Black Friday & Cyber Monday Drone Deals 2022 : Snaptain A15 Review

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Drone Deals 2022 : Snaptain A15 Review

It is one of the newest foldable quadcopter that features a smart voice command function sold by Snaptain, a U.S based drone manufacturer. Snaptain a15 has a very similar look to DJI Mavic Pro, yet, the designs are great for beginner levels. It is a mid-sized quadcopter that comes up with a built-in 120 degree wide-angle lens camera. The camera can be adjusted manually with a really good flight performance features like altitude hold function and headless mode.

The black Friday drone sale is about to live and so here is the snaptain a15 drone detailed review to choose the best one so far. It’s affordable enough to compete with other drones at cyber Monday deals 2022 at this price.

What’s so special about snaptain a15 foldable drone?

  • Stylish design that looks professional and beginner-friendly
  • Multitude of beginner-friendly features such as automatic takeoff and landing, 360-degree flips and altitude hold function
  • Built-in 729P HD camera to deliver high quality images and videos,great to develop aerial photography skills
  • Comes with two batteries for longer time fly
  • Easy to fly and simple enough to learn for beginners to fly right out of the box
  • The drone can be commanded with voice: Left, Right, Forward, Back, Up and Down

What’s in the box?

  • The Snaptain A15H Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Removal Li-on battery
  • USB Charger (only use this to charge the batteries)
  • 8x Spare Rotor Blades
  • Screw Driver
  • 4xProtective Guard
  • User Manual


Here are some general aspects of the snaptain a15 foldable drone:

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Size: 11.4 x 7.8 x 3.1 inches
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Design: 3D Foldable
  • Color: Black
  • Camera: 120°Wide-angle 720P HD

General Overview:

The snaptain a15 foldable fpv wifi drone is one of the best black friday drone deals 2022 that comes under 100$ that is a very affordable price. It has some really amazing features like it can be controlled by voice commands and an eye-catching design. Let’s move to the in-depth review of the Snaptain A15 Foldable Drone.

One of the best parts is it arrives already assembled that means no struggle of assembling. The size is massive and protective guards and surely prevents it from minor accidents. This is fold able, despite being big in size, it can easily be stored in the bag. Would make itself small enough to fit into your palm.


Special Features For Snaptain a15 Drone On Black Friday 2022 Sale


Probably, the best part about this snaptain a15 at cyber monday drone deals is integrated 720P HD camera to deliver quality images and videos. The camera not only takes good photos but also has a wide field of view to record much bigger area. Luckily, the camera is fixed on the drone for 120-degree field of vision. Real-time transmission is also possible with FPV aspect, it means capturing seamless footage for immediate sharing. Ideal for photos and time-lapse.



It is equipped with amazing responsive voice control technology that needs to talk to the drone like take off, go right etc. This is such a useful feature for beginners and even advanced drone pilots. With this, one spare battery will also be provided for longer flight time, they are safe to charge and handle.

Headless mode technology is also available with this that makes the drone to come back to the person holding it. To enable this feature, press a button and it’s activated.

Three speed settings are available that is most favorable for different experience levels. This is called “Multiple Speed Modes”. If you are a beginner, start with lower speed. You should try one-key take off and landing. Trajectory flights are possible with this fun drone.


Good quality plastic material is used, and a good aesthetic look is there. Easily survive minor crashes and also gets folded to be carried easily. Good quality LED lights are embellished that  lets you know everything about the quadcopter. Snaptain a15h comes in black color with a glossy finishing. It is worth every single penny spent on it.

Voice Commands

This feature is pretty cool, so you can control the drone with simple commands like “landing”, “Forward-backward” and “Turn Left” etc. Get ready to have some real fun with this.


Altitude Hold

This helps in keeping the drone stable at a selected height so you can take photos and  video without interruption. Try 360 degree flips and rolls in mid flight for more fun and pro experience. The quadcopter should be at a suitable height so it does not hit the ground while flipping. The Snaptain A15 drone at black friday drones 2018 is both capable of flying outdoor and indoor with its amazing propulsion force.

Just download the app to your smartphone and draw the trajectory line to let your drone follow once you launched it. The drones altitude hold is precise and accurate. Take off your hands from the control stick and it will stay at the same height. Read about our review about steam mop and vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


Pros and Cons Of Snaptain a15 Drone


  1. Stylish and professional look that is beginner-friendly and grabs audience attention ultimately
  2. Built-in 720P HD camera to deliver high quality images and videos
  3. Comes at very affordable price comparatively
  4. App has an easy navigation system and simple to use as well. Can be used on iOS and Android based phones
  5. Real time transmission is smooth
  6. Quality is great and compact, easy to transport
  7. User manual is easy to follow
  8. Advanced camera with wide field of view
  9. Has FPV mode for real-time video transmission
  10. Multitude of beginner-friendly features such as automatic takeoff and landing, 360-degree flips and altitude hold function.
  11. Two batteries are provided, which gives you a total flight time of 16 minutes.


  1. Limited control distance of 80 meters
  2. No SD card to store videos and images
  3. Can lose sync with the remote 
  4. Wi-Fi connection range could be longer
  5. Motors are not strong enough to tackle windy situation
  6. Voice command may have a hard time

Conclusion For Snaptain a15h Drone


This is a high quality foldable drone available at thanksgiving drone deals that is packed with some amazing features. Crafted with durable ABS plastic and alloy that makes it damage resistant. Comes with a complete package such as propeller guards and extra propellers. It is built to handle wind level 4, which means it can handle light to moderate wind with relative ease.

Overall, snaptain a15 from black friday drone deals is a feature-rich one with altitude hold, high quality FPV camera and one key take off and landing. It’s easy to use and has amazing flight time. Drone arrives is already assembled. In case of any query or suggestion, tell us in the comments section.

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