How to Make Door Frames and Window Frames in The Front

How to Make Door Frames and Window Frames in The Front

Crafting and building structures in The Front is an integral part of the game, especially when your primary goal is survival. Constructing shelters to rest and protect yourself from external threats is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of crafting door frames and window frames in The Front, so you can enhance your shelter and fortify your position.

Door Frames and Window Frames in The Front

Crafting the Necessary Frames

Before you can install doors and windows in The Front, you must first craft the required frames. These frames serve as the foundation for your doors and windows. Let’s delve into the steps to create these essential components:

  1. Gather Materials: The first step in crafting door frames and window frames is to gather the necessary materials. The specific materials required may vary but typically include wood, metal, or other resources. Make sure you have the required materials in your inventory.
  2. Crafting Station: Find a crafting station or workbench. Crafting stations are usually scattered throughout the game world. Approach a crafting station with your materials in hand.
  3. Accessing the Crafting Menu: Interact with the crafting station to access the crafting menu. This menu allows you to create a wide range of structures and items, including door frames and window frames.
  4. Select the Frame: In the crafting menu, locate the option to create door frames and window frames. Click on this option to begin the crafting process.
  5. Craft the Frames: Once you’ve selected the frame you want to create, confirm the crafting process. The game will consume the necessary materials, and you’ll obtain the door frame or window frame.

Placing the Frames

With your freshly crafted door frames and window frames in hand, it’s time to place them within your shelter. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  1. Select the Frame: Access your inventory and select the door frame or window frame you wish to place. Ensure you have the frame in your inventory before proceeding.
  2. Survey Your Shelter: Before placing the frame, examine your shelter’s structure. Keep in mind that doors and windows cannot be constructed on walls that are already in place. If you encounter such a situation, you have two options: either demolish the existing wall and create a new one or identify an alternative location to erect a new wall.
  3. Ideal Wall Size: It’s important to note that crafting frames are designed for 1×1 walls, not 2×2 walls. Therefore, when you begin constructing your walls, make certain they are of the appropriate size—1×1.
  4. Placing the Frame: With the wall object still selected in your inventory, press ‘T’ or the right mouse button (RMB) to bring up a radial wheel. This wheel offers various options for you to choose from. At the bottom of the radial wheel, you’ll find the door frame and window frame options. Hover your cursor over the structure you wish to build.
  5. Frame Placement: After selecting the frame of your choice, place it in the designated location. This will create a door frame or window frame within your shelter.
  6. Adding Doors and Windows: Now that the frame is in place, you can easily install doors and windows to complete your structure. Simply interact with the frame and add the desired components.

That’s the complete process of crafting door frames and window frames in The Front. These structures not only enhance the aesthetics of your shelter but also play a crucial role in your survival strategy. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to explore our other guides for more valuable insights into The Front.

Remember, survival in The Front depends on your ability to craft, build, and adapt. With the right knowledge and materials, you can create a formidable fortress to withstand the challenges of this harsh world.

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