Uncovering All Lunchbox Locations in Alan Wake 2

Uncovering All Lunchbox Locations in Alan Wake 2

In the enthralling world of Alan Wake 2, a seemingly ordinary item holds extraordinary significance – the humble Lunch Box. These unassuming containers hide Manuscript Fragments, an integral component for upgrading your arsenal. With 21 of these Lunch Boxes strategically scattered across the game’s various maps, their discovery isn’t obligatory but offers substantial rewards and an added layer of depth to your gaming experience.

To unlock the secrets these Lunch Boxes hold, you must first acquire the Bolt Cutters, a key tool obtained during a specific chapter of the game. These concealed treasures encourage exploration and deliver tangible rewards to players who embark on the quest to uncover them. Let’s dive into the specific locations of these valuable Lunch Boxes, categorized by the regions they’re found in.

Cauldron Lake Lunch Box Locations

  1. Near Mortar Falls Sign: To the south of the Mortar Falls sign, you’ll find a Lunch Box hidden close to a fence.
  2. Makeshift Tent: Look for one near a makeshift tent, adjacent to a fence.
  3. FBC Station: Head north from the FBC Station and climb the ledge on the right to discover another Lunch Box.
  4. Witch’s Hut Campsite: Proceed through the campsite west of the Witch’s Hut, then turn right to spot the Lunch Box resting on the ground, surrounded by colorful rocks.
  5. General Store Path: Follow the path east of the General Store as far north as possible to locate a Lunch Box on the ground.
  6. Witchfinder’s Station: Starting at Alan Wake 2‘s Witchfinder’s Station, move northeast into the woods to find yet another Lunch Box on the ground.
  7. South Side of the Stream: Follow the path to the east of the Witch’s Hut to access the south side of the stream. Travel north to find the Lunch Box on the west bank of the waterway.
  8. Cabin 2: There’s one on top of a dresser in Cabin 2, but you’ll need the Bolt Cutters to access it.

Coffee World Lunch Box Locations

  1. Cliff near Radio Tower: A Lunch Box can be found on the ground next to the cliff north of the Radio Tower.
  2. Campsite Tent: Look for another Lunch Box next to a tent in a small campsite.
  3. Watery Lighthouse: On the ground just north of the Break Room near Alan Wake 2‘s Watery Lighthouse.
  4. Kalevala Knights Workshop: Next to the shed just north of the Kalevala Knights Workshop.
  5. Lighthouse Trailer Park: When you pass through the playground in the Lighthouse Trailer Park, search for the Lunch Box in the northwest corner.
  6. Coffee World Entrance: Inside the percolator on the east side of Coffee World’s south entrance.

Bright Falls Lunch Box Locations

  1. Near Gazebo Tree: Locate a Lunch Box next to the large tree near the gazebo.
  2. Hill Southwest of Boat Yard: On a small hill southwest of Billie’s Boat Yard, you’ll discover another Lunch Box.
  3. Beach Overlook: In the grass overlooking the beach, a Lunch Box awaits.
  4. Ranger Cabin Path: Begin at the fork in the road southwest of the Bunker Woods Break Room. Follow the path behind the signs that point toward Alan Wake 2‘s Ranger Cabin and Valhalla Nursing Home to reach a Lunch Box on the ground.
  5. Valhalla Nursing Home: On the ground, encircled by colorful rocks, you’ll find another Lunch Box.
  6. Manor’s Admin Office: Find one in the corner of the Manor’s Admin Office.

These meticulously curated locations will guide you in your quest to collect all the Alex Casey Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2. Don’t forget to secure the Bolt Cutters, as they are the key to unlocking the treasures within. These Lunch Boxes are not just captivating collectibles; they house Manuscript Fragments crucial for enhancing your in-game weaponry.


About “Alan Wake 2”

Alan Wake 2 is a thrilling survival horror video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. It serves as a highly anticipated sequel to the original “Alan Wake” and continues the captivating narrative of Alan Wake, a best-selling thriller novelist. In this gripping tale, Alan Wake finds himself trapped in an alternate dimension for 13 long years.

To escape this nightmarish realm, he employs an unconventional method: writing a horror story featuring an FBI agent named Saga Anderson. The game’s storyline promises to be intense and psychologically engaging, delving deep into the horror genre with Remedy Entertainment’s signature storytelling prowess. Players can expect a combination of psychological thrills, supernatural elements, and challenging puzzles.

“Alan Wake 2” is set to deliver a compelling and immersive gaming experience, seamlessly blending narrative-driven gameplay with eerie atmospheres and intense psychological horror. It has generated significant excitement among fans of the original title and horror gaming enthusiasts, eagerly anticipating the unraveling of its mysteries and confronting the unknown.


Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

“Alan Wake 2” introduces a significant shift in gameplay compared to its predecessor. It now stands as a survival horror game played from a third-person perspective. Players alternate between controlling the titular character, Alan Wake, and the FBI agent Saga Anderson in two separate single-player stories, which can be experienced in any order. While the game offers flexibility in choosing the order of these stories, certain sequences are fixed.

Both Alan and Saga navigate eerie environments, confronting various supernatural adversaries. Their primary tools for survival are firearms and a flashlight. Focusing the flashlight on enemies weakens them, rendering them susceptible to firearm attacks. However, this tactical approach drains the flashlight’s battery, necessitating strategic resource management.

A noteworthy addition is the “Mind Place,” a unique pause feature when playing as Saga. In this serene mental realm, players piece together the central mystery by connecting clues on a pin board and profiling characters. This detective element adds depth and complexity to the gameplay.


Players also stumble upon manuscript pages that provide essential foreshadowing for the game’s narrative. Most notably, “Alan Wake 2” introduces a dialogue tree system, significantly enhancing player choice and interaction. This fresh gameplay direction promises to deliver an immersive and engrossing survival horror experience.

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  1. What are the Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2?
    • Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2 are in-game items containing Manuscript Fragments essential for weapon upgrades.
  2. How many Lunch Boxes are there in the game?
    • There are a total of 21 Lunch Boxes scattered across various maps.
  3. When can players access all the Lunch Boxes?
    • Players can access all the Lunch Boxes in Alan Wake 2 after obtaining the Bolt Cutters during the “Return 5: Old Gods” chapter.
  4. What is the significance of Lunch Boxes in the game?
    • Lunch Boxes serve as valuable collectibles and play a crucial role

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