[Updated] Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List Re-roll Guide

[Updated] Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List Re-roll Guide

Embarking on the journey of Black Clover M? Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, mastering the game’s mechanics is key to success.

Two critical components to focus on are the game’s comprehensive tier list and the essential reroll guide. Understanding these will equip you with the knowledge to make strategic decisions, ensuring a more rewarding and efficient gaming experience.

Let’s dive in!

Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List Re-roll Guide

Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List and Re-roll Guide for Global Launch

Choosing the Right Units

Embarking on the adventure in Black Clover Mobile, players are faced with a crucial decision: selecting the right units for their team. This choice shapes your gameplay experience, strategy, and progression.

Best SSR Units Black Clover Mobile

  • Lotus Whomalt (Role: Debuffer)
  • Mars (Role: Defender)
  • William Vangeance (Role: Supporter)

Black Clover Mobile, the captivating mobile RPG based on the popular anime series, has taken the gaming world by storm. Embark on an epic adventure filled with magic, camaraderie, and strategic battles, where the right team composition can make all the difference. In this realm of powerful mages, the SSR (Super Special Rare) units stand out as the pinnacle of strength and versatility. Let’s delve into the world of Black Clover Mobile and uncover the Best SSR units that will propel you to victory.

Lotus Whomalt

Lotus Whomalt, the enigmatic mage of the Clover Kingdom, reigns supreme as the ultimate debuffer in Black Clover Mobile. His mastery over time manipulation and debuffs makes him an invaluable asset in both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) battles. With his Area of Effect (AOE) and single-target abilities, Lotus has the power to slow enemies, reduce their resistances, and inflict crippling debuffs, effectively crippling your opponents and granting your team a significant advantage.


Mars: The Unwavering Guardian

When it comes to unwavering defense and resilience, Mars stands as the epitome of a formidable tank in Black Clover Mobile. His exceptional defense stats allow him to absorb immense damage, making him an impenetrable wall against even the fiercest attacks. Whether you’re facing formidable bosses or cunning PvP opponents, Mars can withstand the onslaught and protect your allies, ensuring their survival and enabling them to unleash their full potential.

William Vangeance: The Strategist’s Ace

William Vangeance, the astute captain of the Golden Dawn squad, brings a unique blend of offensive and defensive prowess to the battlefield. His counter abilities disrupt enemy strategies, making him a formidable adversary in PvP, while his balanced attack and defense stats ensure his relevance in various stages of the game. Whether you’re seeking to overpower your foes or fortify your team’s defenses, William Vangeance proves to be an indispensable asset.

Unleashing the Power of the SSR Trifecta

The combination of Lotus Whomalt, Mars, and William Vangeance forms an unstoppable SSR trifecta, capable of dominating both PvE and PvP challenges. Lotus’s debilitating effects weaken enemies, Mars’s unwavering defense shields the team, and William’s strategic brilliance orchestrates the team’s movements, creating an unbeatable synergy that will leave your opponents in awe.


Best SR Units

  • Finral Roulacase (Role: Supporter)
  • Valtos (Role: Supporter)

In the captivating realm of Black Clover Mobile, where magic and strategy reign supreme, the right team composition can determine the outcome of any battle. While SSR (Super Special Rare) units undoubtedly hold immense power, the SR (Special Rare) units should not be overlooked. These SR units, when carefully chosen and utilized, can prove to be invaluable assets in your journey through the game’s diverse challenges.

Finral Roulacase: The Master of Spatial Manipulation

Finral Roulacase, the mage known for his spatial manipulation abilities, stands as a cornerstone of support in Black Clover Mobile. His unique spatial magic allows him to warp his allies across the battlefield, granting them tactical advantages and enabling them to unleash devastating attacks from unexpected positions. With his ability to control the battlefield, Finral proves to be an indispensable ally in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Valtos: The Stamina Sage

Valtos, the enigmatic mage with a mastery over time, emerges as a beacon of support in Black Clover Mobile. His temporal magic allows him to manipulate the stamina of his allies, enabling them to sustain longer battles and unleash their full potential. While some prefer the burst damage potential of speed-oriented units, Valtos’s ability to extend the longevity of battles can be equally impactful, especially in prolonged encounters.


Strategic Considerations: Unleashing the Power of SR Units

The true power of SR units lies in their strategic utilization and synergy with other units. Pairing Finral’s spatial manipulation with units that excel in close-quarters combat can create a devastating combination, while Valtos’s stamina boost can empower mages with powerful but costly skills. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each SR unit and how they complement each other is key to building a formidable team.

Skill Cards to Look Out For

SSR Skill Cards

  • Cunning Commander (Specialty: Enhances Lotus’s debuffing capabilities)
  • Ezoic – Survival of the Fittest (Specialty: Strengthens Mars’s defensive attributes)
  • Breath of Darkness (Specialty: Increases attack and magic attack by 10%)
  • Crystal Orb of the Abyss (Specialty: Recovers a percentage of HP at the start of your turn)
  • Breath of Water (Specialty: Has a chance to remove a debuff upon taking damage)

In the captivating realm of Black Clover Mobile, where magic and strategy intertwine, the right combination of units and skill cards can make all the difference between victory and defeat. While SSR (Super Special Rare) units undoubtedly hold immense power, the true potential of these units is often unlocked by carefully selected skill cards. These skill cards, when synergized with the strengths of your units, can elevate your team to new heights of dominance.

Cunning Commander: Empowering Lotus’s Debilitating Prowess

For those who have mastered the art of debuffing with Lotus Whomalt, the Cunning Commander skill card stands as an indispensable asset. This SSR skill card amplifies Lotus’s debuffing capabilities, enabling him to inflict crippling effects on enemies with even greater potency. With Cunning Commander, Lotus becomes an even more formidable debuffer, capable of controlling the battlefield and crippling opponents’ abilities.


Survival of the Fittest: Fortifying Mars’s Unwavering Defense

Mars, the unwavering guardian of the Black Bulls squad, can become an impenetrable fortress with the aid of the Survival of the Fittest skill card. This SSR skill card bolsters Mars’s defensive attributes, making him a formidable tank capable of absorbing immense damage and protecting his allies. Whether facing formidable bosses or cunning PvP opponents, Survival of the Fittest ensures that Mars stands as an unwavering shield against any onslaught.

Breath of Darkness: Unleashing a Surge of Offensive Power

In the pursuit of raw offensive power, the Breath of Darkness skill card stands as a versatile choice. This SSR skill card grants a substantial boost to both attack and magic attack, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal of any unit. Whether you’re empowering Yami’s devastating Dark Magic or amplifying Asta’s Anti-Magic prowess, Breath of Darkness delivers a surge of offensive potential that can overwhelm any foe.

Crystal Orb of the Abyss: Sustaining Endurance in Prolonged Battles

As battles intensify and stamina dwindles, the Crystal Orb of the Abyss skill card emerges as a beacon of resilience. This SSR skill card grants a crucial HP recovery at the start of each turn, ensuring that your units can endure prolonged battles and maintain their effectiveness. Whether you’re facing grueling dungeons or engaging in strategic PvP encounters, Crystal Orb of the Abyss provides the sustain needed to achieve victory.


Breath of Water: A Strategic Advantage in PvP

In the unpredictable realm of PvP, the Breath of Water skill card offers a tactical advantage that can turn the tide of battle. This SSR skill card grants a chance to remove a debuff upon taking damage, a strategic asset that can disrupt opponents’ strategies and regain control of the battlefield. With Breath of Water, you can adapt to any situation and emerge victorious from even the most challenging PvP matchups.

SR Skill Cards

In the captivating realm of Black Clover Mobile, where magic and strategy intertwine, the power of skill cards is often overlooked amidst the pursuit of SSR (Super Special Rare) units. However, SR (Special Rare) skill cards hold immense potential, capable of transforming your team into a formidable force when utilized strategically. Let’s delve into the world of SR skill cards and uncover the hidden gems that can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Night Blooming Flower: A Fortified Defense Against Relentless Attacks

For those seeking to bolster their team’s resilience, the Night Blooming Flower skill card stands as a beacon of defense. This SR skill card grants a chance to apply the Fortify status upon taking damage, significantly reducing incoming damage for the affected unit. Whether you’re facing down formidable bosses or enduring the onslaught of PvP opponents, Night Blooming Flower ensures that your frontliners can withstand the fiercest attacks.


Mysterious Ancient Book: Amplifying Damage with Arcane Knowledge

When seeking to unleash devastating offensive power, the Mysterious Ancient Book skill card emerges as a potent ally. This SR skill card provides a straightforward yet effective boost to damage output, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal of any damage-dealing unit. Whether you’re empowering Yami’s Dark Magic or enhancing Asta’s Anti-Magic prowess, Mysterious Ancient Book amplifies the raw power of your attacks, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Strategic Utilization: Unleashing the True Potential of SR Skill Cards

The true power of SR skill cards lies in their strategic utilization and synergy with your team composition. Pairing Night Blooming Flower with tanky units like Mars or Noelle creates an impenetrable frontline, while complementing Mysterious Ancient Book with offensive powerhouses like Yami or Asta maximizes their damage potential. By carefully considering the strengths of your units and the effects of your skill cards, you can transform your team into a force to be reckoned with.

Adaptability: Conquering Diverse Challenges with SR Skill Cards

The versatility of SR skill cards extends beyond their initial applications. In PvE (Player vs. Environment) content, where endurance and sustain are crucial, skill cards that enhance healing or provide defensive buffs can prove invaluable. Conversely, in PvP (Player vs. Player) battles, where quick thinking and strategic counters are paramount, skill cards that remove debuffs or provide immediate effects can turn the tide of battle.


Ideal Re-roll Outcomes

Aim for a combination of top-tier SSR and SR units along with impactful skill cards. A re-roll that includes Lotus, Mars, or William, paired with Finral or Valtos, and complemented by any of the recommended SSR or SR skill cards, would be ideal.

Top Tier Units (SSR)

  • Yami Sukehiro (Role: Attacker)
  • Mimosa Vermillion (Role: Healer)
  • Asta (Role: Attacker)
  • William Vangeance (Role: Supporter)
  • Lotus Whomalt (Role: Debuffer)
  • Mars (Role: Tank)
  • Red Yami (Role: Attacker)

1. Yami Sukehiro: A formidable attacker, Yami excels against red units and boasts high damage skills. He’s an excellent choice for clearing content quickly and effectively.

2. Mimosa Vermillion: As a top-tier healer, Mimosa provides exceptional sustainability in both PvP and PvE. Her consistent healing abilities make her crucial for long battles and enhance team survivability.


3. Asta: A powerful attacker, Asta specializes in dealing massive damage to individual targets. His high attack stat and potent skills make him an ideal choice for boss battles.

4. William Vangeance: A versatile supporter, William enhances team performance through buffs and crowd control. He boosts team DPS and survivability, making him a valuable asset for various team compositions.

5. Lotus Whomalt: A versatile unit, Lotus combines debuff and damage capabilities. He reduces enemy speed and stamina while causing significant damage, particularly with his incapacitate ability.


6. Mars: An exceptional tank, Mars provides high defensive capabilities. His unique blend of defense and offensive skills makes him the game’s best tank, ensuring team longevity and disrupting enemy attacks.

These six characters represent the top tier of Black Clover Mobile, offering a combination of power, versatility, and strategic value that can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

High Tier Units (SSR)

  • Rades Spirito (Role: Tank)
  • Fana (Role: Attacker)
  • Rhya (Role: Attacker)
  • Licht (Role: Attacker)
  1. Rades Spirito: The Unwavering Bulwark

Rades Spirito, a steadfast tank, epitomizes resilience and unwavering defense. His formidable presence shields allies from harm, absorbing the brunt of enemy attacks while dishing out surprising damage in return. Rades’ unique shield, capable of nullifying stuns, proves invaluable in PvP, rendering him an immovable obstacle in the face of adversity.

  1. Fana: The Mistress of Flames

Fana, a pyromaniac with a penchant for unleashing fiery devastation, ignites the battlefield with her AOE damage and burn effects. Her potent spells wreak havoc upon red units, melting away their defenses with each inferno. Fana’s ability to inflict burn, gradually chipping away at enemy health, makes her a relentless force, capable of wearing down even the most resilient foes.

  1. Rhya: The Versatile Blademaster

Rhya, a master swordsman with a blend of single-target and AOE prowess, dances through the battlefield, delivering swift and precise strikes. His versatility extends to his ability to dispel enemy buffs, adding a strategic dimension to his role. Rhya’s adaptability and potent damage output make him a formidable asset in a variety of combat scenarios.

  1. Licht: The Undying Reaper

Licht, an enigmatic figure shrouded in darkness, wields forbidden magic, granting him temporary immortality. His relentless attacks, coupled with his unkillable state, make him a persistent threat, capable of breaking through enemy lines. Licht’s area-of-effect attacks allow him to devastate multiple foes simultaneously, further cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with.


These four High Tier Units (SSR) represent the pinnacle of power and versatility in Black Clover Mobile. Their unique strengths and abilities can transform the tide of battle, leading players to triumph over even the most challenging foes. Whether you seek an unwavering bulwark, a mistress of flames, a versatile blademaster, or an undying reaper, these exceptional characters stand ready to unleash their power and guide you to victory.

Notable SR Units

  • Red Asta (Role: Tank)
  • Finral Roulacase (Role: Supporter)
  • Gauche Adlai (Role: Attacker)
  • Valtos (Role: Supporter)
  • Solid Silva (Role: Attacker)

Red Asta

  • Role: Tank
  • Strengths: Strong tanking capabilities with AOE stuns and taunts, particularly effective in green-themed stages
  • Weaknesses: May not rival the utility and power of top-tier SSR tanks

Finral Roulacase

  • Role: Supporter
  • Strengths: Increases speed and attack for allies, can remove enemy buffs, offers increased damage under certain conditions
  • Weaknesses: Relies on specific conditions to maximize his effectiveness

Gauche Adlai

  • Role: Attacker
  • Strengths: Exceptional at dealing damage to individual targets, has the capability to launch extra attacks, some of his attacks scale with buffs
  • Weaknesses: Performance can vary depending on team composition and enemy types


  • Role: Supporter
  • Strengths: Provides crucial buffs to teammates, offers a unique ability to reduce damage when attacked by debuffers, his area-of-effect attacks contribute to dealing damage to multiple enemies
  • Weaknesses: Effectiveness can be limited in certain team compositions

Solid Silva

  • Role: Attacker
  • Strengths: Can silence multiple enemies, his damage scales off critical hits, a blend of utility and damage
  • Weaknesses: Reliant on critical hits for optimal performance

These SR units offer a diverse range of abilities and playstyles, providing valuable options for building effective teams in Black Clover Mobile. While they may not reach the pinnacle of power like some SSR units, they can still play significant roles in conquering various challenges.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey in Black Clover Mobile, this tier list and re-roll guide will be your roadmap to a strong start. These unit and card recommendations are designed to ease your progression through dungeons and provide an edge in PvP battles.

The tier list is a comprehensive process, blending community insights, practical gameplay experience, and an openness to adaptation. Remember, adapt and experiment to find what works best for your playstyle.


Enjoy your adventures in Black Clover Mobile!

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