A Knight Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

A Knight Build Guide Reverse 1999 Character

In the realm of Spirit characters, A Knight stands as a formidable 6-star entity, wielding the power of Reality damage to vanquish foes. A true DPS carry, A Knight’s strength burgeons as the adversaries grow weaker, allowing him to deliver the final blow, securing kills, and setting the stage for a relentless cascade of ultimate ability activation.

A Knight Build Guide

Unveiling the “Clang of Sword & Armor” Banner

A Knight made his grand entrance with a dedicated banner known as the “Clang of Sword & Armor,” instantly capturing the hearts of countless players. Now, let’s delve into the intricate details of this mighty character.

Skills Breakdown

Arcane Skill 1 – Justice

  • Targeted assault
  • Inflicts devastating Reality Damage
  • Grants +3 Moxie to A Knight upon target elimination

Arcane Skill 2 – Glory

  • Strikes two enemies at once
  • Inflicts crushing Reality Damage
  • Rewards A Knight with +2 Moxie

Ultimate – After AD 778

  • Unleashes an area-of-effect (AoE) onslaught with a whopping 400% Reality damage
  • When a target is vanquished, bestows all allies with a stack of the coveted [Rousing Morale] buff

Character Role: The Main DPS with AoE Buff Utility

A Knight’s prowess hinges on delivering the coup de grâce to enemies, thereby becoming the powerhouse of the team. The key to his dominance lies within his passive ability, “Mercy.” At its zenith, this skill ensures that A Knight is more likely to secure those pivotal final blows when the enemy’s HP is dwindling. Furthermore, his bonus damage and penetration rates escalate in tandem with the extent of HP the enemy has shed.


Securing kills with his ultimate ability, “After AD 778,” has a cascading effect on the entire team’s damage output. Thanks to his skill set, which consistently accrues Moxie, obtaining his ultimate becomes a mere formality.

In essence, the strategy is clear-cut: Justice + Glory > After AD 778, and repeat. Stonk.

Strategic Approach

To master A Knight, a prudent strategy involves conserving his cards, reserving them for those critical moments when you can land the killing blow on an enemy whose HP has been whittled down by your team members. This distinguishes A Knight as a valuable asset to your squad, as he doesn’t deplete your Action Points (AP) each turn. Instead, you can allocate cards across your team while simultaneously building A Knight’s card collection. And then, like a storm, A Knight can employ a fully upgraded “Justice” or “Glory” card to sweep away the opposition, securing his ultimate ability and augmenting your entire team’s damage output. What’s truly admirable is his cooperative spirit, as he isn’t merely a selfish main DPS character but a team player, a rare find in the world of Spirit characters.


Ideal Companions for A Knight

Choosing the right allies to complement A Knight’s abilities is crucial. Consider characters who can bolster his attacks, a dependable secondary DPS character capable of reducing the enemy’s HP, and those who can weaken the enemy’s defense against Reality-type damage. Notable allies include “Bkornblume,” “Sonetto,” and “Dikke,” among others. “Dikke” is a particularly sound choice, given her dual capacity to deal substantial damage, perfectly aligning with A Knight’s playstyle.

A Knight’s Tier

S-Tier – View Tier List

Our team unequivocally positions A Knight in the S-tier echelon. This esteemed status is a testament to his uncanny ability to swiftly access his ultimate through his skills. Moreover, his selfless disposition shines through as his ultimate augments the overall damage output of the entire team. This versatility renders A Knight a potent, adaptable character who can seamlessly integrate into most team compositions.


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