For The King 2 Wiki Gameplay Guide

For The King 2 Wiki Gameplay Guide

Unraveling the Epic Tale of For The King

Embark on an immersive tabletop roleplaying adventure with For The King, designed for 1 to 3 players. The once serene kingdom of Fahrul is plunged into chaos after the mysterious assassination of the King. Faced with impending doom, Queen Rosomon urgently calls upon the citizens to rise and restore peace.

Answer the call either as a lone hero or gather friends for local/online co-op, venturing into a perilous quest across diverse landscapes. Traverse treacherous badlands, navigate toxic swamps, brave the open seas, and explore enchanting forests. The odds may be against you, but will you defy them to bring salvation to the Kingdom?

Embark on turn-based combat, confronting nightmarish creatures using a unique stat check system. Fight strategically, deploying special skills and magical weapons. Establish safe camps to defend against nocturnal threats or confront the elements head-on. Heal wounds with gathered herbs, cure ailments, and seek refuge in towns for essential services.


Sail the vast seas, encounter unfamiliar cultures, and explore mystical caves and dungeons. Accumulate Lore to unravel Fahrul’s secrets, unlocking permanent benefits for future adventures. Every turn in For The King shapes your destiny — the fate of the world lies in your hands.

For the King 2 Overview

DeveloperIronOak Games
PublisherCurve Games
DirectorColby Young
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release Date2 Nov, 2023
GenresRole-playing, Roguelike, Turn-based strategy
ModesSingle-player, Multiplayer

Classes in For The King 2

For the King has earned a special place in the hearts of avid gamers, revered for its challenging yet rewarding RPG experience. The anticipation for a sequel has been met with joy, and For the King 2 is now available, bringing a new chapter to the beloved franchise. As enthusiasts dive into this immersive world, many are eager to uncover the diverse classes that shape their in-game adventures.

Currently, the game introduces players to five starting classes right from the beginning. However, the excitement doesn’t end there, as an additional six characters await to be unlocked through gameplay. While the details of these characters are yet to be unveiled, let’s delve into the starting classes that set the stage for epic journeys.


Unveiling the Classes:

The Stalwart Blacksmith Class:

Strength – 79,
Vitality – 83,
Intelligence – 55,
Awareness – 65,
Talent – 71,
Speed – 63,
Luck – 55.
Steadfast (Passive).
Smith Hammer,
Simple Shield,
Tinder Pouch,
Safety Stone.

Armed with a sturdy shield and a one-handed hammer, the Blacksmith embodies the role of a resilient tank. Steadfast and Guard passives empower them to absorb damage, ensuring the safety of their comrades. Beyond defense, Blacksmiths wield potent offensive abilities, delivering substantial damage to adversaries.

The Stealthy Hunter Class:

Strength – 71,
Vitality – 57,
Intelligence – 55,
Awareness – 83,
Talent – 71,
Speed – 79,
Luck – 55.
Called Shot (Passive),
Elite Sneak (Skill),
Elite Ambush (Skill),
Energy Boost (Passive).
Simple Bow,
Tinder Pouch,
Safety Stone.

A master of the bow and wilderness, the Hunter specializes in long-range damage. Positioned in the backline, they expertly eliminate foes, providing a constant barrage of ranged attacks. Their precision and damage-dealing prowess make them indispensable for any party.


The Knowledgeable Scholar Class:

Strength – 55,
Vitality – 55,
Intelligence – 83,
Awareness – 71,
Talent – 79,
Speed – 73,
Luck – 55.
Refocus (Passive),
Find Scroll (Passive).
Dusty Book,
Tinder Pouch,
Safety Stone.

Masters of ranged and magical attacks, Scholars excel in crowd control and magical damage. With an array of spells, strategic positioning becomes key for maximizing their impact. Passive abilities further enhance their spellcasting prowess, establishing them as formidable combatants.

The Supportive Herbalist Class:

Strength – 55,
Vitality – 63,
Intelligence – 81,
Awareness – 81,
Talent – 69,
Speed – 67,
Luck – 55.
Find Herb (Passive),
Party Heal (Passive).
Walking Stick,
Tinder Pouch,
Safety Stone.

Fulfilling a crucial support role, Herbalists bring party-wide healing and magical damage to the forefront. Their healing proficiency is vital for sustaining the team in challenging encounters, while their magical abilities contribute significantly to combat dynamics.

The Adaptable Woodcutter Class:

Known for strength, awareness, and speed, Woodcutters showcase versatility as both tanks and damage dealers. Balanced stats empower them to adapt their playstyle, making them reliable in various situations.


The Explosive Alchemist Class:

Focused on magical damage and range, Alchemists unleash explosive power on the battlefield. Crafting items and manipulating elements, they offer strategic depth for players who relish intricate gameplay.

The Versatile Farmer Class:

Farmers, with their balanced attributes of Strength, Awareness, and Vitality, serve as adaptable tanks or utility providers. Their ability to fulfill multiple roles makes them a flexible choice, capable of withstanding damage or aiding teammates.

The Swift Stablehand Class:

Strength – 79,
Vitality – 65,
Intelligence – 55,
Awareness – 73,
Talent – 61,
Speed – 83,
Luck – 55.
Hardwork (Passive).
Wooden Sword,
Tinder Pouch,
Safety Stone.

Speed takes center stage for Stablehands, renowned for swift combat maneuvers and evasion tactics. With a fast-paced playstyle, they move quickly, deal damage efficiently, and dodge enemy attacks with finesse.


In For the King 2, the choice of class significantly influences your adventures. Whether you prefer the tanking prowess of the Blacksmith, the ranged precision of the Hunter, the magical finesse of the Scholar, the supportive role of the Herbalist, the adaptability of the Woodcutter, the explosive capabilities of the Alchemist, the versatility of the Farmer, or the swift combat maneuvers of the Stablehand, each class promises a unique journey. So, assemble your party, embark on the epic quest, and discover the class that aligns perfectly with your preferred playstyle. Adventure beckons!

All Class & Character Stats Explained In For The King 2

Embarking on the epic journey that is For The King 2, players encounter a complex web of seven unique stats, each holding the key to success in various aspects of the game. In this guide, we unravel the mystery behind these stats, shedding light on their significance for every character class. Understanding these stats empowers players to forge stronger and more strategic builds, essential for conquering the game’s formidable challenges.


Strength stands as the measure of success and power with Bladed and Blunt weapons, primarily used in melee combat. Frontline classes like Blacksmith, Friar, and Farmer excel in this skill. It also proves crucial for specific Strength challenges in the overworld, such as pulling the sword from the stone.



Vitality symbolizes a character’s overall health and influences the health gained during level-ups. This stat comes into play in endurance challenges on the overworld. Additionally, certain weapons utilize Vitality as their attacking stat.


Magical weapons like Wands and Staves find their prowess dictated by the Intelligence stat. Classes like Herbalist and Alchemist, specializing in magic, benefit most from this stat. Overworld challenges with an Intelligence focus also exist.


Associated with the power and accuracy of bows and polearms, Awareness proves versatile for both front row and back row classes. It enhances the chances of a successful ambush while reducing the likelihood of being ambushed.



Talent provides additional movement for boats and vehicles in the overworld and increases the chance of disarming traps. Some weapons also use Talent as their main stat.


Determining overworld movement rate, initiative order, and turn frequency, Speed impacts how characters navigate and perform in combat. Faster characters act sooner and gain more turns. Certain weapons, like magical grenades, utilize Speed as their primary stat.


Luck, often starting at 55 for most classes, influences a few challenges on the overworld. While its impact on other actions is not confirmed, it adds an element of chance to the gameplay.


These stats form the backbone of For The King 2, shaping the dynamics of combat, challenges, and strategic decisions. Mastery of each stat is the key to overcoming the myriad challenges awaiting players in this immersive RPG adventure.

For the King 2 – Eager, Supportive and Tactician; All Traits Explained

For the King stands as a cherished gem in the gaming realm, known for its challenging yet rewarding RPG experience. The anticipation for its sequel has been palpable among fans, and the good news is that the beta version of For the King 2 is currently available, providing a glimpse into the awaited sequel. While some UI elements are still in progress, eager players can dive into the beta to get a taste of what’s to come.

No need to twiddle your thumbs in anticipation until the official release later this year; the beta version offers a sneak peek into the enchanting world of For the King 2. Although some UI elements are yet to be fully implemented, these will be polished and ready at the official launch. In the meantime, we’ve got you covered with a helpful resource to enhance your beta experience.


Unveiling Traits: A Guide for New Beginnings

Before you embark on your journey in For the King 2, the crucial decision of selecting traits awaits. To aid you in this pivotal moment, we present a comprehensive list of traits available at the beginning of the game, accompanied by their in-game descriptions. This guide ensures you make informed choices, setting the stage for an immersive and strategic adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we navigate the exciting world of For the King 2 during its beta phase. Let the anticipation build as we await the official release, promising an unparalleled RPG experience for avid gamers.

Delve into the intriguing traits that shape your journey in For the King 2 beta. Each trait brings a unique flavor to your gameplay, offering strategic advantages and enhancing your character’s capabilities. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the enticing traits awaiting your selection:


1. Eager

Embrace the thrill of taking the lead. With Eager, seize a 25% chance to strike first in the heat of combat, ensuring you dictate the pace.

2. Supportive

Be the ally everyone appreciates. Possess Supportive, granting Support Range with any weapon or while unarmed, showcasing your willingness to lend a hand.

3. Tactician

Master the art of battlefield strategy. As a Tactician, enjoy the chance to buff a random friendly combat tile in the midst of the action, turning the tides in your favor.


4. Deep Thinker

Cultivate a profound intellect through a lifetime of study. Deep Thinker bestows +1 Focus and the Eureka skill, allowing you to restore all Focus on leveling up.

5. Gifted

Unleash your natural prowess. Gifted individuals receive a significant boost with +3 to all primary stats, showcasing aptitude in various domains.

6. Lucky

Ride the wave of favorable odds. Lucky individuals enjoy a +25% boost to their starting Luck Stat, ensuring fortune smiles upon them.


7. Nimble

Dance through challenges with exceptional speed. Nimble characters receive +1 Secondary Action in combat, showcasing unmatched agility.

As you embark on your adventure, choose wisely, for these traits will shape your destiny in the world of For the King 2. May your decisions lead you to triumph and glory!

Embark on the challenging realm of For the King 2, where strategic prowess reigns supreme. This unique RPG demands not only individual skills but synchronized orders for each character in turns, creating an ideal multiplayer adventure. Let’s unravel the intricacies of some perplexing skills that might bewilder players:


Key Skills Overview:

  1. Build Scarecrow: Unleash the chance to construct a scarecrow on an available front row during combat.
  2. Called Shot: Master the art of achieving a perfect roll when equipped with a bow.
  3. Cheers: Engage in the tactical sharing of alcohol effects with neighboring allies in the heat of combat.
  4. Distract: Employ the chance to disrupt a successful attack roll against fellow party members, turning the tides.
  5. Eager: Seize the opportunity to act first in combat, gaining a crucial edge.
  6. Elite Ambush: Execute a precise 1-slot roll to ambush solo enemies or a calculated 2-slot roll for camps.
  7. Elite Sneak: Navigate the shadows with finesse, requiring a strategic 2-slot roll to sneak past solo enemies or 3 slots for camps.
  8. Energy Boost: Harness the power of chance to gain an action point at the conclusion of a turn.
  9. Eureka: Achieve enlightenment with full focus restoration upon leveling up.
  10. Find Alcohol/Herb/Scroll: Unearth the mysteries of chance, gaining valuable items at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.
  11. Guard: Wield the shield to negate melee damage for any ally directly behind.
  12. Hardwork: Unleash an extra primary action by consuming the last focus in combat.
  13. Herd: Engage in a captivating chance for a sheep follower to join your party at the end of a turn.
  14. Iron Belly: Ward off negative debuffs from alcohol, showcasing a resilient constitution.
  15. Justice: Embrace the chance of adding splash damage to a perfect strike with a mighty two-handed weapon.
  16. Make Potion: Master the arcane arts with a chance to gain a potion at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.
  17. Navigator: Navigate the waters with finesse, receiving two additional movement points while driving off-road or on the ocean.
  18. Nice Day: Bask in the chance of gaining overworld movement on a sunny day, embracing the favorable weather.
  19. Party Heal: Extend healing hands, providing partial healing to neighbors in combat, overworld, and during rest.
  20. Refocus: Channel your concentration with a chance to regain a focus point at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.
  21. Scout: Embrace the thrill of exploration with a chance to reveal the contents of the next dungeon room.
  22. Smoke Flee: Master the art of evasion, with a chance to flee any combat tile requiring one less skill roll.
  23. Steadfast: Fortify your defenses with the chance to negate damage from an attack when equipped with a shield.
  24. Support Range: Extend your reach, joining combat from an additional hex away.
  25. Survey: Embrace the spirit of discovery, with a chance to unveil hidden Points of Interest (POI).
  26. Tactics: Master the art of strategy, with a chance to buff a combat tile, providing a significant +5 increase to attack power.

In the intricate tapestry of For the King 2, these skills weave a narrative of strategic depth, offering players a myriad of possibilities to shape their destiny. Traverse the realms wisely, for the choices you make will echo through the echoes of this tactical RPG adventure.

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