Smalland Map and Locations Ultimate Guide

Smalland Map and Locations Ultimate Guide

in this post, I’m going to provide you with all the best locations for everything in smalland survive the wilds game. I would love to give credit to the image to Randalf the Red Steam
Smalland Map and Locations Ultimate Guide

Smalland survive the Wild sounds like a tiny map with few wild animals but the game represents everything in reverse. The map is not small and tinny at all. it’s a huge map to explore, a massive amount of creatures and 6 powerful bosses. one of the most dangerous enemies in the game is the NATURE.

If you want to explore the map, wanna enjoy the environment of the Jungle then you shall go and have some fun but remember to bring some healthy options and food with you. Otherwise, your journey to smalland would not last long. 🙂

Smalland Map and Locations

Source:- Randalf the Red

As You can see in the above map, this is not a small map but players can visit anywhere and cover the entire map on foot easily. You can tame and ride the animals to enjoy your journey a bit more. There are plenty of POIs visible on the map. You should ways target to clear everything on the map.


Most Important Map Locations In Smalland

So, there is a huge amount of things to explore on the map. There are plenty of NPCs available on the map. The RED has done an exceptional over the map. He even marked the locations of all bosses along with the location of almost every material in the game. You should always pick items while exploring the area and processing the game.

One should always fill up his/her inventory with all necessary items in smalland game.

Location of All Bosses in Smalland Survive the Wilds
Albino Spider
The Albino Spider is a boss. You need to talk with Lisandra to get his location and all other information.


Black Hornet
The Black Hornet is a boss. You need to talk with Nok to get his location and all other information.

Rhino Beetle
The Rhino Beetle is a boss. You need to talk with Skadi to get his location and all other information.

Locations of all Animals/Enemies in the Smalland Survive The Wilds


As we know there are plenty of creatures available in the game for a while. These creatures can be found in the overland in different regions of the map. These creatures can be a big threat to the player and can also be the best resources for food and creating material. So, don’t just be silent and take them lightly as small or big insects play an important role in the entire journey of the smalland survival.

We know that there is a rich and complex crafting system available in the smalland survive the wilds. If you really wanna be master the concept of crafting then you should prepare yourself for insect farming daily so you can stack up the material from these insects when you kill them.

But players face one huge problem when they wish to farm the insects for material that is the locations of all insects and enemies in the smalland survive the wilds. In this map red has marked each insect of the game on the map with their name so you would not have any problem farming these insects now.


There is a huge list of insects in the smalland survival world like Bees, Carpenter Ant, Firfly, ladybugs, Butterfly, Moth, Spiderling, wasps, Bull ANts, Gecko, Beetles etc many more can be found overland.

Location of all NPCs in the Smalland Survive The Wilds

You should visit each NPC once. all of them provide something useful for you. So, Don’t miss a chance to take something for free. Anyway, here is the list of all active NPCs on the map all the time.


Drustana is an NPC and plays an important role in the story. Drustana can also find a fair amount of Honey Crumble and craft the Regal Armor set.

The Elder
The Elder is one of the first NPC ever you meet in the overland. You will be doing the Elder’s quest to open the chest with Clover Key. He reveals lots of things about the jungle and the game itself.

Herne is one of the first people you meet when you enter the Overland. He helps you a lot in the game by teaching us the different aspects of the game. He will explain details information about food items, exploration, crafting and other survival stuff.
He can also craft the Padded and Light Armor sets, two types of early-game Armor. You can also grab a couple of Blackberries on the table for free.


Kalev helps us in increasing our protection and defence with high-quality armour upgrades.

Lisandra reveals loads of information to us. We can trace the boss with the help of Lisandra and can craft decent-quality armor too.

Mirmek allows you to craft the Formic and Bone Armor sets. Mirmek lives in a guitar base one of the most beautiful bases of the game.


We get a lot of high-level and end-game stuff from the Nok. She plays an important role in our journey. You will get a crafting recipe for the Grapple gun & hook. and she also reveals the Black Hornet boss.

Skadi can make one of the best early game armor named the Primal and Chitin armor sets. He also has a side quest for slaying the Rhino Beetle and will reveal its location.

It’s the very beginning point where you started the game. but this spawn point will change whenever you drop a bed and activate a new spawn point or if you sleep in your base it will change the spawn location too.


That’s all about Smalland Map and Locations Ultimate Guide. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Smalland Survive the Wilds as well.

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