State of Survival Codes (May 2023) Newly Updated!

State of Survival Codes (May 2023) Newly Updated!

State of Survival Codes

State of Survival is a zombie apocalypse strategy simulator game that was developed by FunPlus International AG for Apple iOS and Android devices.Ā State of Survival is without a doubt the best Zombie game available on mobile. It has around 50M+ downloads on the google play store and more than 2.6M+ positive reviews.

State of Survival is unquestionably a great deal for gamers to enjoy and the best source of entertainment. This game involves almost everything from different genres. You are supposed to build a base and protect it from the horde of zombies which illustrates the instinct of tower defence and base-building games. It has highly comprehensive RPG elements and a proper Gacha System implemented.


So, there are lots of things to do in the game, if you wish to progress a bit faster. Then you need some material, items and resources to catch up with things faster. You can use State of Survival Codes for ultimate rewards like Biocaps in-game currency, Search Maps useful to get new sources and heroes, Speedups course for levelling and faster upgrades, and resources like Food, items, material and Wood.

Working State of Survival Codes

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes.

  • elimination roundsā€”Redeem for materialsĀ (New)
  • DalmaZerosAllā€”Redeem for materials
  • MODSTHANKUā€”Redeem for materials
  • THEGURUā€”Redeem for materials
  • PCVersionXAprā€”Redeem for materials
  • PCVersionXMarā€”Redeem for Biocap, Metal, Food, Wood, and SpeedupsĀ (Note:Ā Claim on PC Version only)
  • sos1234ā€”Redeem for 500x Biocaps, 1x Epic Search Map, 5x Rusty Fragments, 40x 1k Gas Tickets, 40x 1k Metal Tickets, 40x 1k Food Tickets, and 40x 1k Wood Tickets.Ā (Only new players can redeem this)

How to Redeem State of Survival Codes

1. Open your profile.
2. Click on the Setting.
3. Press theĀ Gift RedemptionĀ button.
4. In the text box, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
5. Go to theĀ Main screenĀ of the game.
6. Press theĀ MailĀ button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
7. Press theĀ Read & Claim AllĀ button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How to Get More State of Survival Codes

There are different options to get more State of Survival Codes. You can follow up with the State of Survival developers on their social handlers likeĀ Twitter, Facebook, insta etc for more news, updates and codes. You can also bookmark this post for future reference as we update the post regularly so whenever we got a ping and notification of new codes from the official source we eventually update our post with new Project XXL Codes.


if you want to keep yourself updated with developers for news, new codes, updates, guides etc then you can join theĀ official Discord STATE OF SURVIVAL.

We have listed all the latest and updatedĀ  State of Survival Codes in the aboveĀ list, Kindly note these codes do not stay alive forever and expired after some time because these are only available for a limited time.

Please let us know if you get any new working code from an official source. So we can share them with our users too.

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