FIFA 20 Best Young Players CBs (Center Backs) Career Mode

FIFA 20 Best Young Players CBs (Center Backs) Career Mode

In the FIFA 20, Young CB is one of the most wanted and grueling players if you are building your career mode squad with high potential young players. In fact, Center Back is one of the most indispensable positions in football.  

Actually, You need a very strong and tanky center-back to terminate the ambush from the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar Hazard, etc. So, that’s center back which is known as the core of the entire defense of any team in the FIFA 20 or in football itself.

This year, they have made plenty of changes in the defense mechanism of the FIFA 20. You might already know that there is a huge and massive difference in defense of earlier versions of FIFA and FIFA 20 eventually.  

In this edition of FIFA, they really made it very hard to tackle, intercept and defend the ball. Basically, they tried to remove the involvement of AI in defense and leave everything on players to defend every attack manually.

FIFA 20 Best Young Players CBs

And when it comes to career mode, you always need to build a future also. And for the future you need future stars, wonderful kids, and young players who can change the fortune of the club in the future.

 Overview of Best Young CB Players For Career Mode 

There are plenty of Young Center Backs are available and added in the FIFA 20 on a regular basis. You can discover these players from different sites like SoFiFa, FutHead, FiFaIndex, and FutWiz, etc. But in this post we are going to provide you a list of top-of-the-line, evaluated, well-researched, and verified center backs for FIFA 20 career mode.  

As you already know this post entirely explores the best young player CB (center backs) for career mode FIFA 20. If you just follow the path to create a team from a high potential young player who can snatch the UEFA Champions League title in the future. Then you are just gonna love this post. These young players for career mode are aged between 16-21 with very high potential. 

Our team has reviewed almost all of these players on a personal level and verified their potential and worth. Kindly keep following to grab the list of Young player Center Backs for FIFA 20.

Ethan Ampadu (OVR 67 – POT 86) 

Age: 18

Positions: CB, CDM

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: Wales

Work Rate: Medium/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £1.3M

Wage: £3K a week

Leipzig’s Ethan Ampadu is one of the most exciting young center backs in the football world as well as in FIFA 29 right now, and you definitely want to grab him up as soon as possible if you consider him under your budget.  

He is not world-class and established player around the world. He has an amazing potential of 86 but to be really 86 potential is not enough nowadays. But he is physically strong, powerful and tall. At an overall rating of 67 he has got an excellent set of defensive stats like standing tackles, sliding tackle, jumping and strength.

With his giant height, awesome strength, jumping, and aggression. He is very hard to handle for the opposition. He is the man in your team who holds the ball all the time in the box. Just give him the proper time and play him for a few seasons he would become beast-like no one can ever get the ball around him.

Leipzig wants £1.3M for Ampadu, but if you know how to deal with a new transfer system then you can get him down even below 1 million with not much effort. His wages are £3,000 and you can’t get him down from this at any cost.

Though you do not have to pay a hefty amount of money to get him in your team if you are looking for a high potential spearhead for your team then I would like to suggest you look after other options. 😊

Tiago Emanuel Embaló Djaló (OVR 67 – POT 85)

Age: 19

Positions: CB

Club: LOSC Lille

Country: Portugal

Work Rate: High/High

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £1.4 million 

Wage: £4,000 a week

Djalo is another low-level high potential center-back hidden gem for your career mode. We have tested him thrice. He starts with OVR of 67 but has 79 strength and 68 agility. He is 6’3″ with very solid and strong strength.

He is one of the best strengths as compared to others in this guide and suggestive of a much higher OVR. He is big and strong, his 79 strength, jumping and agility make him a force to be reckoned with in the air.

As we already know we are talking about Center Backs. But djalo has also got great stats for agility, acceleration, and sprint speed. He has high quality defensive stats at his current state of game (subject to be changed when you grow him further).

You may get him under million with not so much effort. He has very low wages too. But his high/high work rate might be an issue for the team plan and entire setup. So, kindly see all the options before getting him on your team.

Ki-Jana Hoever (OVR 62 – POT 85)

Age: 17

Positions: CB, RB

Club: Liverpool       

Country: Netherland

Work Rate: Medium/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £563K 

Wage: £900 a week

Next up is However from Liverpool. He is actually one of the cheapest players in this list. Still, he is not the best but you will not regret if you pick him in your team even for the long run. He started with overall of 62 and has potential to reach around 85. (which can be outgrown with proper managerial strategies)

Actually, you may find his stats are more of right back. Which is eventually correct too.  You can place him in both positions right back or center back. He has done a pretty nice work in both areas. Lots of people suggested to place him in right back. But we have tested him as center back. And can you believe it he has played far better as cb in all seasons.

At OVR of just 62 he has mind blasting stats in every zone of his disposal. Some of you may find him as better RB, but kindly give him try as center back. He has excellent pace, acceleration, sprint speed, agility, balance, defense, strength, interception, ball control, dribbling etc.

In fact, he’s something of an all-rounder. He’s exceptional in the air, but rapid too. He can head the ball with his height, jumping and strength but he is great at ball control, interception, tackling and dribbling. Just give this guy a genuine play time. I assure you that he will always remain in your team either as right back or center back.

Nathan Collins (OVR 63 – POT 84)

Age: 18

Positions: CB

Club: Stoke City

Country: Ireland

Work Rate: Medium/High

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £698K 

Wage: £2K a week

Nathan Collins of Stoke City is my personal pick because he is eventually the most rock solid center back career mode of FIFA 20. He is one of the tallest and young center backs in the entire game. As I already told you he’s tall and has excellent pace for a center back, so can deal with threats that way.

He has great stamina, strength, aggression and interception. You can say that he is actually a genuine center back and can be a part of your final lineup in future for sure. 

He is just £698K in recent update of career mode. And moreover you can get him cheaper than his given value too. If you really want to get your hands on high potential player without breaking the bank, he’s a great option.

P.S: This guy is a must have for any of your career mode. He is the cheapest first team material in the entire game. I have got him to cross 90 in one of my career journey. 🙂 Just go for this gem. 

Taylor Harwood-Bellis (OVR 60- POT 83)

Age: 17

Positions: CB

Club: Man City

Country: England

Work Rate: High/Medium

Weak Foot: 3 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £383K 

Wage: £900 a week

If you are looking for another cheapest option or really got out of budget. And looking for decent center back to fill up the vacant place. Then you shall go for Taylor Bellis. He’s only 17 years old with OVR of 60 only.

No doubt he is one of the most profitable players of FIFA 20. He has potential of 83 and can easily outgrow his potential if you try to train him and manage him in proper order. His heading, jumping and strength makes him a danger from corners. You can count on him an Aerial threat.

He has long throw in trait which eventually helps in implementing a quick counter attack from full backs. His defensive stats are excellent too.

Man City may ask £383K for him, but that can be brought down even more. His wages are £900 only. That’s a great price for such a powerful player.

P.S:- Anyhow, if you do not want to keep him in your team. You can always swap him for a millions of profit after two or three seasons. 🙂 He is a win-win deal in every situation. 

Nicolò Armini (OVR 66 – POT 84)

Age: 18

Positions: CB

Club: Lazio

Country: Italy

Work Rate:Medium/High

Weak Foot: 4 Star

Skill Moves: 2 Star

Value: £1.1 million 

Wage: £3k a week

Armini is 18 years old Italian kid with normal body type but strong and solid strength. It’s not very common to find a centre back who is strong and fast, but that’s exactly what you get with Nicolo Armini of Lazio.

At the OVR 66 he has some excellent stats to watch out. He’s big and strong, standing at 6’1” and with 67 strength, but he’s got 67 acceleration and 61 sprint speed too. He is not as agile and quick as Hoever but his balance makes him a real threat in the box.

He’s technically very strong and powerful too – he’ll score plenty of headers with the help of his rock solid and tank type of strength. And his tackling stats are very strong too. He’s a great all-round option who excels physically and technically.

You can grab him around or less than million with no such efforts. He has very low wages like 3k per week. He is such a bargain so one should always go and pick him for his lower league career mode. Just go for him and have some fun while scoring lots of headers with center back. 

Full List of Wonder Kids Center Backs


We have provided you the list of best and possible center backs for fifa 20 career mode. it was one of the most difficult task to find out the best of all young center backs. we will update this post and provide you plenty of new players on regular basis.

if anyone got any suggestion or find any center backs hidden gem for fifa 20’s career mode. then kindly let us know by comment section or you may mail us at

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