xuan’s HP drops to 50% or less of her Max HP. This effect restores 80% of the missing HP amount. It triggers once per battle by default, with a maximum of 2 trigger counts.
  • Technique: Of Fortune Comes Fate: Post-Technique usage, the team acquires a Barrier lasting 20 seconds. This Barrier blocks enemy attacks and prevents the team from entering battle when attacked. If attacked while the Barrier is active, Fu Xuan initiates Matrix of Prescience at battle start, lasting 2 turns.

Fu Xuan’s Eidolons

Fu Xuan’s rumored Eidolons have surfaced in Honkai Star Rail leaks:

  • Level 1 – Cycle of Life and Death: Raises CRIT DMG by 30%.
  • Level 2 – Ominous Omen: When Matrix of Prescience is active and a team member is struck by a killing blow, allies struck by a killing blow during that action remain standing, with 70% of their Max HP restored. This effect triggers once per battle.
  • Level 3 – Duty Deity: Enhances Skill Lv. by 2 (max: Lv. 15) and Talent Lv. by 2 (max: Lv. 15).
  • Level 4 – Propitious Star: Under Matrix of Prescience, Fu Xuan regenerates 5 Energy upon allies’ attacks.
  • Level 5 – True Diviner: Boosts Ultimate Lv. by 2 (max: Lv. 15) and Basic ATK Lv. by 1 (max: Lv. 10).
  • Level 6 – Salvation: When Matrix of Prescience activates, it accumulates the total HP lost by all team members in the current battle. Fu Xuan’s Ultimate DMG escalates by 200% of the total HP lost, capped at 120% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP. This value resets after using her Ultimate.

Fu Xuan’s Light Cone

Fu Xuan’s purported 5-star Light Cone has been shared on Reddit:

  • Vision: Elevates wearer’s Max HP by 24%.
  • Enhances allies’ Max HP by 95% of the wearer’s Max HP.
  • Upon battle entry, restores HP to allies equivalent to 80% of the HP disparity between their Max HP and current HP.
  • Augments Effect RES of all allies by 12% for 2 turns.

With these insights, you’re now equipped with the current knowledge about Fu Xuan. Stay updated through our Honkai Star Rail page for the latest news and developments like Kafka Build, Luka Build, Blade Build, Trailblazer Build etc

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