How to Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

How to Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

To unlock characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you have several methods:

How to Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

  1. Character Tickets: You can obtain permanent character unlocks using Character Tickets. These tickets are typically acquired through in-game activities or events. Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn Character Tickets as they are essential for unlocking characters permanently. [2]
  2. Character Stones: Character Stones can be earned by rolling via the Roll tab at the top of the screen. It’s worth noting that you will also need tickets to use this feature. Accumulating Character Stones allows you to unlock characters, albeit temporarily. [4]
  3. Hero Souls: Hero Souls serve as the in-game currency required to obtain a Character Ticket, which can be used for permanent character unlocks. Earning Hero Souls is crucial for expanding your character roster. [5]
  4. Experience and Missions: As My Hero Ultra Rumble is a free-to-play game, you can unlock new characters and customization options by gaining experience and completing missions. This method allows you to gradually unlock characters as you progress in the game. [6]

Remember to participate in events, complete missions, and utilize the various in-game resources to unlock your favorite characters and enhance your gameplay experience.



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