Tower of God: New World Beginners Guide and Tips

Tower of God: New World Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on a captivating journey within Tower of God: New World, an engaging idle RPG game that introduces players to a realm where hundreds of heroes from five distinct factions unite. For newcomers, a strong grasp of the game’s mechanics is vital to avoid common pitfalls and hasten progress. This comprehensive guide delves into various aspects, including daily quests, strategic currencies, equipment management, shinsu links, arena battles, team formations, expeditions, and prudent resource utilization.

Tower of God: New World Beginners Guide

Rooted in the celebrated Tower of God franchise, the game offers unique RPG characteristics and strategic elements, beckoning players to explore diverse modes and an expansive character roster. In this relatively new game, understanding mechanics is crucial, and our guide serves to familiarize players with essential tips. Inspired by the popular “Tower of God” webtoon series, the game immerses players in a fantastical world of towering structures and enigmatic challenges. The ultimate goal? Ascend the tower, unveil its mysteries, and etch your name among legends. Get ready to seize the power of the Tower of God: New World and ascend to greatness.

A Glimpse into the Tower of God

Tower of God: New World unfolds as a mesmerizing narrative-infused idle RPG, boasting a dual gameplay approach with Adventure and Story Modes at its core. Within Adventure Mode, players embark upon a journey that unveils distinct paths of progression, each adorned with a unique array of levels to conquer. Battles take center stage, as players engage in encounters with formidable adversaries, necessitating triumph to unlock further advancements.


The Unveiling of Tower of God: New World’s Gameplay The Story Mode, aptly enriched by its plot-centric essence, unfurls through carefully crafted chapters. This mode immerses players in a miniaturized world teeming with quests and missions that seamlessly unfold on the screen. Within each chapter, objectives materialize, accompanied by a narrative that remains intricately faithful to the original series, ensuring an authentic experience for players.

Importance of Daily Quests

In the realm of Tower of God: New World, daily quests emerge as a pivotal catalyst for your advancement. Embracing these quests on a daily basis yields a dual boon: the acquisition of prized items and resources, coupled with a gradual ascent through the game’s ranks. Even during periods of inactivity, don’t overlook the potential of offline rewards, as they fuel upgrades that seamlessly enhance your overall journey. Ensuring the completion of daily quests and surmounting challenges stands as a focal endeavor, representing a cornerstone of your voyage towards end-game achievements and the coveted spoils that await steadfast participants.

Mastering Character Leveling

Elevating your character to new heights necessitates a strategic approach. Channel your efforts towards enhancing the specific typings or stages of Shin’s reinforcement that align with the characters you deploy most frequently. If your reliance lies with fisherman characters, channel your resources into advancing their corresponding stage of Shin’s reinforcement. This calculated tactic invariably amplifies your battle prowess, substantially elevating your odds of victory.


Navigating Game Currencies

Gaining a firm grasp of the game’s diverse currencies is pivotal to your triumph. At the epicenter stands Suspendium, the primary currency within Tower of God: New World. Its judicious employment is of paramount importance. Accumulate Suspendium through an array of channels including login rewards, missions, achievements, events, and emails of compensation. Deliberate use of Suspendium extends to summoning heroes, a cornerstone in crafting a formidable team.

Furthermore, several other currencies wield significance:

  • Coin: A vital asset for character leveling and gear enhancement.
  • Link EXP: Serving as the lifeblood for Shinsu link upgrades.
  • Shinsu: Essential for breaching specific Shinsu link thresholds.
  • Soul Crystal: A catalyst for shattering limits within Shinsu links, attainable through hero summoning.

Understanding and harnessing these currencies are key pillars in your ascent to dominance.


Maximizing Your Start: Rerolling for Legendary Characters and More

When you embark on your Tower of God New World journey, commencing with formidable characters is paramount. Utilizing the rerolling technique empowers you to reset the game until coveted legendary figures like Even or Faker grace your roster. Yet, even if these top-tier personas elude you, despondency need not set in. Effective progression is entirely achievable regardless.

Assembling a Solid Team

Your journey’s advancement hinges on your comrades. With a profusion of characters at your disposal, the option to tailor your team emerges. Understanding the hierarchy of rarity, ranging from R to the pinnacle of SSR, serves as the foundation for growth, as enhancements unfold in the future. Navigating your collection is facilitated by the List option, while the Codex comprehensively outlines all available characters.

Crafting a Cohesive Squad: Team Formation

Crafting a robust starting team involves meticulous planning. Arrange a frontline tank, shielding your team from harm, accompanied by two potent damage dealers positioned centrally. Safeguard their flanks with two healers at the rear, ensuring consistent rejuvenation. This symmetrical setup ensures survival against formidable adversaries and amplifies their tenacity, courtesy of the healers’ support.


Forging Unbreakable Bonds: Shinsu Link

The Shinsu Link forms a web of connections amongst teammates, fortified through the deployment of soul stones. Elevating its stature encompasses rank escalation, augmented growth thresholds, and enhanced stats. Five tiers, commencing from the foundation of E, constitute these links. Elevating link proficiency demands Coins and Link EXP, with specific milestones demanding Shinsu paraphernalia. This unique feature distinguishes Tower of God: New World within the realm of idle RPGs, conferring an exclusive gameplay dimension.

Unveiling Proficiency: Character Growth

The character’s Proficiency tier serves as a cornerstone, bestowing buffs and rewards that amplify their capacities and confer valuable advantages. Through relentless progression and experiential gains, the Proficiency tier ascends. Access this realm via the character’s proficiency menu.


Elevate your team’s might by adorning them with two distinct equipment categories: Normal Equipment and Exclusive Equipment. Each category affords distinctive perks, enabling unparalleled character customization. The elemental factor looms large as well, shaping engagements with elemental advantages and disadvantages. The five Elements—Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple—pivot battles, and strategic leveraging of elemental dynamics could well tip the scales in your favor.


The Essence of Expeditions

Embarking on expeditions is a path to advancement, housing an array of quests encompassing Conquest Mode, Mock Battle Facilities, Arena, and Trial Arena. Undertaking these endeavors is a sage choice, as they yield invaluable rewards that progressively fortify your heroes. Conquest Mode, in particular, emerges as a fount of resources, pivotal in nurturing your heroes’ growth, thereby charting a course for enduring success.

Strategically maneuver through the Tower of God: New World, where each decision culminates in a triumphant ascent.

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